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  1. 10 Valentine’s Day gifts women actually want
Feb 12, 2019 02:30 AM
Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019
(Photo: Nordstrom and Anthropologie)

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, meaning soon enough people will be running to their local convenience stores after work to purchase last-minute boxes of chocolates and Hallmark cards. But to be honest, if you’re going to partake in the Valentine’s Day madness, why not get it over with now using that Internet thing?

If you’re not sure what to get, but know you want to get something, I guarantee you still won’t know when you’re standing in the candy aisle during sunset on February 14th. So please, use the below ideas as a guide. If you’re going to spend money on the person you love, there is a 100% chance they would prefer your money be well spent. Here are 10 Reviewed-approved gift ideas for Valentine’s Day in 2019.

1. For the one who loves sugar: Sugarfina Candy Bento Box

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Sugarfina XOXO Candy Bento Box
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Sugarfina XOXO Candy Bento Box 

Sugarfina candies are not like regular candies. They are cool candies. But really. With flavors such as bourbon, rosé, and CHAMPAGNE, it doesn’t get much more fancy than this. This past year, I gave my bridesmaids the champagne cubes as a gift and everyone loved them (including me). These are an adorable, inexpensive gift, and this little box is Valentine’s Day themed!

2. For the one who loves comfort: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan 

Give the one you love something they will love AKA a cardigan that has over 2,500 reviews on Nordstrom and a 5-star rating. It is literally a comfortable blanket disguised as clothing, which I can confirm because I’ve tried it on. When it comes to cardigans and sweaters, the limit does not exist for the amount one can own. They make great gifts—especially when they’re this cozy(chic). Barefoot Dreams also sells a throw blanket if you want to benefit from this comfort too.

3. For the one who loves binge-watching TV series in one to three sittings: Roku Ultra (2018)

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Roku Ultra (2018)
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Roku Ultra (2018) 

If you love binge-watching TV with her, give her an even better binge-watching experience: the Roku Ultra. This is our favorite streaming device and it will be yours too. Yes, both of yours, because this gift benefits you too. What’s more to love?

4. For the one who loves essential oil diffusers: An Essential Oil Diffuser

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 

Love is peace, and love is happiness, and love is aromatherapy essential oil diffusers. But really. People are obsessed with these things. And why wouldn’t they be? They transform your home with good smells and good vibes. We tested the most popular models a few months ago and found this one by InnoGear to be the best. If we love it then she’ll love it, so please tell me a better way to celebrate love, I’ll wait.

5. For the one who loves simple things: Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace 

This necklace has over 4,100 reviews on Nordstrom and a 4.5 star rating, so if you want to give the classic V-day gift of jewelry without spending a fortune, this is your best bet. With a color for everyone, this Kendra Scott necklace would be loved by anyone. If you’re not sure what color to go with, I would suggest going with the Iridescent Drusy/Gold color. Not only is it my favorite, but this style would go with anything.

6. For the one who loves doing nothing at home: Ugg Slippers

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Ugg Dakota Slippers
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Ugg Dakota Slippers 

Does anything else say ‘I love you’ more than slippers? I think not. The Ugg Dakota slippers have been around for years, combining fashion and comfort into one. Not to mention, they have a 5-star rating on Nordstrom from over 3,000 reviews! Speaking from experience, you can’t go wrong with UGG slippers as a gift. In the past six years, I have given a different pair of UGG slippers to my mom, grandmother, grandfather, fiancé, and brothers – and each time, they were a hit.

7. For the one who loves fancy things: La Mer The Mini Miracle Set

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: La Mer Kit
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: La Mer Kit 

La Mer is an expensive moisturizer with a cult following. So much so, that it has 50,000 hearts on Sephora. That’s a lot of love, and since Valentine’s Day is all about love, you gotta spread it (yes, that was an intended moisturizer pun). La Mer is expensive. A half an ounce of the cream is $85. However, for only $10 more, you can get the half ounce PLUS a bottle of La Mer’s ‘The Concentrate.’ Talk about value!

8. For the one who loves cute things: Mini Capri Blue Valentine’s Day Candles

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Capri Blue Candle
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Capri Blue Candle 

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with Capri Blue candles. The Volcano scent is the best smell I have ever encountered (this could be an exaggeration, but I am going with it). These mini Valentine’s Day themed candles have different scents, but they all sound equally fantastic. Pink Sugar, Berry Sangria, Whipped Vanilla? Yes, please. The best part? They have cute little saying on the covers like “Be Mine” and “Wink Wink.” These are basically the adult version of candy hearts, and I am all in. I mean, should I buy these for myself? Maybe. Must buy more home decor!

9. For the one who loves your new relationship: Sephora Favorites Designer Fragrance Wardrobe Minis

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Sephora Perfume Sampler
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Sephora Perfume Sampler (Photo: Sephora)

Ten years ago, my grandmother gave me the Sephora perfume sampler as a gift and it honestly changed my life. I knew nothing about perfume, but I was able to dabble in a few best-sellers thanks to this kit. When I was done, I picked my favorite and redeemed the coupon in the gift set for a full-sized bottle of it. If you’re dating someone new and aren’t sure what perfume they like (if any at all), I recommend going with this sampler. They can try a few new ones and get a free full-sized bottle of whatever they end up liking.

10. For the one who loves you: Sam’s Basic V-Day Package

Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2019: Chocolate, Flowers, and Wine
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019: Chocolate, Flowers, and Wine (Photo: Getty Images)

Here’s my personal take on Valentine’s Day: it’s just another day of the year. No, I do not NEED anything, but if you want to celebrate your love for me by showering me with chocolate (would I actually bathe in nutella? yes), please feel free to do so. Honestly, you could just shower me in a few compliments and I would back flip to cloud nine, but if you want to buy me chocolate, flowers, wine, french fries, pizza, and/or write me a little card, I won’t say no. Now, these smaller gestures won’t fly with everyone, so please make sure you know your audience before shopping, but if you’re browsing gifts for someone who couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, just resort to the hits! You really can’t go wrong! Unless you get red wine for someone who likes white wine. But do you really care about this person if you do that? I am unsure.

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Sometimes, the perfect guy is right in front of you and you, shrouded by all your brittle insecurities and hovering fears are reluctant to go the extra mile with him. Your past has scarred you so badly that you don’t know what to believe. You can’t seem to trust the truth in someone’s words. You think that Love is a lie and something that does not exist for everyone. Well, if you don’t believe in something, you will never be able to find it. Take a risk, it might destroy you but isn’t life all about self-destruction? People die and resurrect every day from the ashes of their past. If you have a boyfriend who does the following things, you should definitely hold on to him forever. Trust him to be the guy who touches your naked soul and makes you feel alive.

1. He fights for you at times when you don’t even want to fight for yourself

If you ever find such a guy who chooses you every day even when you think that you are not worth someone’s love, please wake up from your slumber and realize what you have before it’s too late. Sometimes people don’t believe in themselves until a certain someone starts believing in them.

2. He is your home!

What is a home? A home is not a construct; it is much more than that. Home is place where you belong. You can travel around the globe but at the end of the day you will return to that one place where you will feel safe. Some relationships have to face hardships and people have to live apart from each other. Things can become very hard and distance is detrimental for a healthy relationship. However, if you feel, in your heart that without this guy’s warm embrace, you will always feel lost, then he is your home. No distance in this world can keep you apart from each other. You have a much deeper emotional connection.

He makes you feel secure and safe around him. He makes you feel secure about your surroundings. When we are at our home, we can eat what we want, we can blabber weird stuff and we can be ourselves. When you do all those things around a guy and he still loves you then you’ve got a keeper. You should feel lucky.

3. He loves your originality

Sometimes, there are guys who will try to change you. They want you to be someone who is acceptable to the society. Someone that is acceptable to the society. They have no regard for your originality whatsoever. They just want you to be a clich and they want you to adapt yourself to the societal stereotypes.

Every person is a different person. They all have their own weird stuff and unorthodox behavior and no one should be allowed to change that. If you have a guy who accepts you for who you are and doesn’t compel you to be someone else just for the sake of acceptance from this judgmental society, he is someone you can grow with. He is someone you can put your trust in. He is not someone you just push away just because you feel that what he’s doing is real. Sometimes our whole lives turn out to be a lie because we are reluctant to accept the truth when it reveals itself.

When a relationship starts, it’s all sunshine and rainbows. There a lot of things that you don’t know about the other person. Every human has subjective curiosity but when we know about a person completely, we start to lose interest. When there’s nothing left to talk about, we get bored and the relationship just becomes a dull routine. However, if you have someone in your life whom you can share your silence with, trust me, you have something that people search for their whole lives but are never able to grasp it.

When he can talk to you with his eyes and listen to you when you’re not even uttering a word, you have finally found someone who can tolerate you for the rest of your life. You are just sitting next to each other and there is this sweet comfortable silence and you are in love with their presence, which is what true love is. Love is not about saying the right things or being a sweet talker, love transcend any logical explanation and nothing is rational about finding happiness in someone’s silence.

5. No fight or argument is stronger than the relationship

We all know that there are fights in a relationship. Everyone has their own different opinions and two people in a relationship will not always agree on everything. They are not meant to. I have met many girls who say that they love their boyfriend because he agrees with them on everything they say. That is just nonsense. There will be arguments and there will be a lot of screaming and shouting. When your boyfriend knows when to stop and is aware that if he crosses this thin line, he will do irreparable damage to your relationship and sacrifices his ego for the relationship, he truly does love you.

He doesn’t care about some small thing that incited him. He doesn’t want to verbally or emotionally abuse you ever. He apologizes to you even though it wasn’t his fault because he can’t stay mad at you for long. It is truly a beautiful thing when someone kills his own ego for the one person he loves. It is a very romantic gesture and not many people are capable of it. You should never take such a person for granted and love him with all your heart because he deserves it. He has worked for your love for years and it’s not easy for him at times and he needs your support.

6. His Love is unconditional

There is no emotional blackmail in love. When someone loves you, they accept you with all their heart. They don’t make you beg and take you for granted. If a guy loves you despite your imperfections, he knows the true meaning of love. Some people just frustrate other people without any reason.

They don’t make you feel wanted. They always give you mixed signals. Sometimes relationships are just based on lust. If the guy feels horny, he will become a whole other person and love you and entice you. He will fool you into thinking that he really does love you. However, if you don’t fulfil his sexual desires, he will pour the blame on you and make himself the victim. If a guy loves you unconditionally and isn’t just there with you for his own personal desires, he loves you more than you can imagine.

7. He makes you a part of his life

Everyone needs privacy and personal space. In a relationship, we all know that in order for our individuality to grow, we have to look after ourselves from time to time and our partner should allow that. However, we shouldn’t just disconnect our partner from everything in our lives. We shouldn’t make major decisions of our life without even consulting our partner. If a guy tries to adjust you in his life and makes an effort to make the people he loves adapt around you, he wants you with himself for a very long time. He sees a future in which you two are together. He doesn’t make major choices of his life without thinking about you.

He knows that his life choices will directly affect your life and he doesn’t want to force you into a life which wasn’t based on mutual consent. He knows that your opinion and your decisions matter as much as his and he would never take a step without taking advice from you. He knows that you are his confidant and you wouldn’t want anything that would make you two have regrets in the future. A guy who wants you for an eternity has all these qualities but most of all he has faith in you. He has faith in you when no one else really does. It’s because people don’t know you like he does.

They just know as much about you as you permit to reveal about yourself in front of them your guy knows that even if at times when you fall short, he will be there to help you out. He does not fear the struggles of life. The only thing he fears is that maybe someday you will drift away from him. Sometimes, these thoughts just pop up in his mind out of nowhere and you need to make him believe that this is not true. These are just misconceptions and you are going to prove them wrong together. Whatever it takes, you are going to face.

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