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Now, due to personal reasons, I’m not in the habit of digging for the ‘true’ genesis of Valentine’s Day. However, I’ve come to realize that in the human world, Valentine’s Day is a day synonymous with Love (the ‘human-kind’ of love). I used those words because many humans believe already that love must be inside the same vehicle with sex (which means, the ‘human-kind of Love’ is not love in it actual self, but Lust, Infatuation, and anything negative you can think of)


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It’s a norm already for people to have sex on Valentine’s Day as they believe the celebration isn’t complete (or classic) without sex. However, wisdom demands that we should be wary of the direction of the crowd because the crowd can be wrong – and it is always fatal when the crowd is wrongly heading towards a wrong direction (because it means more lives would be ruined).



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And so, it is quite nice to have a curiosity that seeks to know/determine if the culture of the crowd is right or wrong, healthy or harmful. The point here is, despite that almost everyone sees sex on Valentine’s Day as quite normal, we are wise if we are bent on determining its rightness or wrongness.


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I promised to be brief earlier, so, let me go straight to the point. If you must have sex on Valentine’s Day, ensure you only have the ‘Right Type of Sex’. Yeah, don’t be surprised. There is a kind of sex that is right and healthy, and there are other ones that are wrong and harmful. Let me confidently say here that the ‘Right Type of Sex’ is sexual pleasure shared between a married man and his wife – any other thing is ‘perfectly wrong’.



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And why am I so sure of all these? Number 1, because that’s what God told me in His Word, and I’m confident that God can never be wrong. God made sex, and being the Manufacturer, He is in the best position to tell us how to approach sex. And what He said is that He made sex to achieve certain divine purposes between a legally married man and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution – and any other contrary thing is a sin, harmful, and will bring forth fatal fruits.



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Number 2, considering the effects that follow sex outside marriage, it is simple to identify what is right and what is wrong. Yeah, it is actually simple. You know, deep down within them, those engaging in premarital/extramarital sex are aware of the degree of it wrongness. The issue is, they intentionally allowed their urges and quest for pleasure to becloud their reasoning. And that’s why those that engages in illicit sexual activities MUST always do it in secret, behind tightly closed doors. They can’t flaunt the fruits with pride like a married couple would. Even the most hardened atheist will hide their illicit sexual activities from their married spouses – deep down, humans can identify rightness and wrongness. Then, we can’t ignore the repercussions that follows: Physical Damages, Emotional Damages, Spiritual Damages and even Societal Damages.



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So, despite being the popular norm, should you have sex on Valentine’s Day (and beyond Valentine’s Day)?
Answer: NO – If you are unmarried and won’t share the pleasure with your married spouse.
Why? Apart from the fact that it is a sin against the Almighty God, also think about the terrible repercussions. Few-Minute pleasure can ruin your life forever!


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You can contract a fatal sexual virus (condoms won’t always save you) that will bring an end to your great dreams, goals and aspirations. You can bring forth an “unwanted pregnancy” that will attract disgrace to you and your family (condoms and pills are not 100% effective). By attempting to abort the pregnancy, implications might arise, leading to premature death, or damage of the womb and becoming barren forever.



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In fact, your sex partner might be a terrible person with a deadly motive to drug you, rape you and make a video of your unclothedness in your unconscious state. The few-minute pleasure is not worth it at all! Flee sexual immoralities!

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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Christy Augustine and the love letter in question

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My fellow ranters…

This is one of my students in school, the worst part he is in jss2

And the funniest thing was that,

He walked up to me directly saying…Corper I have a letter for you.

After reading this am still confused either to punish him or advice him.”

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“Good day Corpa Christy,

I love your teaching

I love the way you smile

I love the way you teach

Am in love with you for everything. How I wish you love me back


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