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Feb 16, 2019 1:00 AM

Christy Augustine and the love letter in question

A corps member identified as Christy Augustine, took to the platform to share a photo of the love letter she got from a student at the school she was deployed to.

The corps member who took to social media to share the love letter, revealed that the student who gave it to her is in J.S.S 2. She took to a popular platform to ask if she should punish or advice the student.

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Read her post below;

“Imagine this fa!

My fellow ranters…

This is one of my students in school, the worst part he is in jss2

And the funniest thing was that,

He walked up to me directly saying…Corper I have a letter for you.

After reading this am still confused either to punish him or advice him.”

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The letter reads:

“Good day Corpa Christy,

I love your teaching

I love the way you smile

I love the way you teach

Am in love with you for everything. How I wish you love me back



Am Humble and simple but hate *shit* I'm popularly address as Ballotech due to my optmost ideal and researchs on technology, I graduated from federal poly Ede and represent my able faculty and various research ground.

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