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How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 25 Proven Tips
Feb 8, 2019 1:32 AM
How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 25 Proven Tips How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy

Oh dear, yes, there is a time in your life where you will find yourself on the saddest spectrum of all. The one where you go from not missing her to missing her a little and then suddenly you are missing her like she has gone on and died. And when you finally reach that end of the chart and get to the point where missing her is driving you up a wall of regret, you might start to find yourself at a total loss of how to deal with it. So now you are sitting here wondering, ‘What is the next step here? What do I do?’ You are totally in your right mind to ask yourself that question. And you are even smarter for visiting this page today to help you with the answer. We know that this type of stuff can be ultimately difficult, and maybe even a little depressing, to take on. We get that. Love is known for how messy it can be for a reason. Feelings get slopped all over the place. Up is down and down is sideways. But don’t have too many worries about it, because we might actually have a solution for you. If you really find that you are missing her this much, then maybe you are right to assume that you two are meant to be together. Or at least meant to give it another shot. We aren’t sure what happened or why you are feeling this way, but we sure do know how to help you handle it! Our advice?  Make her miss you like crazy! And yes, it is totally possible to do so!! How? Well, luckily for you we know a few proven ways that might just help you accomplish that. Making someone miss you can be challenging as all heck, but it is not totally unachievable. You can do this, but you probably need our help. So let’s get down to business and do just that. Keep reading to see how you can make her miss you like crazy with these 25 following, successful and proven to work, tips below!

How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 25 Proven Tips How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy

How To Make Her Miss You… Like Crazy! (Tips That Actually Work!)

how to make her miss you long distance  How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 25 Proven Tips Don E2 80 99t Try Too Hard

And we mean this. This is why this is the number one on this list! Because it is so dang important to remember when you are trying to make somebody miss you. They are not going to miss you if you are constantly throwing yourself at them with attempts at revival. You want to let things happen naturally. Pushing too hard can, and probably will, drive her away instead of making her want to come back to you. You want to let her take things at her own pace. Forcing anything is never a good idea. There might be an air of resentment in the end if you do it too quickly. Or it might not give her enough time to really decide whether she wants to miss you or not. Just trust us: Don’t try too hard!!

Instead of trying too hard, try hard at playing hard to get. We all know that this is a more effective way of getting someone to start missing you. When you put a little bit of distance, or even a lot, between you then it gives her time and space to realize what she is missing in the first place. If you are constantly around and chatting her up, she will not have any time to have that feeling of missing you from her life, because you will always be there! Stop picking up your phone each time that she texts or calls you. Make other plans, go out and be with other people. Although you want to make her your number priority, we suggest that you don’t do it! Let her know that there are other important things in your life. This will make her want to work harder at becoming your number one priority.

  • Apologize If You Messed Up

Okay, so this tip might not be for every single situation, but it is a proven tip that works in one certain situation. That situation would be one where you did something really unforgiving or did something to upset her in some way. You will never get here to miss you if she is truly angered by some of your words or actions. A sincere apology might be the only route to go if this is the case. Why would she miss someone who hurt her and didn’t even say sorry for it? So get going on that apology letter, text or phone call. You would be surprised at how much a few simple words can be when it comes to these types of things.

If you did end up doing something awful to her that warrants an apology from you, you might want to consider also making a grand gesture towards her. Why? To show her that you actually care about her. She might have come to believe that the romance between the two of you is dead because of what you did. So now it is up to you to make her aware that the romance between you is very much alive. We suggest getting her flowers, her favorite gift or planning a major surprise for her. Of course you want to avoid going overboard. Don’t bombard her with these things! Just one, big, special gesture should do it!

  • Don’t Blow Up Her Phone Or Social Media

Nothing says ‘crazy’ like becoming the annoying guy that starts constantly blowing up her phone. Whether through social media or text, repeatedly texting or calling her is always going to be a bad idea. It’s okay to indulge in a little bit of her social media. Like a thing here and there. But if you are always popping up she is going to assume you are probably stalking her. Lay low and keep things simple! Do not over do it. This will bring her to miss you more and more. She is going to find herself wishing you were liking more things or starting more conversation with her… Once you stop doing so in the first place.

You want to make sure that you are taking care of your appearance during this time that the two of you are apart. Looking like a mess is not going to bring her to miss you like crazy at all. Instead it is going to make her thankful that she isn’t around you. Hygiene, style and everything in between is important when it comes to trying to appeal to someone. No one wants someone that looks like a rugged mess, right? Right. So look your best! This is going to make her miss you more each and everyday. She’s going to find herself wanting to see this beautiful version of you sometime soon.

Don’t get us wrong- A guy with a good level of confidence is always kind of hot! However, getting too cocky and letting your arrogance overwhelm her is going to be NO GOOD! Arrogance is not hot. Don’t ever forget that. Being humble will make her miss you more than being a complete jerk face because you don’t know how to stop hyping yourself up. Being this way can also bring her to believe that you care more about yourself than you do about her. This is no way to get her missing you. No way at all.

We know that you might be a little bitter that she is not focusing all of her attention on you or that the two of you aren’t vibing at the moment. We get it. But, and this is a big but, do not be angry at her. Lashing out at her is going to push her even farther away from you. Why would she miss someone who is going out his way to make her feel bad about herself? The answer: She won’t! She won’t miss someone like that at all. Instead she will find that she is grateful she, you, or both of you ended things with one another. Be nice. Being nice is the only option when it comes to this! Otherwise she will not miss you like crazy. That’s a fact!

This isn’t some 80’s movie. Standing outside her window with Spotify blasting above your head isn’t going to get you anywhere… Except maybe arrested. Planning run ins with her or always showing up where she is will also be a bad idea, my friend. We know that you might have the urge to see her when you can, but don’t do it. How is she ever going to find out if she misses you if you never go away? We know it’s blunt, but it’s the truth!

  • Give Her Space If She Needs It
How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 25 Proven Tips Give Her Space If She Needs It

Can’t miss someone if they never left, now can we? Most definitely not. So give her space. This is super crucial advice when it comes to getting her to miss you like crazy! Especially if you have done something to her that has caused a very unhappy reaction. Giving her space will give her time to cool off or become less distressed with you. This will also give her time to think about what she wants. In this time, with the space you give her, she will be able to clearly think about whether she wants to give things another go or not. And if she doesn’t, then it just simply wasn’t meant to be.

Like we said, gestures are important when trying to get someone’s attention. But overdoing them is not. You want to make sure you find the perfect balance in this kind of thing. Which, we know, can be difficult, but it is nowhere near impossible. Sending flowers or chocolates is a great idea. However, we suggest that you only do it once! Let her know that you are thinking of her, but don’t overwhelm her with it. Keeping things simple is key. You want her to miss you, not think you are being a little too desperate.

  • Don’t Reek Of Desperation

Speaking of desperation… That reminds us, don’t do it! Don’t be that guy. The one who is throwing himself at her feet every single day. We know you might feel the need to grovel just a little bit, but don’t do it. At least not until you guys open up a good gateway of communication. This will usually happen when she finally realizes just how much she really misses you! Being desperate? Yeah, that ish is so not attractive.

Alright, so read this proven tip very carefully. Really, read it slowly! Making someone jealous can work to make them miss you. If you do it in the right way! This is vital information. Going too far with this can lead to disaster and will blow up right in your face. Trust us, we know these things. So how can you make her jealous in the right way vs. the wrong one?

Easy. Spend time with other girls, but do not goes as far as to get physically intimate with them or get in a relationship with them. Also, do your best not to shove it too far in her face. Make it apparent you are sharing your time with someone else, but don’t make it too noticeable. She will eventually catch on to the fact that you are going out of your way to make her jealous. You just want her thinking that your mind is starting to wander on to other people.

Rushing anything is never going to be a great plan, bud. You want to take things slowly. Give her some real time to actually start to miss you. Being too overbearing about it can send her in the direction of losing interest in you. And we are pretty sure that is exactly the opposite of what you are aiming for her. Let her take things at her own pace. It’s for the best to do it this way. Again, we want things to happen naturally. Let her miss you like crazy on her own terms, not yours.

A truly awesome way to make her start to miss you, and yes it is proven, is to focus your attention on her, her wants and her needs. She is going to take note of these kinds of things. She is going to think of you as a much nicer person if you do. She is going to miss that type of attention in her life when it is gone. So do the best that you can at proving to her that you are worried about her happiness! It’s worth it in the end.

  • Be Her Shoulder To Lean On

You are also going to want to make an effort to be there for her when she needs you. Like when she needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to. Of course, we get that you don’t want to be friend-zoned with that type of thing, but if you play your cards right and follow all of these tips, that simply won’t happen.  She is going to appreciate you as a person if you show her that you care and that you will always be there for her. She is going to miss you when she needs someone to be there for her. And hopefully she will find herself being drawn back to you when she needs someone to rely on.

Being petty towards her is a good way to drive her crazy in a bad way! We mean it! Don’t be that guy! It is understandable that you are feeling a bit standoffish because, at this time, she might not be missing you like you want her to. But be patient. Don’t let your anger or pettiness leak out. Keep that all bottled up inside and then go ahead to reaping the rewards from doing so!

  • Let Her Know How You Feel
how to make my girlfriend miss me  How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy: 25 Proven Tips Let Her Know How You Feel

We always think that talking things out is a good idea. She might actually start missing you more if she knows that you also miss her. If you do not let her know, at least once, that you are finding yourself a little lost without her then she might never know that you two can be reunited. She might think that you couldn’t care less about her or that you don’t miss her. You missing her is going to spark the fire inside her that will make her miss you. It’s proven to work in more cases than not. She might not give you a second thought if she assumes that you are not thinking about her! However, it is important to not be too much about your feelings. Like we said, letting her know once, maybe twice if you’re feeling ballsy, is a good idea. But leave it at that! From there on out she knows and that is all you need at this time.

  • But Don’t Do It All The Time

Yes, telling her how you feel every day, all day is not going to be good. It will only make it seem like you are desperate. She might not actually believe that you miss her if you say it too often. You want to keep things a little vague. Mystery is going to ignite her curiosity. She is going to want to reach out to you for more information (in her own time) if you leave a little left unsaid. Gushing too much can ruin everything. Let her come to you to find out more. Don’t just give it away for free. Trust this tip, it is more than proven to work!

Being shady, flakey or all over the place? Yeah, not a supreme plan in our opinion. You want to stay on the same wavelength for as long as you possibly can! Be consistent. This means being so with your words and your actions. And doing it as much as you can. Letting things fly all over the place might lead her to believe that you are not a serious personality type. You want to show her that you are not that kind of person. Be real, be honest, be straightforward and stay consistent. It will be better this way!

Like we just mentioned- Be honest! Honesty is key in any type of relationship. We highly doubt that she will find herself missing you like crazy if you are a liar, a cheater or you beat around the bush with things too much. Girls like guys who can be up front with things like their feelings. No one is going to trust in you if you are any less than honest with them, right? Right!

Okay, so we don’t want you to misinterpret this. We don’t think that you should go out of your way to change yourself for anyone! Much less a girl! However, if it is something super negative, maybe take her advice. You might want to think about whether or not there is anything that you could change about yourself or your life that would make you a better person? She might find herself missing you if she realizes that you are willing to take the negative things about yourself and turn them into more positive things.

  • Don’t Spill Too Much Information

Keep things ominous if you can. Leaving everything and anything that you are doing out in the open will not peak her interest in you. She will already know everything that she needs to know. You want to have her wondering what you are up to, what you are feeling and who are you hanging around. She is going to feel an urge to inquire… If she simply has no other way of knowing. This, in a sense, is going to be her missing you!

Being a good friend is going to be the best thing that you can do to make her start wishing you were in her life more and more. If you are an awful friend, she is not going to find herself missing you! You want to be a good person to her and show her the better qualities of yourself. This will make her want you around more often.

Last piece of advice? Don’t force things that don’t flow. It just isn’t possible. If she isn’t vibing with you and she isn’t missing you after all of these tips… Well, sorry to say that it might be a lost cause. You are a good person and you deserve someone that wants you! You can’t force her to miss you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it your best shot! Good luck, friend!




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