Nigerian women condemn Buhari’s ministerial list, write Senate
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Over 150 Nigerian women groups, representing different regions, ethnicities, social and political allegiances and organizations for youths and persons with disabilities, have condemned the ministerial list submitted to the .

Their grievance was contained in a letter on Thursday jointly signed by Dr. Abiola Akiyode Afolabi, Executive Director, Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC), Ms. Ebere Ifendu, Convener, Women in Forum (WIPF), Dr. Felicia Onibon, Founder, 100 Women Lobby Group and Dr. Nkoyo Toyo, CEO, Gender and Development Action (GADA).

The memo expressed dismay and utter disappointment that 87 percent male dominated the ministerial list.

It read: “This list maintains and reinforces the historical exclusion of women in the country, ignores the youth and people living with disabilities and thus inhibits the critical goal of achieving meaningful, equitable and participatory national development.

“The list submitted by Mr. reneges on the repeated campaign promises by his government and creates a crisis of confidence in the integrity of our elected political leadership.

“Therefore, we write to convey a clear message of national importance to the nation, Mr. President, the legislature and those nominated as ministers.

“We wish to remind you about the unavoidable consequences of failing to use the appointment exercise as a tool to steer the affairs of country towards a desirable and sustainable future. Such a future is as conceived by well received and established best practices and obligations arising from the 2030 Global Agenda of the United Nations.

“It is with this in mind that we urge you, your colleagues and other decision makers, to remember the weighty privilege the nation entrusts to the few chosen to serve as ministers.

We therefore request that you:

1. Solemnly remind all the distinguished Senators charged with the responsibility of “screening” the nominees for ministers, that more than any other moment in our history, they have a responsibility to Nigerians to act diligently in terms of their engagement with these nominees.

2. That you remind and require them to also serve as advocates and representatives of the millions of excluded groups as well as women of all ages who have a lot to contribute to the future of the country but are ignored and marginalized.

3. That you remind our honorable senators to bear in mind that, what they say and do as leaders in chambers, can positively advance our collective existence which in actual reality should mirror the country’s demographics, with a focus on equitable gender representation as well as the inclusion of diverse skills, expertise and knowledge.

4. That you encourage all senators to speak up and challenge government at all levels on the matter of women’s inclusion. Specifically, that they demand that equity is done in terms of the numbers, spread, roles and location in governance and government by female nominees (such that the few women on any list are not consigned to insignificance).

5. We ask that Senate draws the attention of the President and governors to Nigeria’s commitment to several National and International obligations such as the United Nations SDGs – which specifically put an onus on Nigeria to dramatically improve on its embarrassing levels of inequality.

6. We ask that Senate note in particular, that 30-35% has been reserved in some national policy documents, and that within our National laws, there are provisions that categorically call for the inclusion of youth (not too young to run) and persons with disabilities. We ask Senate to recall and operationalize the provisions of the 2006 National Gender Policy and the constitution of the ruling APC on these issues).

7. We ask you and other distinguished Senators to send a clear message to the Executive that women and other groups excluded from fair representation are your political constituents. As responsible leaders/ representatives of the people, we ask you to object to any list by the Executive that significantly excludes your constituencies who have informed you of their desire to be fully involved in the issues that affect them.

8. Lastly, we insist that the inclusion of constituents is actually an indispensable strategy for stemming the multi-faceted dimensions of political, social and economic crises facing Nigeria.”


Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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How Aisha Buhari attacked me in Aso Villa – Mamman Daura’s daughter alleges [AUDIO]




How Aisha Buhari attacked me in Aso Villa – Mamman Daura’s daughter alleges [AUDIO] Aisha Buhari 11

Fatima, one of the daughters of Mamman Daura, Muhammadu ’s nephew, has accused the wife of the President, Aisha of attacking her inside the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

She spoke on Monday in an interview with BBC Hausa in Abuja.

Fatima commented on a viral video where the first lady was seen complaining about being denied access to her apartment.

In the video, which trended on Friday while the rumour mill was agog that the president was getting married to Sadiya Umaru Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, the president’s wife was seen speaking in anger.

While the President’s wife has confirmed the authenticity of the video, Fatima said she least expected her to act in a violent manner in the first place.

In a BBC Hausa interview, Fatima who claimed responsibility for recording and releasing the video, said she did so as a proof that Buhari’s wife confronted her violently in 2017.

Excerpts from the interview:

“My name is Fatima. I am a daughter to Mallam Mamman Daura… if one reasons well, he or she will understand that it is not possible to say that the wife of the president is denied access to her apartment but let me give a context,” she said.

“The apartment in question is called the Glass House. You know that there are several houses and apartments in the villa. When the president got into office, he gave the Glass House to our father, Mamman Daura.

“You all know that they are friends and are related, more so, they grew up together like twins. When he became president, he gave the Glasshouse to our dad and said he should stay there. Our dad stayed there for three years now until when the president’s son, Yusuf, had an accident and went to Germany for treatment.

“When he returned, the president told our dad to move out of that apartment to an even bigger one in the villa, that Yusuf is going to stay and be treated in the Glass House. The Glass House is closer to the main presidential apartment and that will make easier access to him by his mother. It is not in her apartment, which is in the main apartment.”

Fatima narrated what led to the incident that was captured in the video, saying she recorded it to use as evidence against the first lady.

“(On that day) My mom and dad were not around. So, my dad instructed me and my elder sister, both of us are working and we go to work every morning, that we should come on a Saturday and move our belongings to the new apartment the president instructed,” she said.

“We planned to park out then and have even concluded moving all the things. All of a sudden, in the afternoon as we were busy on that errand of packing our belongings when we heard noise from outside. I was in an inner room in the house while my sister was in an outer one close to the main gate of the apartment. So my sister went out before I could come out.

“On getting there, it was the wife of the president. When she came, the door was locked and she picked a metal chair and broke the door. I have sent the picture to you. My sister that went out was almost hit by the chair. She threw the chair which broke through the door and almost hit my sister.

“I was so shocked and afraid of getting there because she was shouting and reigning abuses words and saying we should move out of that apartment. That she has never seen this kind of thing before. I then went back and picked my phone because if one is to say that she acted that way, no one would believe it without a proof. She has already been saying a lot of things depicting that she is being suppressed.

“So I recorded it to show our parents and the security, so that they will know the truth should anything happen. Because the way she was raging and shouting, I was thinking that she would pick something and hit us with it or something like that. That was why we recorded it. Had it been we wanted to release the video, we would have done it earlier. But you know if a video clip enters one or two hands, you can’t control where it will get to.

“There are even other clips that have not been released, I will send them to you to see how she was insulting the security and how she drove them away saying who are they protecting and calling them bloody idiots. Its all on the video clip. That was what happened.”


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Buhari’s minister confirms takeover of Social Investment Programme from Osinbajo




Buhari’s minister confirms takeover of Social Investment Programme from Osinbajo Osinbajo 1280x720 1024x576

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, has confirmed taking control of the federal government’s Social Investment Programmes (SIP).

The Minister, who made this known via Twitter on Monday, said she met with Maryam Uwais, Senior Special Assistant to the on Social Investment for crucial briefing on the programme.

DAILY POST reports that until October 1, the SIP was being coordinated by the office of Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

But, in his Independence Day broadcast, President had announced that the newly-created ministry would be in charge of the scheme.

The minister tweeted: “It is a busy week. Moving forward, I met with the SSA to President Buhari on NSIP.

“She briefed me on the activities, programmes, achievements and challenges of the establishment.

“NSIP manages Social Investment Programmes in and it is presently under the purview of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development,” she tweeted.

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