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The Only Working Code For The Glo Midnight Subscription

Differences Between The Glo And the Airtel Midnight Plans

Glo Night Plan | The Only Working Code For The Glo Midnight Subscription

Glo is one of the best telecommunication companies in Nigeria when it comes to cheap browsing plans and the Glo night plan is not an exception to this.
There is no Glo night plan cheat or twerk, all are legit and like the Airtel midnight planworking for on all devices. According to the National Communication Commission (NCC), Globacom has the highest number of internet users and this is because of their amazing data bundles and plans.

  • Airtel subscribers will need to migrate to the SmartTRYBE before they can be able to use the Airtel mid-night plans but the reverse is the case in Glo.
    Differences between Glo and Airtel Night Plan

    You can subscribe for the Glo mid-night plan without necessarily migrating to another tariff plan. This is also applicable to the MTN mid night plan.

  • Unlike the Airtel and MTN data plan, you can subscribe for a Glo mid-night plan twice in a night if your data gets exhausted before 5 am.
  • You can easily check your Glo night plan balance unlike the Airel. We’ll show you how to check Glo night plan balance before he end of this article.
  • Glo night plan can’t be carried over to the next night unlike the Airtel night plan.
  • There is no Glo night plan 25 Naira or Glo 25 Naira night plan code like the ₦25 for 500mb Airtel plan.

Glo midnight plans and their subscription codes

There are three available plans for Glo users that want to subscribe to  the Glo midnight plans. These different bundles are available at different prices and different data volumes so you’ll choose the most suitable for you.

  • The Glo night only plan: This plan is available form 12am to 5am and is only durable for one night. Whether you finish the data or not, you’ll have to subscribe again the next day to enjoy the Glo midnight bundle.
  • 1 Gb night only plan: This plan like the above is only available from 12 am to 5 am but comes with a larger data volume. To subscribe to this plan send 60 to 127 or dial *127*60#.
  • The Glo TGIF weekend plans: The Glo TGIF weekend plans costs only ₦500 and can last throughout the weekend. So if you’re an office worker, getting a 3 gb plan for only ₦500 would be a great way of spending your weekend. To subscribe to this plan send 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#.

How to check Glo night plan balance

Globacom has provided an easy way of checking your data balance for any of their plans. There are three ways of checking the midnight data balance:

  • Dial *127*0#
  • Send INFO to 127
  • Dial *777# → 3G or 4G data plans → 4 (Manage Data) → 4 (Check Balance)

Any of the above stated steps will help you check your Glo data balance free of charge. If you use the Airtel midnight plan,please check out how to check your Airtel midnight plan data balance.

How to cancel Glo night plan

Like other midnight plans you can’t cancel this plan as it doesn’t auto renew. However you can easily cancel any Glo auto-renewal plan by sending CANCEL to 127.

In conclusion

If you regularly use the internet in the night, subscribing to the mid-night plans will be great for you. You can also use the weekend plans during the weekends for streaming videos, downloading or upgrading different software, uploading videos, using the social networks or doing other high data activities.

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Am Humble and simple but hate *shit* I'm popularly address as Ballotech due to my optmost ideal and researchs on technology, I graduated from federal poly Ede and represent my able faculty and various research ground.

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No hackers Can Hack Your Facebook, Whatsapp And Bank Accounts If You Can Do These



No hackers Can Hack Your Facebook, Whatsapp And Bank Accounts If You Can Do These

In an era where information and communication technology has reduced our world to a global village,where ideas,knowledge and transaction can be carried out seamlessly……without geographical restriction or hindrances.

little did we realize that,this advancements would be met with brute force and fraudulent attacks,from the activities of hackers and internet frauds star.

With all these in mind however,there are several steps we can take,to actually protects our online accounts from the preying eyes of these hackers.

And just as promised above in this article,the following under listed steps can be taken to protect your facebook,whatsapp and bank accounts details alike;

1.Facebook:-Just go to your Facebook account settings, click on it,and scroll down to security and login,scroll to use two factor authentication,click on it and then fill in the informations,after this,a code will be sent to your phone number….and this is your anti-hackers code,then kindly save this code and never reveal it to anyone.

2.For your Whatsapp:-Click on the 3 dots at the right hand corner or side of your Whatsapp account,scroll down to settings,then click on it,scroll again down to account,and click on it,then scroll down to two step verification and click on it.Again scroll down to activate,and you will be directed to give your secret code.This is it,and do make sure the code is kept secret to yourself.

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3.Mobile Banking:-For those on mobile banking platform with your enrolled bank transaction or notification number,there is need to put a PIN on your phone.i.e Your mobile banking number,otherwise your account can be hacked with all your hard earned saving wiped out within few seconds.This is particularly more dangerous when you lost your phone (stolen).

Now to secured your money in your bank account, kindly follow these simple steps below;

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a.Go to your phone “setting”.

b.Then go to (Location and security setting” on your phone.

c.Then go to “Sim card lock”.

d.Click on ” Lock sim card”.

e.Now enter your mobile number “default sim card pin”.

>For MTN users it is”00000″.

>For AIRTEL users it is “1111”.

>For 9mobile users it is “0000”

>For GLO users, it is “0000”

f. After entering the mobile network default pin,under it You will see ” change sim card pin”, click on it to change to Your unique 4 digit pin.

g.Confirm Your unique 4 digits pin by entering it again and you are done.

So anytime You “On” Your phone You will be prompted to enter Your “sim card pin” just as You will be prompted to enter Your phone lock pin or draw Your pattern each time You “start”(power on) Your phone.

With the ” activation of sim card lock on your phone” ,Your money can never be withdrawn from your bank.

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anks, and like i always advise,”Personal security is a responsibility for all,so be proactive rather than been reactive”.Thanks and please do comment,up vote,share and follow just as well.

Stay safe dear naijasurf lovers.

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Twitter Accounts Of Bill Gates, Biden, Musk, Others Hacked By Bitcoin Scammers




Some of the biggest names in American politics, entertainment and technology, including Joseph R. Biden Jr., Kanye West, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, appeared to have had their Twitter accounts hacked on Wednesday, New York Times reports.

The accounts sent messages related to cryptocurrency, with most of the messages promising to double the money of anyone who sent Bitcoin to a specific cryptocurrency wallet. Within hours of the tweets appearing, nearly 300 people had fallen for the scam, sending more than $100,000 to the wallet. Many of the tweets were quickly removed, but in some cases, similar tweets were sent again from the same accounts.

Twitter sent out a message saying that it was investigating the problem and looking to fix it. The Biden campaign said, “Twitter locked down the account immediately following the breach and removed the related tweet. We remain in touch with Twitter on the matter.”

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A screenshot of the tweet on Joe Biden’s Twitter account.

The attack was a brazen show of force by the attackers who managed to seize one of the primary means of communications for a Who’s Who list of Americans. The hackers did not use their access to take aim at any important institutions or infrastructure like the stock market — instead deciding to just ask for Bitcoin.

But the attack was frightening because the hackers could have easily caused much more havoc. There was quickly speculation on what would have happened if the attackers had instead decided to move the financial markets or sew political chaos. Even though this didn’t happen, the attack exposed the vulnerability of a company, Twitter, that has become the nation’s de-facto real-time news source.


The messages posted in the breaches were an iteration of a long-running scam in which hackers pose as public figures on Twitter, and promise to match or even triple any funds that are sent to their Bitcoin wallets. In the past, hackers have created fake accounts to try to convince users that the funds will be going to public figures like Mr. Musk or Mr. Gates. The attacks Wednesday were the first time that the real accounts of public figures were used in the scam.

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