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Here are the eight male behaviors that annoy women.

Men who think that women are an object of
ownership. They want control over a
every action, word or attitude even though,
reality, they have no claim over them.

2. Sloppy
Men who do not take good care of
lack good hygiene and make the house
This is really annoying.

3. Insensitive
Women, in general, are more sentimental
men (or at least express their feelings more)
This gender difference sometimes causes
men to
think their companions are just being
When men disregard their wives’ feelings or
important events, the women feel rejected

4. Grumpy
Men who complain about everything, are
satisfied, not fun, rude and prefer to isolate
themselves. They always see things
and nothing satisfies them. Any effort to
them feel positive is in vain. These men only
know how to criticize everything and
everyone —
nothing makes them happy. It is especially
when their foul mood is directed toward
and nobody else.

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5. Untrustworthy
Men who do not keep their promises and
their personal interests before their wife
family. Although they make commitments,
do not follow through on their

6. Procrastinator
Guys who leave everything for later and
helping around the house. They
make themselves unavailable to perform
activities related to the family.

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7. Self-centered
This includes vain men who think the world
revolves around them. They enjoy being the
center of attention and think their wife and
family live to serve them. Men who are self-
centered do not accept criticism, and they
they are always right. These characteristics
make a woman feel humiliated, debased
and unhappy.

8. Flirtatious
This seems to be the #1 complaint from
These are the men who love to charm other
ladies. This behavior is highly irritating,
causes a
lot of discomfort for a wife and borders on
The objective of drawing this parallel
what annoys men and women is to provoke
reflections on what one or the other may be
doing to jeopardize harmony and well-being
the relationship. After all, happiness in the
relationship takes two people working
together to
achieve a healthy union.

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Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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Six Strange Things Women Do When They Are Cheating In A Relationship



Six Strange Things Women Do When They Are Cheating In A Relationshi

Their are some certain things men should get suspicious of in other to know where they stand and be able to act fast.

One thing about relationships is that you can easily know when men are cheating due to their predictable actions. But for their female counterpart, the reverse is the case. All thanks to their secret lifestyle


Unfortunately for women, their behaviors always disappoint them naturally. So here are six Strange things women do when they are cheating in a relationship

1. She never parts with her phone.

She start being too private with her phone. Everyone is entitled to their own privacy, but if she’s being too secretive with her phone, then their is a problem.

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2. When she starts becoming disrespectful.

It’s very painful when a girl who love and cherish you suddenly start becoming disrespectful to you. Do not assume it is normal because another man is now in her life and also flashing money on her.

3. No calls around you.

If she hastenly cut call around you or she avoided some male callers when you are around, better make sure you keep your eyes open.

She might also prefer not to pick your calls, at this point just know that she is with some other guy.

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4. Strongly in opposition.

A minor disagreement happens now and then between every couples, but if she gets miffed over minute issue, you need to be careful as their is something she is hiding behind her anger.

5. When she wants a break in the relationship.

This particular one is really common. When she suddenly wants a break in the relationship, just know that she is cheating.

6. She is always lost in thoughts.

Women are known to be attentive creatures and good listeners. They sacrifice a lot in relationships, but if she barely pays attention to what her man is saying, just no that she is cheating because someone else is playing that role for the boyfriend.

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