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18 Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Feb 8, 2019 6:28 AM

Struggling to know what to get your significant other? We’ve got you covered with the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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Ah Valentine’s Day gifting. A confusing minefield of chocolate roses, impractically large teddy bears and teeny tiny underwear… Fear not, though, we are here to help you battle this holiday we love to hate with our Valentine’s Day gift guide. Whether you’re buying for him, for her, for a food lover, a home lover, or a not been very long a lover, you will find the perfect gift here…

1. For all the love songs

The general rule for Valentine’s Day gift ideas seems to be that if it comes in pink or red then you can blag it’s a romantic present. Luckily the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom comes in both Cashmere Pink and Fireball Red, so you can whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears while listening to this compact speaker’s 86 decibels of clear trebles and booming bass.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
(Image: © John Lewis)

2. A classic box of chocolates

Because if you are going to go down the clichéd route of chocolates, you are going to want to make them the best. Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Sleekster box is made up of 27 irresistible heart-shaped chocolate caramels, fruits, tipples and pralines. Sounds delectable.

Hotel Chocolat Valentine'd Day chocolates
(Image: © John Lewis )

3. For capturing those precious memories

Look, another example of how rosy hues instantly make anything an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift idea. If you really want to treat your other half and get them something that they will actually use then the Fujifilm Instax Mini is an awesome gift. It takes stunning snaps with a retro vibe filter and instantly prints them out, plus there’s an all important Selfi mode for when you are taking those #couplegoals shots.

Fujifilm Instax mini
(Image: © John Lewis)

4. A whole lot of Lempi

Lempi conveniently means love in Old Finnish and conveniently, this Skandinaviskcandle smells divine – a classically romantic blend of rose and strawberries, garden peony and oakmoss. It comes in two sizes, so you can pick one to suit your budget and depending how in Lempi you are feeling.

Lempi candle
(Image: © John Lewis )

5. Just a couple of mugs

If you aren’t afraid of going down the slightly cheesy route, then as far as matching couple’s mugs go, we actually think these Sass and Belle offerings are super cute.

Sass and Belle I love you to the moon and back mugs

6. A cute (if not slightly forward) neon lamp

Light up your Valentine’s life/bedside table with this neon light. Is this the kind of thing you can buy for yourself? We are going to go with a yes…

Kiss me neon light

7. A to-the-point print

Say it like it is with this print from Jealous Gallery.

You'll Do print from Jelous

8. Go old school with a mix tape (kind of)

Ah a mix tape. Does it get more romantic? Yes, yes it does, with a mixed vinyl!! You can now stick all your loved up tunes onto a personalised 12in vinyl, thanks to Mixpixie.

Personalised Twelve Inch Vinyl Record
(Image: © Not on the High Street )

9. A Valentine’s Day gift idea that gives back

A practical Valentine’s Day gift? Yes, they do actually exist. This Dopper water bottle is the perfect gift for your eco-warrior significant other. Each Dopper bottle saves around 40 plastic disposable bottles a year, plus, five per cent of the brand’s profits go to the Dopper Foundation, which helps provide access to safe drinking water worldwide.

Dopper water bottle

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves. This wall decoration from Umbra is perfect if you are buying for a home loving other half. The slogan comes in 10 parts so you can shape it however you like.

Black metal letters spelling all you need is love, love is all you need

11. A cute alternative to chocolates

The perfect little token if you don’t go all out on Valentine’s Day gift ideas but still want to show some appreciation, Biscuiteers have loads of gorgeous iced biscuits that make a quirky alternative to chocolates. Oh, and if they don’t get this reference, we reckon you really need to think about whether you have a future with this person (or make them watch re-runs of Friends).

Biscuiteers You are my lobster biscuit

12. A feel good make up bag

Naww, isn’t this cute? What could be a nicer Valentine’s Day gift idea than a daily reminder of how lovely you look? Plus this makeup pouch from alphabet bags, comes in a gift box that can be personalised, if you want to make it extra special.

You look lovely today makeup bag in pink and red
(Image: © Not on the High Street )

13. A budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift idea. Literally

Does it get any more romantic than a reminder you can’t budget? Well actually we like the idea of a date night money box, and saving up for a movie night or fancy meal is way more fun than putting money in an ISA. This ceramic number from Oliver Bonas is beautiful, we kind of want it just to liven up our bookshelves.

Date night fund money box
(Image: © Oliver Bonas)

14. A yard of ale

All men like beer right? And quite a lot of women, too, right? So a yard of it from Beer Hawk seems like a sound choice, if not slightly clichéd (for men, anyway). But they are craft beers and they do come in a very long box, so that’s novel.

A yard of beer from Beer Hawk
(Image: © Beer Hawk)

15. A personalised map

Mark a special place or a special occasion with a personalised map print from The Design Conspiracy. You can pick the typography and location, and then The Design Conspiracy source a vintage (or slightly newer, depending on your choice) map. Your wedding day? The place you first met? Your favourite pub? The choice is yours.

Personalised map from not on the high street
(Image: © Not on the High Street )

16. Take them to the 500 best places on the planet

Not that you are hinting to be taken away or anything, but this is packed full of amazing sights and attractions you need to get on your bucket list. The insightful write-ups and inspiring photography are sure to get you motivated to start planning your next trip together pronto.

The Ultimate Travelist
(Image: © Amazon)

17. Make a scrapbook

If you’ve got plenty of time before the big day, why not make all those lovely memories you have together? Print off some photos, dig out the tickets stubs from the first film you went to see together, the first note they wrote you, the lid of the first beer you shared (don’t pretend you don’t still have all that stuff).

Paperchase Valentine's Day scrap book

18. A subscription to their favourite homes magazine

Snuggling up with a home lover on Feb 14th? Maybe your other half has big plans for a home transformation in 2019? Check out our subscription offers on Real Homes and Period Living magazines – you’ll be in favour for the next 12 months, not just this one.


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