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Lagos State, South West Nigeria is number one among the Highly Indebted States in Nigeria in both external and domestic debts, with N1.043 trillion in 2018, in a latest report by the Economic Confidential.
While the external debt stock of Lagos amounts to N513.514 billion, the local debt stock settled at N530.243 billion.
In a meticulous investigation by a team of Economic Confidential researchers on the Annual High Indebted States on External and Domestic Debts as of 2018, the amount owed by Lagos State represents about 20 per cent of the total debts owed by the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, which is N5.376 trillion in 2018.
Among the front runners in the highly indebted states for the external debt stock are Edo, Kaduna, Cross River and Bauchi, with $276.25 million (N99.45 billion), $227.25 million (N81.81 billion), $188.77 million (N67.95 billion) and $133.93 million (N48.21 billion) respectively.
Investigations further revealed that among the first five highly indebted states in the local debt stock saw Lagos emerging tops with N530.243 billion, followed by Delta State with N228.805 billion, Rivers with N225.592 billion, Akwa Ibom State with N198.663 billion and Cross River with N167.955 billion.
The report further showed that outside Lagos State that is leading the pack on total external and domestic debts with N1.043 trillion, Rivers State is second with N253.772 billion, Delta comes to third position with N251.589 billion, followed by Cross River in the fourth position with N235.914 billion and the fifth position was grabbed by Akwa Ibom with N215.099 billion.
The investigation also brought to the fore that five states made the list of least indebted states in the external debt stock with Taraba State having $21.611 million (N7.780 billion),  followed by Borno with $21.618 million (N7.782 billion), and Yobe State with $27.486 million (N9.895 billion), all in North Eastern Nigeria.
The remaining two states of Plateau and Kogi from North Central Nigeria have external debt stock of $28.874 million (N10.394 billion) and $31.584 million (N11.370 billion) respectively.
Of the 36 states of the federation, five states account for the lowest in both domestic and external debts.
They are: Yobe, Jigawa, Sokoto, Katsina and Niger States.
Yobe State has a total of N37.667 billion, Jigawa N46.586 billion, Sokoto with N52.723 billion, while Katsina and Niger States have N53.220 billion and N63.915 billion respectively.
Though the Federal Capital Territory is not rated among the 36 states of the federation, its external debt profile for 2018 is $31.848 million (N11.465 billion), while the domestic debt is N164.245 billion, bringing a total of its external and domestic debts to N175.710 billion.
The report is coming at a time when several states in the country are backward in terms of internally generated revenue to execute projects that would touch lives apart from the fact that most of these states rely heavily on handouts from the monthly federal allocations from the Federation Account Allocation Committee.
Recall that Economic Confidential recently published a report detailing each states’ revenue generation profile in comparison to their federal allocations and concluded that many states cannot survive without federation accounts, a development regarded as a misnomer in the current economic realities.

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Title: #EndSars Association of Southern Nigerian Students condemns shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki-Toll Gate, Commiserate with family of deceased and injured, Tasks FG to fulfil demands of citizens swiftly.




In a statement released from the National Public Relation Officer of the Association, Comr Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel.


The Association condemns the shooting and brutal killing of Nigerian youths calls the act a disrespect and disregard to the Nation. Further Commiserate with the family of the deceased and wish the injured speedy recovery.

The PRO in his statement says he condemns the action of hoodlums in infiltrating the peaceful protesters and also enjoins the youth to be law abiding.

ASONIS further calls on the Federal government to take various sectors of the economic without levity hands.

Emphasis were laid on the educational sector which has been a major role to the development of the country but has been neglected.

Appeals were made to the government to look into Job and employment opportunities.

Below is the statement from ASONIS




Motto: Education Is Light 



23rd October, 2020 








The Association of Southern Nigerian Students at its Apex strongly condemns the shooting of unarmed and peaceful protesters by the alleged Security Agencies (Nigerian Army) at the  Lekki-Toll Gate.

The Peaceful Protesters who were holding nothing but the Nigerian National Flag and placards inscribed with their demands.

The shooting of the peaceful Protesters who were reciting the Nigeria National Anthem and raising the Nigerian Flag is nothing but a total display of disrespect and  disregard for the Nation by the armed forces.

Not only do we condemn the act of that of Lekki-Toll Gate, but also the killing of Nigerian youths across other part of the nation.   We had watch carefully and can boldly say the Protesters had been so peaceful, disciplined, united, civilised and coordinated. The demands by this youths who are yes, citizens of this country is sane.

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The youths whom are raising their voice in a peaceful way are speaking the heart and mind of millions of Nigerians both old and young, adults and youths.

It is to our knowledge, the shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki-Toll Gate started hours before the commencement of curfew imposed by the Lagos State Government on the 20th of October, 2020 and lasted till early hours of the 21st of October, 2020.

It is so heartbreaking, devastating, and traumatic to watch and see those who are meant to protect and keep the  citizens unleash terror, sting and send to cold hands of death the citizens they are meant to protect.

It is on this, we enjoin all meaningful authorities and human right commission to petition and go strongly against this act of brutality by the Nigerian security agencies.

We appeal to the Lagos State government  not to shy away from bringing the perpetuator to Justice.

We also appeal to the Federal government to look seriously into this brutal action by the alleged Nigerian Army and other security agencies most especially on the shooting of peaceful Protesters at the Lekki-Toll Gate on the 20th of October, 2020. and ensuring no stone is left on touched.

We must say “Justice must be served to clean Nigeria off the curse as of the blood of innocent lives shed on  our national Flag”.

The Association of Southern Nigerian Students also uses this means to commiserate with the family of the deceased and we also wish those who were injured either little or severe, quick recovery.

We must without panick say, the government of this nation at all levels need to put up a better standard of good expectations which shall install the glory of this great Nation.   We unequivocally commend the Nigerian youth

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for been so united, strong and coordinated during this course of demanding for a better Nation.

We say the youths are not only thinking of themselves but of the generations yet to be birth which states the youth are not selfish on their demands.

It is however so  unfortunate some thugs and hoodlums were being used to disrupt the peaceful engagement of this protesters, the thugs who have ravage and injured some of the peaceful protesters as well as destroying private and public property and infrastructure.

We condemn the act of destroying and invading of prisons, setting free inmates, burning of houses, cars, and killings by hoodlums.

This destruction does not portray any good but rather reduces the sources of income for some citizens and we would eventually have less or nothing to dwell on after the whole struggle.

This infiltration by hoodlums does not project the course of our struggle right and hence should be strongly resisted by all.   The Association of Southern Nigerian Students hence appeal to the Nigerian youths to continue to be law abiding, peaceful, and continue to shun all form of  violent acts. The greatest weapon to win war is peace.

We call on the Federal government and State government to at great pace begin to show results on the demands of the Nigerian Youths.

Most especially the part of security, wherein there should be total restructure and reform of the police force hence putting up their major task to safe, and protect lives and properties of all citizens.

Not only that; The Educational Sector should not be taken with levity hands. There should be total abd excess funding and development of the educational sector as much as we work on security and health sectors.

The  safety and health of our future is only guaranteed when the educational system of the nation is developed and well structured.  Lastly, putting up huge Job, Employment opportunities and as well ensuring the citizens of this dear nation undergo a low cost of living.

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Majority of the youth who have strived to successfully graduate have been roaming about the streets making all efforts to get a better life, millions of youths are unemployed, hopeless and eventually clueless about what next to do.

The situation some of the youths  found themselves in this country had led some to going astray.

As we know  “No man is born a thug”. Unemployment and high cost of living of the Nation has made a lot drown in depression, commit self murder, suicide, engage into cybercrime,  robbery, and rituals.  In lieu of this, we appeal to the government to serve the country with positive expectations.

The lives  of all Nigerian youths should be secured, the Educational system should not be taken with levity, Creation of Jobs and employment opportunities should be Paramount.

God Bless ASONIS  

God Bless Southern Nigeria 

God Bless Nigeria    

Viva Aluta   

 E signed  ✍🏾

Comr.Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel Pka UNIQUE-A. O. S 

ASONIS National Public Relations Officer 08068441984  

Comr. Bieni Victor E 

National Ass. Gen. Sec.   

Edeh Elijah C. 

Nat president ASONIS  

Call or Visit our Website for more info

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#EndSARS: Presidency pleads for calm, understanding




The Presidency has appealed for calm and understanding from #EndSARS protesters across the country over the recent crisis that marked the protests.

It also assured of the President’s commitment to the full implementation of the demanded reform of the Nigeria Police Force.

In a statement by the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Buhari, Femi Adesina, the Presidency observed not less than 13 states across the country had started the process towards fulfilling demands of the protesters by setting up the prescribed judicial commissions of inquiry into police brutality.

It also recalled some of the steps and policies so far initiated and signed off on by President Buhari, which include the Bill establishing the Police Trust Fund in 2019 and the increment to police salaries and personnel budget in 2018.

“The Presidency appeals for understanding and calm across the nation, as the implementation of the reforms gathers pace at Federal and State levels.

“The Presidency wishes to reiterate the full commitment of the Buhari Administration to the implementation of lasting Police reforms in Nigeria.

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“At the last count, no fewer than 13 States have gone ahead to establish the Judicial Panels of Inquiry as resolved by the National Economic Council to address the question of redress and justice for victims of police brutality across the country.

“The States that have set up the panels so far are: Lagos, Kaduna, Delta, Ekiti, Ogun, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Plateau, Edo, Nasarawa, Ondo and Akwa Ibom.

“Under the Chairmanship of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the National Economic Council (NEC) at its meeting on Thursday October 15, 2020 resolved to establish State-level Judicial Panels of Inquiry, to investigate allegations of Police brutality and ensure that all erring personnel are brought to justice.

“Prior to that, the President in June 2019 signed a Bill establishing the Police Trust Fund, to mobilize additional funding for the welfare and equipping of the Nigeria Police Force. Accrual of funding into the Fund, as specified in its enabling Act, has commenced.

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“President Buhari in 2018 approved an increase in Police salaries and the Police personnel budget has seen a rise from 288 billion Naira in the 2018 Budget to 417 billion Naira in the proposed 2021 budget; an increase of 45 per cent.

“Only on Tuesday, at the commissioning of the Nigerian Police Pension Fund Limited building, the President also reiterated continuous support for both serving and retired police personnel.

“The President has equally approved the rollout and funding of a new Community Policing Initiative, as part of a larger programme of police reform in Nigeria, aimed at rewriting the rules of engagement between the Force and citizens.

“President Buhari’s commitment to extensive Police reforms should never be in doubt. The President in September 2020 signed the new Nigeria Police Act, the first comprehensive revision of the Police Act in decades.

“As President Buhari declared, the immediate dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), is the first step in a set of reform policies that will deliver a Police system accountable to the Nigerian people. The President has also approved full implementation of the report of the 2018-2019 Presidential Panel on Police Reform.

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“Indeed the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Police Service Commission (PSC) have now commenced the implementation of the Report”, the statement said.

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