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Feb 12, 2019 01:58 AM

What makes a man attractive to a woman? 10 Things

It’s a common gripe amongst men that it’s always the same type of guys that get the girl: rich, tall, dark and handsome. Talk to women though, and they will nearly always disagree. Looks are on many women’s lists of attractive qualities, but what constitutes good looks varies considerably from girl to girl. Money too, does not appear as high as you might think, if at all, on most girls list, so let’s take a look at ten of the things that girls say really attract them to a man:

1. Romance is not a thing of the past 

A sense of romance is a big thing for most women. They want to be swept off their feet by a prince charming and they want to be treated like a lady. So guys don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, flowers, chocolates and love poems are not a thing of the past!

2. Being generous with what you have is attractive

While money may not be a big thing, being generous with what you have is. It’s not just about buying gifts for the girl though, being kind and generous to others is also an important trait that women like to see in a man.

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3. A great sense of humour

What makes a man attractive to a woman? Humour. If a guy can make a girl laugh, then he’s halfway there! A sense of humour appears on nearly every girls list. It makes everything else seem to go away and, even if the guy screws up, laughter will make it seem less important.

4. A touch of class and a drop of sophistication

Most girls don’t want a snob, but they do appreciate a little sophistication sometimes. A guy doesn’t need to be a wine connoisseur, for example, but he should at least know that downing a bottle of beer and then belching, in a swanky restaurant, isn’t the right thing to do.

5. Self confidence and some decision making

A man with self-confidence will help put a woman at her ease. What girls certainly don’t want is a guy who is so nervous, that he wouldn’t even say boo to a goose, and who is going to leave all the decision making up to somebody else.

6. A well groomed man (Forget worn-out jeans, old sneakers and a three day growth of stubble…)

A girl wants to be proud to be out with her man, so simple grooming is important too. Worn-out jeans, old sneakers and a three day growth of stubble might be comfortable, but they won’t help a guy attract a girl.

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7. Passion is hot! Aimless meandering through life is not!

Girls are not attracted to guys who meander through life aimlessly they want some passion and some conviction. That could be a passion for work, for a hobby or for a sports team but, come on! They have to care about something.

8. Willingness to learn and the drive to improve

Another one of important points on what makes a man attractive to a woman is his willingness to learn. We could have headed this point, intelligence, but then that would have been misleading, because it’s not having the brain of an astrophysicist that matters, it’s the willingness to learn. Having the drive to improve and to learn new things, is a very attractive trait in a man.

9. Men who like children

It’s a scientific fact that women are drawn to men who have an affinity with children. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean a man who wants to have his own family tomorrow, but a man who can relate to children does seem to appeal to the nurturing side of a woman.

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10. Looks (but they are in the eye of the beholder)

Looks do matter, but not the tall, dark handsome type. The looks that women find attractive can vary incredibly. Some girls love a bald man, while others like thick, flowing hair. Some girls have an absolute aversion to facial hair, while others love beards. Looks is here in our list, but what girls find attractive, really, is in the eye of the beholder.

What makes a man attractive to a woman? Feel free to share your opinion.

Stay happy!



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