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In this part of the world most especially, ladies are
epitomized as “weaklings” and “fragile” and that is
not totally true…
What a Guy can do, a Lady can do better is still in
effect… You may not realize that but I know many a
mighty men who have been brought down by some
of these “weak” young ladies…Do you still call them

I must confess, ladies are very crucial to us as young
men cheesy.

Below are some reasons to validate my claim…

1. Ladies bring love to our world.
Ladies are better lovers than guys. This attitude in
them began from childhood. Almost every lady have
a love song in her phone. Without them, guys just
don’t really care… When a woman loves, she loves for

2. They help us share what we have.
You may be complaining that your girl is asking too
much but if she goes…you’ll miss her. Apart from
your family, who else should you share your money
with? Your girl! Every “broke guy” has someone he’s
asking “o baby, how you dey? You don chop? Make I
send you airtime?” grin

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3. The physique of a woman is unique- It attracts a
man anytime
You would agree with me that there is just something
attractive about the body of a woman. Many have
been involved in ghastly accidents for sighting butts…
It’s funny but true cheesy… Even the boobs sef… They
both thrill men… Why? I dunno…Imagine life without
those twins undecided

4. Their emotional side complements a guy’s logical
Men are too serious. Them too dey consider pros
and cons…whereas, women are outgoing and
pleasurable. They love romance and fun. This boring
part of a guy OFTEN show up when he becomes
responsible in marriage. He needs a lady to ” Cool
His Temper”.

5. A lady’s excessive talking makes the home lively.
You may nickname her “Nag” but in reality she is the
reason you’re never bored…She tells you everything
that happened to her from 8AM to 5PM at your
question, “How was your day?”- What other NEWS do
you need? LoL…If you have a woman colleague as a
friend, forget it, her husband knows all about you…
She has told her…She loves him that’s why…
6. Only a Lady can make an Old man feel like a young
man once again.
How do they do it, I cannot tell. LoL…I’ve never been
“old” but it’s quite wonderful. smiley

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7. Ladies are perfect at multiplying what you give to
You show a lady Care, She gives her home address.
You give her, “I love You”, many give you at least a
Kiss, some it’s sex right away grin… She could go an
extra mile just to prove her love to you… IN A RIGHT
ENVIRONMENT, a lady will passionately do so much
more for the man she loves.
Is that not the definition of a goddess? cheesy
Ladies are very very crucial in the life of man. We
can’t do without ‘em… They add taste to the world…
“Variety is the spice of life”- this I believe is linked up
with ladies.

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Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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1. She never parts with her phone.

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