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Never you marry anyone with this behavior. Do not rush into marriage.

Everything in life must not boil down to marriage do not say “HA John is getting married so I have to marry or Lynda is getting married so for that reason I have to marry, take your time so that you won’t make the wrong choice, never you manage to marry. Marriage is a sacred relationship and also a lifetime commitment, I advice you to take your time when choosing your life partner and know that even though you don’t marry when your mate are getting married that doesn’t make you less a human, remember your destiny and that of your friend or colleague are not the same so never you compare yourself with anyone. Look out for these signs to avoid making a lifetime mistake.
Never you marry someone you can’t crack joke with.
Never you marry someone who can’t own up to their mistakes.
Never you marry someone who can’t apologize when they make mistakes.
Never you marry someone who doesn’t contribute to your life either financially, morally, spiritually or otherwise.
Never you marry someone who is full of his or herself.
Never you manage to marry.
Never you marry someone who doesn’t value you.
Girls never you marry a man who beat you up, that kind of person can never stop beating you.
Boys never you marry a girl who doesn’t respect you.
Never you marry a sex addict if you know you can’t keep up.
Never you rush into marriage so that you won’t rush out of it.
Remember marriage is a sacred bond and divorce is never an option, never you forget to include God in your decision making.


Am Humble and simple but hate *shit* I'm popularly address as Ballotech due to my optmost ideal and researchs on technology, I graduated from federal poly Ede and represent my able faculty and various research ground.

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1 Comment

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should tell your girlfriend Every day!



should tell your girlfriend Every day! 20200304 063210

Romantic things you should tell your girlfriend Every day!

should tell your girlfriend Every day! 5f91502bcea640aae4d4b37f9371effe width 450 height 336 quality hq

1.I love the way you make me feel.

2. Do you even realize how much I love you?

3. I love saying things that make you blush.

4. I sometimes think of you when you’re away and smile away to myself. People think I’m nuts.

5. You’re everything I wanted, and more.

6. I’d rather not live than live without your love.

7. If I know what love is, it is because of you.

8. I’ve waited all my life to find someone like you.

9. God probably made you on a Sunday.

10. I would like to wake up next to you forever.

11. I need you so badly.

12. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.

13. I’ve fallen in love so many times and always with you.

14. Even after all this time I get butterflies when I see you.

15. I love cuddling up with you.

16. I can’t wait to be with you.

17. I want to hold your hand.

18. I love to listen to your heartbeat.

19. Cupcake, pumpkin pie, you’re the sweetest.

20. The only thing harder than trying to impress you is looking at you without smiling.

21. I enjoy every moment with you, baby – even if it involves just watching you sleep!

22. I can stay awake for all my life, just to be the first one to kiss you every morning and see you smile!

23. Is it the morning that’s lovely, or it’s just you?

24. I want to wake up next to you all my life!

25. I always thought that angels only lived in heaven. Every morning I thank God for sending this beautiful angel into my life and making my life heaven itself!

26. You are the reason why my mornings are bright, ‘cos without you baby, everything is just not right! You are my sunshine and I love you so much!

27. Good morning sleeping beauty! No one looks more cute and beautiful while sleeping than you do!

28. I can sit beside you and watch you sleep all my life, you are just so lovely!

29. Watching you sleep and knowing that my words are the first words in your ears this day, I feel so lucky to be with you!

30. lovely day ahead…well, mine will be lovely, because it started off with you next to me!


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Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love



Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love 20191030 060910 1

 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love

3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love 9c6c6202c485da3e09efc902a62e2815e4069de3

Having a love partner is one good thing everyone will desire to have but the process through which that can be done and how it is sustained is one important subject every one trying to get into a relationship must consider.

Falling in love is good but it becomes very disadvantageous for one to fall in love and sleep in love.

Here are a number of things you shouldn’t do when you fall in love because doing them may get you ending in tears instead of in smiles.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love 7ff9bfa9ae2f194dd2a74c61f8632cdba8448857

Don’t sleep in Love: Falling in love is good but it is always advisable not to sleep in love. Getting your eyes closed in a relationship is one thing that will end you up in wrong choices.

Sometimes people make certain choices regardless of what the consequences may be just because they have fallen in love and if care is not taken results in tears.

Never take your eyes off your partner: Everyone desires to have some form of attention especially ladies. If they never wanted to mingle, they wouldn’t be in the relationship in the first case. Always keep your eyes on your partner, compliment them if need be and correct them when necessary. This will keep your relationship alive.

Never disrespect your partner: This act if done is capable of killing the soul inside anyone regardless of how tough they may be.

Disrespecting people is just as bad as rejecting them hence if you really love someone, being disrespectful to the individual is something you should never try to do.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Fall In Love e87df6da26eb36626a5b14e5d851632c quality uhq format webp resize 720

The truth of the matter is they may forgive you after you disrespect them but the memory and the effect of the action like a scare will still linger in their minds.

These are not the only “DON’Ts” in relationships that one needs to pay attention to. It is always helpful to ensure that you don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

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