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5 things your wife never wants to hear

Feb 11, 2019 6:16 AM
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Communication is among the most important aspects of a relationship. Lack of communication can hurt your love life.

A man should ensure there is proper communication in your relationship. But there are certain things women never want to hear their men tell them according to Best Online.

Here are five things no wife ever wants to hear.

1.“We need to talk.”

Whenever a man says these words, an alarm bell rings. Women rarely want to get bad news. When a man tells a woman there is a need to talk, she knows there is a problem.

2. “You don’t know how I’m feeling.”

If a man reminds you of his feelings, sometimes, it is indicative of things falling apart.

It is upon the woman to understand how her man feels. Whenever a man starts making such remarks, there are chances all is not well within his heart.

3 “Why don’t you ever…?”

The statement shows regret. The man is wondering why there are some things you never do in the relationship. He is questioning your role as his wife.

A woman who is giving her best never wants to hear such words.

4.“I hate your friends”

Women love their friends dearly. They always do everything within their means to keep them. If you ever say that you do not love her friends then, she won’t be happy. Women believe in the world of friendship.

5. “You never help me”

The statement looks simple but is hard-hitting. Your wife won’t like the fact that the man is complaining that she is not of any help in his life.

Women feel great when you do things that please them. These things they love about you could be the good things you tell them.


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How to Know She’s Wifey Material: 9 Clues You Should’t Miss



Marrying has never been the difficult part, but finding ‘the one’ – the right one is. Men are often caught up in a tight dilemma when deciding whom to settle down with. Often time, they are beclouded by what she looks like and majorly fail out on nailing a keeper.

1. She spends more time in supporting your vision and aligning yours to hers. It shows she has your best interest at heart, most importantly, she has your back.

2. She is ever ready to tell you the slightest thing that happens to her and allows you to handle it. Shows she is not secretive and respects your views.

3. She spends time developing her mind and rates value more than love. Shows she is keen on being your help mate which is surely God’s destiny for wives.

4. She always dresses decently, but attractively. Shows she is not only principled, but has values that can keep a home.

5. She is not demanding. Asks for nothing even when she knows she deserves it. Shows you won’t go bankrupt within the first year of marriage.

6. She complements your actions and corrects you calmly. Shows she not only appreciates you, but totally respects you. I guess you can foresee a peaceful home with that.

7. She is always ready to listen when you scream and screams when she’s afraid. Shows total submission.

8. She prays for your everyday development and closeness with God. Shows she desires that you remain the head in your home and live up to all your God given potentials.

9. She talks about your family and how to solve their needs. Shows she sees your family as hers now and will always work for their good.

With these clues, it should be easy for any man to identify a wifey material amidst the bevy of beautiful ladies in the world. Don’t back your friend or loved ones up in a corner, pressuring them to convince you she’s the one for you. Look out for these traits in that lady you are seeing and if she fails on too many counts, take a pass and find your “one.” But if she is every last bit of these traits, then what are you waiting for? Put a ring on it already!


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Love With Beautiful Corper, Writes Love Letter



Feb 16, 2019 1:00 AM

Christy Augustine and the love letter in question

A corps member identified as Christy Augustine, took to the platform to share a photo of the love letter she got from a student at the school she was deployed to.

The corps member who took to social media to share the love letter, revealed that the student who gave it to her is in J.S.S 2. She took to a popular platform to ask if she should punish or advice the student.

Read her post below;

“Imagine this fa!

My fellow ranters…

This is one of my students in school, the worst part he is in jss2

And the funniest thing was that,

He walked up to me directly saying…Corper I have a letter for you.

After reading this am still confused either to punish him or advice him.”

The letter reads:

“Good day Corpa Christy,

I love your teaching

I love the way you smile

I love the way you teach

Am in love with you for everything. How I wish you love me back


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