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Elder statesman and former Chief of Army Staff, Gen Theophilus Danjuma (rtd), has come under fire over his recent comment on the state of the nation.

Gen. Danjuma, who was a former Defense Minister, had claimed while speaking at the of Ibadan in Oyo State, on Thursday, that Nigerians won’t sleep if he reveals what is happening in .

Reacting, however, the Middle belt Conscience Guard, an umbrella body of the states in the middle belt region in Nigeria, described the comment by Gen. Danjuma as diversionary and tactless.

The group declared that the statement credited to Gen. Danjuma was not a reflection of the mindset of the people of the middle belt region in Nigeria in its entirety.

Prince Raymond Enero, National of the group, in a statement signed on Saturday, stated that the comment by “Theophilus Danjuma is unpatriotic and highly misleading, and if care is not taken might lead to unrest in the country.”

The group warned the ex-military general to desist from making crude statements that could cause unrest in the nation.

The statement added, “The Middle belt Conscience Guard wishes to state that the statement credited to Theophilus Danjuma is not a reflection of the mindset of the people of the middle belt region in Nigeria in its entirety.

“The statement can be best described as diversionary, tactless, and of poor taste, meant to unnecessarily heat the polity for no morally justifiable reason.

“The statement can be best described as diversionary, tactless, and of poor taste, meant to unnecessarily heat the polity for no morally justifiable reason.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard views with concern the way and manner a supposed elder statesman who has benefited immensely from Nigeria could throw caution into the wind by making statements that are not meant for unifying purposes, but for disintegration and to create chaos in the country.

“We are constrained to ask Theophilus Danjuma what he stands to benefit by making such inglorious call in this critical point of our existence as a people and as a country. If this is not malicious, we do not know what to call it.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard wishes to state that there are certain conducts expected from elder statesmen in the country, and Theophilus Danjuma has fallen short of this expectation. As such, he should retrace his steps and tender unreserved apologies to the country for acting against common sense.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard also wishes to use this medium to inform Theophilus Danjuma that there are boundaries he should not cross in his futile attempt as portraying himself as a saint amongst sinners, while in the real sense of it; he is part and parcel of the anomaly that has been entrenched in the system from time immemorial. This attempt is nothing short of calling a dog a bad name to hang it.

“It is expected that his likes should at this age and time sober reflect on how they have conspired to bring Nigeria to its knees while they held sway at the helm of affairs in the country with their actions and inactions that were self-serving and inglorious.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard believes that Theophilus Danjuma is flying a kite aimed at promoting the interests of their allies that were rejected by the electorate in the recently concluded general elections in the country.

“This is indeed a testament to the fact that the hawks that held Nigeria hostage had been rejected, and as such, the country must be made ungovernable in their bid to bring Nigeria to its knees as they intended.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard wishes to inform the generality of Nigerians to hold Theophilus Danjuma and his cohorts responsible should there be an attempt at truncating Nigeria’s nascent democracy in the days ahead as it evident that there is a grand plot by some disgruntled elements that are not happy with the progress been made in critical areas of the in Nigeria.

“It is instructive to state that the generality of Nigerians can decipher between light and darkness. As such, any attempt to heat the polity unnecessarily through callous statements would be resisted in its entirety.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard wishes to admonish Theophilus Danjuma to retrace his steps and seek for forgiveness from the Nigerian people for his failure to put Nigeria on the road to progress and prosperity while he held strategic positions of authority including as Chief of Army Staff, and as Minister of Defense under President Olusegun Obasanjo.

“The Middle belt Conscience Guard wishes to state in unequivocal terms that should Nigeria experience any form of unrest; the blame should be put at the doorsteps of Theophilus Danjuma. Nigeria is indeed on the path of greatness, and as such, any form of a deliberate plot to truncate our progress should be resisted.”


Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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APC are Yahoo Yahoo, uncertainty pervades Nigeria under Buhari – Pastor Giwa




APC are Yahoo Yahoo, uncertainty pervades Nigeria under Buhari – Pastor Giwa hMGGwQoV 1024x576 2

A senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa says it has become difficult to predict under the administration of Muhammadu Buhari.

Giwa spoke on Sunday, while addressing his church members on national issues.

His comment was against the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgement on Bayelsa, which nullified the governorship of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Giwa noted that any Prophet of Pastor trying to predict what will happen next in Nigeria is deceiving himself, adding that Buhari and his party stalwarts are only those who understand what is currently going on.

“You have seen how someone who came fourth became the governor, you have also seen how a sin of the deputy governor affected the governor. President Buhari’s controversial political decisions have affected the judges in discharging their duties”, Giwa said.

“This is a country where Boko Haram leader is warning the sitting president not to visit a particular state again. This is a country where the president has woefully failed to protect the citizens.

“They are running after Yahoo boys, not knowing they are the real Yahoo Yahoo. APC came to power to dupe Nigerians. They came to power to add to the pain of the people.

“A bag of rice was sold below N8,000 before they came to power, ask them how much they sell it now. Should President Buhari wait till someone tells him that he has failed in all ramifications?

“Under this government, a Minister is requesting for $500m to upgrade NTA to the status of CNN. Under this government. Anyway, it is a lesson for Nigerians like the book of Mark 4:23 says ‘if anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.’

“We have learnt our lessons like Israelites did each time they abandoned God. The bible is clear that a society or nation that embraces wickedness will not last. Can’t you see what is happening right now?

“President Donald Trump of the United States promised to protect his people before he became the president, and he is doing just that. President Buhari promised us security, but our people are being killed on a daily basis.

“They promised us food, but our people are going to bed hungry. A functioning state requires that everything is governed by laws, according to Aristotle. In Nigeria, our leaders are tyrannising everyone. I have said it that what is happening in this country has gone beyond prayers.

“What we need to have a better country is to take action. We have what it takes to make Nigerians happy; they have sold their souls to the devil, but God will show them that He is God.

“Killers are being released while innocent people are suffering. Whoever supporting these evil people to unleash acts of terror on Nigerians shall be disgraced publicly.

“I send Holy Ghost fire in their camps to cause confusion among them in Jesus Name. God will make them to fight one another in the mighty Name of Jesus. It is well with Nigeria, it is well with those who walk with God accordingly.”

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Amotekun: NBA demands compulsory psychiatric test for operatives




Amotekun: NBA demands compulsory psychiatric test for operatives AMOTEKUN 7 1280x720 1 1024x576 1

The Chairman of Ado Ekiti branch of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has called for mandatory psychiatric test for the personnel of the Ekiti State Security Network Agency called ‘Amotekun’ as part of recruitment rules.

Falade said the step became sacrosanct in view of alleged incessant misconduct of conventional security agencies, leading to brutality and unwarranted incarceration and killings of Nigerians.

The bill establishing the outfit, now awaiting Governor Kayode Fayemi’s assent, was on Friday, passed into law by the Ekiti State House of Assembly.

Speaking in Ado Ekiti on Sunday, the NBA boss said he had made the suggestion for the inclusion of mandatory psychiatric examination at the assembly’s public hearing held on Thursday, as part of the prerequisites for qualification for Amotekun operatives.

He said section 19 of the Ekiti State Security Network Agency bill sent to the House spoke about qualification, but issue of mental stability was not put into account, which he said spurred him to raise observation about that.

“Under the interpretation of sections, arms should not mean firearms alone, it should also include axes, cutlasses even stick. That I think would have been taken to into account before passage.

” Also, I proposed that in addition to criteria for employment of officials, a mandatory psychiatric test should be added in the law as stated in Section 19 which dealt with recruitment.

“The passed bill before transmission to the executive with amendments should include this. The mental stability of whoever carries arms matter to Nigerians.

“We have seen cases of how Nigerians were being abused by security operatives. We have seen how those that were supposed to guarantee safety ended up killing innocent people over flimsy excuses.

“I appeal to the House to effect this while doing the amendment before transmitting to the executive.

“I observed that the composition of a board that will superintend over the Agency was contained in the passed bill. I believe the board will be given the powers to set their own rules and criteria for recruitment when they begin operation.

“The board must adopt this as part of the rules for recruitment even if it ends not being part of the amendments.

“This should be taken seriously in the recruitment exercise so that the operatives won’t turn out to be lawbreakers”, the NBA boss said.

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