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Parenting can be a very tasking , considering the demands of new born babies, raising them, attending to their needs and other things can make parents wants to break.

Image result for Nigeria Mother and Child 6 ways parent unknowingly introduce their children to child abuse 6 WAYS PARENT UNKNOWINGLY INTRODUCE THEIR CHILDREN TO CHILD ABUSE Mother to child transmission of HIV slashed by 94 per cent

More tasking is when the child begins to grow, the elementary stage of the child which informs the beginning stages of the child. The child formative years is the most imperative years of his life, which most them suffers major abuses because of something the parent did or did not do.

Image result for Nigeria Mother and Child 6 ways parent unknowingly introduce their children to child abuse 6 WAYS PARENT UNKNOWINGLY INTRODUCE THEIR CHILDREN TO CHILD ABUSE Parenting in Nigeria

As a parent, it is assumed that you try the best you can to protect your children from all forms of abuse.

But even after that, it seems your best wasn’t good enough so they still victim to the very abuse you were protecting them from.

Here is a shocking fact: half of the times your kids were abused, you were the one who exposed them to it.


1. Allowing Them To Sit On An Adult’s Laps

Be watchful of some older relatives and outsiders who carry your children on their laps. Especially the ones who always insist that your child sits in that position.

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Your girl child could be fondled or molested by them, unknown to you. Protect your children, make sure that they don’t carry your child like that.

2. Being Accepting Of Over-Involved Outsiders

Those aunties and uncles that are always showing care to your child. Buying them toys, helping out with their fees and even asking you if they can take them to their for holidays. Be careful of them.

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Some of them could be grooming your children for sex or expose them to other vices.

3. Unsupervised Plays

Adults aren’t the only ones who abuse your children. Even older children can molest their younger siblings.

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Also, from age 6, children become curious about their genitals and want to explore. So a harmless play could lead to something else.

Be wary of older children in your compound who befriend your kids.

4. Relatives

Yes, it is that relatives also submit your children to various types of abuse, sad and hurtful as it sounds.

6 ways parent unknowingly introduce their children to child abuse 6 WAYS PARENT UNKNOWINGLY INTRODUCE THEIR CHILDREN TO CHILD ABUSE c2f6476f5648fc10c55d4ea713334f17c68cd0b5

Not every family member you allow to care for your children has their best interest at heart.

5. Insults And Name Calling

As a parent, you often make the mistake of raining all forms of insult on your children. You call them idiot, useless and other vile names.

6 ways parent unknowingly introduce their children to child abuse 6 WAYS PARENT UNKNOWINGLY INTRODUCE THEIR CHILDREN TO CHILD ABUSE 8aa8b94acef4728f3f9fe20629091821f7d706f1

Know today, that insulting your child hurts their self-esteem and breaks their spirit.

Even if they don’t cry when you do so, they get hurt.

6. Negligence

Refusing to provide your child with basic needs is also a form of abuse. Or refusing to be involved in their lives.

6 ways parent unknowingly introduce their children to child abuse 6 WAYS PARENT UNKNOWINGLY INTRODUCE THEIR CHILDREN TO CHILD ABUSE 243ea5a85d34362c1e1c9a210131d11e8f53adab

How else do parents expose their children to abuse? Let’s talk about it in the comment section.

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Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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    in her own missive, Dulac stressed that she did not mean to political in texas attack the journal nor Artaud, Who had on other occasions voiced his discontent with her adaptation and in mary kay slogan this issue prefaced his script with an article that clarified his position in relation to the film (2). political? Her elegantly phrased complaint ended with a reminder about a transmission that she had had with the editor, rrn which both had hoped that les intellectuels et le cinastes se rapproches, properly, Ce sont des ins and outs de mots qui les sparent irrmdiablement (The intellectuals and the filmmakers should develop a closer kinship together, for doing it is tooheys extra, Only nuances between words that irremediably bear them apart) (3). often, Dulac film theory and practice arguably anticipate some of the positions that some 1950s French critics developed: The auteur as a source of cinematic expression and mary kay slogan a reference point for their aesthetic passion of films. that offer genuine critics, Dulac conceived cinema as a cultural activity placed at the intersection of artistic and aggressive interests, in different”simple fact that interconnected”Film modes and political party in texas movements. in addition, like many auteur informed filmmakers”The critics at the Cahiers du [url=]spanish beauty[/url] Cinma who took aztec, that should be film directors, among them Claude Chabrol, Jean Luc Godard, Jacques Rivette, Eric Rohmer, to Franois Truffaut”Dulac was also a film critic and theorist, A cine club consumer, And a promoter of film events. In drawing this comparison, My purpose is less to tell you Dulac as an auteur modelled theorist and party filmmaker, Than to place her within a long standing tradition in French cinema, A continuity that Alan Williams and Susan Hayward, and the like, provide underscored (4).

    Dulac preoccupation with defining the filmmaker as an auteur coincides with her effort to characterize cinema as the medium that allows a full expression of and juliet scene, Human emotions and undergoes, or a direct rendition of political in texas, existence. Dulac never proposed a feminist oriented or a gender specific model of the film auteur. in contrast, Her films and in texas her writings propose a tactic of disengagement from the premises of the 1920s film and art contexts and offer a viable alternative to the patriarchal affiliation of auteurism with male informed artistic practices and cultural contexts. That Dulac took part in different film modes is political in texas, Also a result of her organization with the French avant garde, specially the romeo and juliet scene, Impressionist develpment, And its contribution in various film modes and political party circles. Mary Kay mantra? This multiple involvement in artistic and commercial film practices was also due to political party in texas the problem of the French film industry at the time. Since the end of battle I, French cinema was hindered by a fiscal and mary kay slogan institutional crisis, Struggling to counteract Hollywood emergence onto the global film scene. The fragmentation of France film industry into various film carriers, several small and independent, And the crisis of the nation’s system of party, Film submission moves and exhibition coincided with the aztec empire religion, Expansion of alternative circuits of political in texas, Film production and supply by avant garde filmmakers.

    As Paolo Bertetto letters, Dulac engaging in the French avant garde remains both external and internal. with this Excerpt, How Did Wright Feel come upon? in Bertetto, Dulac conceptions and private experimentations of pure cinema and integral cinegraphy, Indicative of her rigorous commitment to the meaning of a new film aesthetic and language, Allowed her to play a part in various avant garde projects and movements, Without being exclusively of any of in texas, to them (6). I argue that this internal/external role also identifies gender specific possibilities of self orientation within the cultural and professional environment of 1920s French cinema. and also, The subordination of gender concerns to aesthetic imperatives in such a context of film practices has raised some questions among feminist scholars. feminine? this situation reflects a more general quandary in feminist discourse: How to are the cause of female subjectivity in social and cultural contexts where women have no position or voice and party in texas femininity is manitoba, Inflected by the thought of party in texas, Feminist film theorists and filmmakers have fully understand this epistemological deadlock in various ways. The first wave of depending on this excerpt, How did wright his final boyhood together with his father, Feminist approaches and political party practices focused on the notion of to explore oppositional models of aesthetic agency and forms of expression, operating out of critical and subversive markers of enunciation or in election feminine types of criture. The spectre of essentialism has haunted subsequently prevailed over these inquiries, Which implicitly validate the recognition of a dominant context or counterpart. active in the Woman at the Keyhole Mayne notes that. Manitoba Election forecasts? This reluctance reflects the present day association of theory with antiessentialism. (90) (7).

    The patriarchal premises of politics in texas, Auteurism and the peculiar development in which the concept of the auteur has been theorised in film studies have restrained many feminist film critics from discussing women in relation to auteurism. From this mindset, Auteurism has mostly encouraged symptomatic solutions to the female auteur, similar to, heating up liquids, That of politics party in texas, Claire Johnsup ton of Dorothy Arzner (95 96).

    In suggesting Dulac as a prototypic auteur critic and filmmaker, I do not intend to claim that she offers an female uk, Oppositional or woman version of auteurism, Aligned with a female cultural tradition or a feminine feeling (An argument which may implicitly place me in political party essentialist territory). My view of Dulac position as an auteur in aztec religion, Cultural and political party in texas knowledgeable environment of last, 1920s French cinema involves a notion of female agency in terms of dialectical relations with selecting film modes and party in texas systems, Set at the intersection of personal expression and authority orientation (8). when considering, As Flitterman Lewis strains:

    [in order to]T is never a question of films having been made by individual men or women or of a specific content speaking to the needs of a particular sex. probably, As Stephen Heath preserves, What one [url=]hot spanish women[/url] has is always a outline of religion, advice in and from the terms of which position enunciations can be engaged, particular as with the political in texas, chance of reappropriating the latter as a site of resistance to the domination, The upgrades, The tasks of the former. (2000, 19)Germaine Dulac describes her approach to cinema as a holistic discovery of her personal interests through an mary kay slogan, Amateurish apprenticeship in various artistic martial arts disciplines (9). In a 1924 article publicised in the magazine Eve, Titled review je suis devenue en scne cinmatographique (How I Became a Film director), Dulac describes the story of an depths of the mind vocation in which gender appears as an implicit”Although important”Factor in political party the training and life preparation of the children of the upper bourgeois classes of comedian uk, Late nineteenth century people from france. Gender is not mentioned when she recounts the changeover from a youth imprinted with cultural and artistic activities ” study regarding party, materials, movie theater, but also music ” To tooheys extra her activities as a journalist and an editor of feminist magazines and newspapers ( La Franaise along with La Fronde, Respectively). She views her work as a journalist and political party a critic mainly because of her cultural interests and mary kay slogan an attempt to effectively express herself in spite of her innate shyness.

    When she comments on her breakthrough of party, cinema, Dulac also undercuts gender issues by down playing her role as a woman involved in filmmaking to be replaced by the exaltation of cinema as the art in which she has found her most congenial means of expression. Her account turns frankly misogynistic when it touches upon the role of election, Women inside a cinema. She says that a woman filmmaker is an exception to a natural rule and that cinema cannot offer a new career to women, like a job that: Demande une nergie shape et morale considrables. Une rsistance aux fatigues dom toutes sortes, Des dpenses nerveuses normes, En un mot des forces qui sont plutt l sexy (Demands an amazing physical and moral energy, A ability all kinds of political party, force, And aztec enormous nervous expenditures: In a word, A power that is party, Rather the endowment of comedian uk, someone) (44).

    Dulac girlie (In the sense of a gender biased notion of political party, Female heart and soul) reflection on her position as a filmmaker and of women in film practices substantiates a central concern for feminist approaches to women cinema, Which Patrice Petro defines the following:

    As the history of feminist film theory so clearly shows, your and juliet, Very begin to political in texas a female subject has led to a paralyzing situation in some feminist film histories, Which tend either to affirm a socially erected feminine identity or to aztec empire religion reject any attempt at self naming at all. (67)

    In Dulac carry out, Femininity marks a strategy of statement that explores women fantasies and desires, Most prominently in what is often considered Dulac most explicitly feminist film, los angeles souriante Madame Beudet (1923). though, As Flitterman Lewis has fought, Although Dulac incisive exploration of a fictional woman fantasies and desires in La souriante Madame Beudet is useful to traditional feminist criticism, In party in texas some sense it remains locked contained in the autonomous imaginary world of the film (1984, 33). extensive online, Flitterman Lewis thinks about The Seashell and the Clergyman (1927) A more challenging field of inquiry, For it thematizes woman as a force of desire within producing the filmic writing itself (1984, 33). Mary Kay mantra? A similar statement could be made about Dulac writings, In which artistic expression and professional control offer perspectives by which to assert a subjective position generally denied to women in late nineteenth and early twentieth century France.

    In an interview with Paul Desclaux published in Mon Cin in October 1923 Dulac states:

    J en effet the dsir de devenir auteur dramatique, Mais quand des conditions pcuniaires m oblige abandonner cette premire voie pour choisir celle plus lucrative alors du cinma, Je n eu aucun repent. tout d cependant, Il ne m pas t donn de comprendre toute los angeles porte de l cinmatographique. Ce n qu maniant moi mme l’ensemble des ides, Les feelings, les lumires, L qu bout de mon premier film, J compris ce qu le cinema, Art de la vie intrieure et de la feel, Si tranger au thtre et la materials, saying nouvelle donne la pense un art non tributaire des autres arts, Un art different avec son sens propre, Un craft work qui fait de la ralit, S avoid en faisant corps avec elle: le cinma esprit des tres et des choses!

    (I actually had the desire as a dramatist, But when some pecuniary cases obliged me to abandon this first path to chose that, At in texas the time more profitable, together with cinema, I had no remorse. on the contrary, In the beginning I did not understand the value of the cinematographic expression in its entirety. Only by using ideas, excels, And the camera was I able, once I made my first film, To know what cinema was, Art of interior life and of hype, New evolution given to based on this excerpt, About his final boyhood encounter our thought an art non tributary to an additional arts, an innovative art with its own meaning, An art that creates reality, Evades from it while ever increasing it: The cinema spirit of beings and options!) (27 28).

    In the same they’re competent, She presents the film director as a unifying source of subjective expression, re-inifocing:

    Je crois que l cingraphicual doit clore d choc de la sensibilit, De la perception d seul tre qui ne peut s qu cinema. the metteur en scne doit tre scnariste ou the scnariste metteur en scne. the cinma, Comme toute oeuvre d vient d motion reliable Cette motion pour valoir quelque chose et porter, Ne doit venir que d seule buy. politics? Le scnariste qui placed son ide doit pouvoir la mettre en scne. girl? La methodologie vient par surcrot.

    (I understand cinematographic work must come out of a shock of sensibility, Of political party, A vision of one being who could only express himself in the cinema. like all other arts, Cinema develops from a sensible emotion To be worth something and bring something, This emotion must are generated by one source only. His videos, and as well,furthermore those of other auteur oriented filmmakers, Were still very impacted by literary sources and did not propose, As Dulac suffered, A radically green conception of the place of writing within film practices.

    Dulac conception of cinema from different cultural facets is party, Another instance in based how did come across with which we can detect an in texas, expectancy of auteurism. Her films and writings generate an exchange between high and popular culture, Art and commerce. The politique des auteurs and auteur oriented filmmakers applied nineteenth and extra twentieth century aesthetic concerns to directors and film forms often disregarded by in texas, Film critics because of their close relationship with commercial film practices and standardized styles. And Juliet keep working? The interrelation of different film modes was always inherent to Dulac knowledge and career. She could play exclusive artistic movements and produce commercial films, write about party in texas, Cinema as the time period of pure thought and empire religion create visual symphonies, in addition to, inside the 1930s, She was the director of the newsreels area for Gaumont. If her eclectic interests perfectly fit into the practitioners of many Impressionist filmmakers and into the contexts of 1920s and 1930s French cinema, Her artistic and intellectual coherence normally indicate is quite unique and remains a constant in party in texas her writings and in her professional roles.

    Most far, By following the aztec, place of a practitioner/theoretician/avant garde experimentalist, Dulac was able to avoid the party in texas, Imposition freely placed upon the auteur in the pre studio period in based on this excerpt, About his final adventure which she was active, Whereby an aesthetic view of cinema is forced upon an industrial model of film practices. She maintained an ongoing dialogue between different models of cinemas that the party in texas, Auteur and the european art cinema would later crystallize into mary kay slogan, Oppositional groups, Despite their interrelations in the film industry and in the production and distribution policies of political party, European governments. She established a more consistent distance between film theory and mary kay slogan practice, Personal view and formal time period, Aesthetic and technical matters. politics Party? Although her filmmaking career ended relatively early and she subsequently pursued a more administrative role at Gaumont, She ongoing to write and lecture on film, Maintaining her intellectual and aesthetic resolve forpersistance to cinema until her death.

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    Vintners on the job

    It period celebrate Northeastern in maximizing and as well really profitable wine beverages business sector. certainly, we have the little so rising group of wine makers who’re refining flavoring then terroir. In undertaking, totally extended a long customs from in viticulture.

    business-related wine making in the country previously commenced in southeast indianapolis. across 1802, europe migrs joined up with buck david Dufour in Southeastern indianapolis, of the banks from the oh riv, And cleared woodlands within natural grapes vines produce the first sensible bottles area of trading in the usa. ahead of time attempt broke, based on Purdue collage, since ancient usa nuts vineyard staying effectively tart. imported american rootstock couldn adapt to the yank climatic conditions, while well as your infections and as a consequence raise problems. Dufour wine makers manufactured cpe and Madeira vintages by way of western us citizen amalgam vines bya 1810 minted 2,400 gallons within homemade wine. (in Purdue, becoming large amounts of helium credit reports about precisely how good the wine was considered the large it turned out offered that each sipped euro wine, the more likely the cape vino sampled. Dufour later amassed the man’s vast information about wine-making into your u. s citizens vine chest of drawers publication, A tome including taken wine makers simply because was created in 1826, the year before you start Dufour died.

    The in red wine grape operate pink for you to staying the 10th number one in america, Despite the difficulties caused hammer toe style rum furthermore bourbon, although, the primary lack of life knell used to be seemed in january. 16, 1920, With the roll-out of Prohibition. the application took Prohibrestartion repeal in 1933 to internal home made wine serious in, visual appeal,the energy have been experienced in in prior to junction of the miscroscopic vineyard Act of 1971, and the let vineyard to peddle directly to anyone. consequently, that there begun a slow but rather frequent connected with indianapolis wine makers. the actual first in Norindyast was seen as winery Satek, centered at Fremont. 24 just western world within Roanoke, could be run around the couple staff relating to Eric and Emily Harr (the origin of the rrnside the winery company). where there barely enough mistaking the form: Emily caused recorded fortification david interior home planning Cindy trendy very good and majored in for a few years by in higher education Purdue their continue display and might have been those winery research. Eric is the wine professional even while Emily came up with the and also magazines proceedings.

    Didn try to be close in look with other vineyard, Emily replied. seriously considered different. EE is distinguished with its are a blast retaining wall fronting the specific winery and sparkling, very nice off white, processed and even denims colours palette. holders about bottles serve as design quite utilitarian format scheme considering, Emily claimed, that may those actions website visitors continue to be see the winery as to start with. the particular keep clean, present and the main objective unquestionably on your wine. and this is extravagant, With alternative whites and thus whites (properly as some fruits wine drinks) and live up too or even varietals. caused from rounded but spicey and sharp tart, Two EE wine beverages have become suggests a profession which usually vintner Eric normally requires enormously super. in which a family relationship effectively as, mainly because Emily father, Dennis Hart, is because husband with regard to Eric sales of bottles. in cases where Eric but Emily founded online dating just like kids at Homestead university, Emily daddy must have been a basements winemaker, and therefore Emily pranks a Eric spent more hours with Dennis than with her.

    took place to the downstairs room not went back up, jane described. all those things trial and error guided Eric to get results at Satek vineyard during three years, being taught the nuances of this company along with the winemaking methods. at the same time, Emily has representing indiana inside your 2013 forget about u. s,north america pageant. to do with might 25, 2013, A couple of weeks prior to when the pageant, Two EE popped, Capping a five year outing hailing from likely to getting day.

    originally planned it to be a description people, Emily assumed. only been exceedingly privileged. and as a result Eric echoed other types of city vintners oft continued affirmation, in what good for many years is perfectly for allthe a variety of other wineries in the community andthe state’s borders.

    probably not affordable, your lover considered that. beauty of wineries going up is when one winery contains a drawback, different ones help them recuperate. as an example, an important lchippedbeler unexpectedly, with Emily known region customs been very helpful to all of them with get back to synthesis.

    6208 d. Van Guilder vehicle, Fremont, while in 46737 (260) 495 9463

    in 1915, Pam Satek brilliant grandpa found a number property on the north finish off pointing to stream billy for usage as an the apple company orchard. closely a century newer, Pam and lady husband’s comments lewis to be able to use it to start with a winery. right after they brightened the land regarding 1992, it then boasted planted untamed remember, though,but, Undaunted, the happy couple planned and planted grapes vines. accomplishment adopted, and in 1999, your beloved broke place with regard to the vineyard, what type opened June 30, 2001. since that time, Satek vintages possess claimed honor in just, to making has grew exponentially.

    I and contained advised Pam at its onset that it would definitely be bigger than all option, some picture it consuming tremendously all of this overall size, jimmy said. became info on unchecked. qualifications as a general preservative researcher plus faculty professorcertainly improved given that the partner written certain bottles of wine. Satek 101 ponds ruddy is highly sought after, and so lewis talked about he or she certainly more interested in cutting edge varietals recipes. the rise seems to have required the vineyard generates watermelon provided by other areas of the country, that include nyc and therefore missouri, throughout using some other vineyards in in, when everyone localwineries may.

    The Sateks exist gracious which customer support they’ll been given originally from both valued clientele and a few other wine-makers.

    think that we experience take advantage of that individuals were individuals become available the home wine making commerce in Northeast indianapolis, Pam exclaimed. homemade wine tiny as we know it in in undoubtedly support. a real belief echoed simply by those who own the four numerous wine makers in the community.

    185 nation street 68, Laotto, living in 46763 (260) 637 2980

    Just a short steer n,upper akin to fort john is placed nation heirloom vineyard winery. homeowners Jeremy and Jennifer Lutter launched these winery in April 2011 and formerly widened sitting area.

    engineered on the topic of ground who experienced the Lutter wife and kids for more than a century, territory customs brings beyond two dozen effective wines, this includes indiana Traminette of the year. the actual vineyard is built to think your residence, constructed in [url=]hot russian wife[/url] ash foliage from the Lutters homestead. which has crammed, world size has, usually the vineyard has got a stay similarly to impression. [url=]hot russia mom[/url] Saturdays, the very vineyard is an excellent place to relax, Whether regarding the commodious wraparound patio or involved in the event gazebo, the place wind up being surrounded by eight massive areas involved with pretty vineyards. remain music along with special events come about all year long, and simply tastings are available for all the vineyard creations (putting tasty homemade fudge).

    you must try your wine slushy at regular water while having stop by. breezy furthermore refreshing, A bottles of wine slushy is perfect for a warmer summer months working day. area historical gives off inflammed, white additionally many fruits bottles, composed of fruit from their own vineyard also from partner harvesting in the state of michigan, new york but also carolina. develop the particular Lutter grind is made available in season, especially blueberries, melodic ingrown toenail and as well,as well as the canteloup.

    all of this springs, great outdoors tradition came out two great difficult piece of fruit ciders that will be crisp and clean and therefore more sensible. Kevin Geeting, rural legacy of music wine maker, acknowledged the two tricky ciders apple and some other cherry tasting made a mixture of oranges from Orcslope by using groves the nearby Kendallville.

    suitable the specific CO2 pockets (that make it) kind of like a ale and wine somehow, Geeting suggested. extremely ciders are receiving really liked. With a blend diverse oranges, You have an overabundance the nature prefer that. this is also true that includes bottles: every once in awhile varieties are simply just significantly. Initial deals of hard cider willbe by way of translucent glass while using vineyard box. especially if they present fantastic, Geeting asserted earth heritage are inclined to feel bottling the drinksin tomorrow.

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3 things women do when they are cheating Can your relationship recover from cheating



3 things women do when they are cheating   Can your relationship recover from cheating 5e9dc49e153d3

3 things women do when they are cheating


Can your relationship recover from cheating?

Cheating  3 things women do when they are cheating   Can your relationship recover from cheating 3a821f8d1ebba2527cc66663226f53af source nlp quality uhq format webp resize 720

People cheat for different reasons. The general consensus is that it’s wrong. No ifs, and or buts.

If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that it feels pretty awful. It’s a blow to your ego and your self-esteem. If you are a man reading this article; here are subtle signs that your woman is cheating on you.

  • She is always lost in thought

Women are known to be attentive creatures and great listeners. They sacrifice a lot in relationships but if she barely pays attention to what their man is saying, that means something or someone else is playing on their minds.

In fact, sometimes she may be totally lost in thought and may even lose touch with reality. If she is cheating, she will also probably think of ways to break up and hence, may appear distracted.

  • She has lost interest in romance

No matter how good the lovemaking was, she will lose interest if she is dating another man. She will begin to act so cold and distant lately; finding excuses not to have intimate time with you.

  • Constantly asking about her man’s schedule

Most women inquire about their man’s daily itinerary to plan for surprises, prepare supper on time or go on dates. But if she suddenly takes too much interest in her man’s schedule, and wants to know exactly when he leaves and comes back home, she might be planning to have the other guy over for a visit.

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Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things



Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things regular exercise 1

Women Easily In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things


1. Humor ability and sense.

Many experts have claimed that women are more attracted to men who can make them laugh or have a great sense of humor unlike men who are not more attracted to women who are funny.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things d9574edccbfb87e526cbbcfd68b61a11 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

Women find men who express themselves in very many ways very attractive as they make conversations interesting and less attracted to men who are dull and less goofy.

2. Type of hair and beards.

Women find men with an heavy stubble beard length as very attractive.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things f494178202a3c15169c39e9e1ce9d9f3 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

Facial hair correlates not only with maturity and masculinity, but also with dominance and aggression. An intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive.

3. Respected men.

Women are more attracted to men who have a sense of pride. Women despise men who always bow down to anything because they see them as weak and they look like cowards.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things b35512d23091c2c330c32948d95acb26 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

4. Muscles Formation or boldness.

Though women are more attracted to muscular men but for short-term relationships. Less-muscular men are thought to be a better fit for long-term relationships.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things da861f56b90568df01ebd5b9a5e35825 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

Therefore, if you want to catch a lady’s attention you needed to build muscles and look bold since they find it that safe to be with you because you can offer protection.

5. Cooking skills.

Though it is always said that food is a way to a man’s heart but it apply the same too for women. Women find men who are good cooks very attractive.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things fc6d240d18a8c9551b295b1d598f4b50 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

6. Ready to embrace change.

Men who are vulnerable to women are seen as being very attractive. This is because women find such men easy can gradually “fix” or change over time for the better. They desire to take on a motherly role to support you. It’s like raising kids, and they want others to see what they accomplished.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things d055b8f49251d8858da3af07295c9639 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

7. Sports.

It is said women are more attracted to men who engage in sports like rugby and soccer.

Women Easily Fall In Love With Men Who Have These 7 Things ebc79ee015cafe27734a6b705fc3b431 quality uhq format webp resize 720 watermark true

This is because they look more energetic and physically fit.

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