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NEW MTN OFFER, , GET MTN 1GB FOR N200 20191007 212517 2 300x201



For those of us, who were not able to activate MTN 1GB for N100, I believe we all should try this new MTN 1GB for N200 which gives you full access to 1GB upon activation of N200 . In Nigeria alone, MTN has gained full and maximum control in rural areas, urban areas making them number one telecom giants in Nigeria and also in some west african states.  Mtn networks are fully known for their high speed network and large coverage.

Also looking out their mode of free packages, MTN has giving out free airtime, free data and awoof bonuses and so much more



Activating MTN 1GB is not as difficult as  you think, though it all depends on eligibility concept. Activating MTN 1GB for N200 doesn’t require you to migrate to any tariff plan. All that is been required from you is just to follow the required procedures then you are good to go.

MTN 1GB is broken down into three stages which is

1. eligibility

2. Activation code

3. Bonus offer


Eligibility is more or less a going concern which it’s nature depends on ” PROBABILITY “. It is so unfortunate that most bonus offer has its own limitations when it comes to activating cheap data. Top network providers has made it a little bit difficult activating MTN 1GB for N200 is either you are eligible or not eligible. So if you are eligible for it, then you are good to go.


Activating MTN 1GB for N200 is as simple as A,B,C. All that is required from you is just to dial *567# and if you are lucky, then you will get 1GB for N200

The bonus here for MTN 1GB for N200 comes with a free data and voice bundle of N50, N100 and N500. While the 4th option gives you a full access of 1GB for N200


To cut the long story short, in other for you to activate MTN 1GB for N200, you just have to follow this procedures

1.) Dial *567#. After dialing it, various options will appear, then choose the 4th option. Following this procedures, you then qualify to activate MTN 1GB for N200. But if the 4th option doesn’t appear then you are not qualified, just like the pictures below

NEW MTN OFFER, , GET MTN 1GB FOR N200 IMG 20191011 122920


Lawal Abdulsalam, Student of civil engineering, student from federal polytechnic Ede if you don't know Lawal Abdulsalam then perhaps you started blogging yesterday.He runs one of the most popular blogs on internet.

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How To Activate 75MB For 20 Naira And 1.5GB For 400 Naira On MTN



How To Activate 75MB For 20 Naira And 1.5GB For 400 Naira On MTN 20191007 212517

How To Activate 75MB For 20 Naira And 1.5GB For 400 Naira On MTN

How To Activate 75MB For 20 Naira And 1.5GB For 400 Naira On MTN 84f9986c5b52cf91bd1bb4e0430ae101

With the way things are going, we will have trouble using a specific SIM card for browsing as all the network operators in the country are introducing mouth-watering plans to stay connected to the network.

The network provider in the spotlight today is MTN, this South African-owned telecommunications network has silently launched a plan that can enable their subscribers to get more data for less price.

The new MTN data plan that I’m referring to was silently launched and on this data plan, you can get a whooping 75MB for N20 and 1.5GB for N400. The only bad news is that it is SIM selective just like their welcome back data.

How to activate 75MB for N20 on MTN

  • As expected, you need to have at least N20 on your MTN SIM card account balance if you do, dial ∗131∗4#.
  • Reply with 1 to Auto renew or reply with 2 for one-time subscription.
  • If you are eligible, you will get a successful response. But if you are not eligible, you will get an ineligible response instead.
  • Data is valid for 7 days
  • To check data balance, dial ∗131∗4#.

How to activate 1.5GB data for N400 on MTN

If you are eligible for the 75MB data, you have to subscribe 20 times, which will give you a total of 1.5GB data while you spend 400 Naira. Cool right? Of course it is. Data is valid for 7 days only to check your data balance, dial ∗131∗4#.

I hope you were able to activate this data on your SIM card, if you encountered any issue, feel free to leave a comment below and also don’t forget to share with friends.

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How To Activate Triple Data Offer On your monthly/weekly plan



How To Activate Triple Data Offer On your monthly/weekly plan airtel

How To Activate Triple Data Offer On Airtel

On this blog, we’ve looked at how we can activate and even as Airtel has revamped their data plans to suit all of their customers, it doesn’t seem like a bad deed to take things up a notch and activate triple data on your Airtel SIM card.

For those of you who are still in the dark of what all this means, let me tell you a bit about the triple data offer from Airtel.

We are all aware that the regular data plan on Airtel gives 1.5GB for N1000, 2GB for N1200 and so on. For those customers who were able to activate the double data offer on their Airtel SIM cards no longer buy 1.5GB data for N1000 on the network all of their data plans are now double meaning that they get 3GB for N1000, 4GB for N1200 and so on.

How to activate triple data offer on Airtel  How To Activate Triple Data Offer On your monthly/weekly plan c3b40bf6f1f88649f5aac4e93fa74868 source nlp quality uhq format webp resize 720

The same thing applies to the triple data offer, with the triple data offer activated on your Airtel SIM card, all the data bundles will be multiplied by 3 starting from the lowest price whether N50 or N100 to the highest possible price for buying data. So this means that with N1000, you will get 4.5GB, with N1200, you will get 6GB and so on.

This is already looking like an enticing deal, in this article, I want to quickly show you how you can activate the triple data offer on your Airtel SIM card.

How to activate triple data offer on Airtel

  • Buy and register new 4G Airtel SIM.
  • Then, send GET to 141, you will receive a congratulatory message, saying that you are eligible for double data.
  • Load N500 and above, and dial *141# to buy a data plan of that price. (Do not buy from “MY OFFER” but buy from the standard Airtel plans).
  • First of all, you will be given DOUBLE DATA but do not worry, exhaust the data and the data bonuses.
  • Once the data has been exhausted, migrate to SMARTRYBE Tariff plan by dialling *312#.
  • Load N1,000 and buy data plan from their official plans and the data would be tripled instantly.

Don’t think you need VPN apps to power this data plans you don’t. They have validity period the same as the regular data plans, N1000 plans lasts for 30 days and so on.

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