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Are You Having Toasting Problem? See Tips on how to Perfectly Woo a Lady


1. Do want to know how to attract girls of your choice?
2. Are you having challenges with dating girls?
3. Do you wish you can engage girls in a meaningful chat at will?
4. Do you desire to be in control of you relationship?
If yes, this FREE toasting course is for you.
TOASTING Secret Course is designed to show you basics of toasting and dating pretty and well endowed girls.
Confidence is like a driving skill, it is intangible but it is real.
Girls are looking for guys with confidence. Girls know that it takes confidence to drive a car, and relationship is a car which is driven by only one person, the guy.
So if the guy lacks confidence, what do you think will happen to the relationship car, of course he will crash it.
For you to drive a car, you need to have acquired the driving skill needed to drive such car. If you do not have the skill needed, obviously you will crash that car and get your self injured.
In same vein, your experience about relationship is required if you must approach girls with confidence. If you do not posses the right confidence girls will reject you.
Girls know that dating a guy without confidence will mostly lead to relationship crash.
It is a trend for girls to use guys and dump them, do you know the types of guys they dump? It is the ones that have no confidence in themselves.
When you see a guy giving a girl money all the time, with the excuse that he is love with her, what is actually happening is that he is using money to woo the girl to stay with him. He does not have the confidence of getting another girl if she leaves.
When a guy is confident of himself about getting girls at any given time, he will not become a girl’s ATM. If the girl complains of his unwholesome money attitude, such guy can tell her to find another guy if she is not ok with his financial prudence.
You know what? Girls hardly dump such guys.
This tells you why a girl will remain hooked to a guy that seems to maltreat her. She is hooked to him because she knows that most guys lack the confidence and tendency of becoming successful.
While the bold and confident guys say no, when the girls misbehave, the confident lacking guys accept their girls misbehaviors, they lack the confidence to put her in check.
Without your confidence in place you may not be able to have a successful relationship with girls. And this is one reason girls engage in extra marital affairs, they know that the guy is two weak to treat their fuck ups.
Girls dump the confident lacking guys for the bold and confident dudes.
The bottom line in this. You need to stop been shy and become bold and confidence in dealing with girls.
Develop CONFIDENCE on your inside and it will show on your outside.
Girls can not resist a confident guy.


Am Humble and simple but hate *shit* I'm popularly address as Ballotech due to my optmost ideal and researchs on technology, I graduated from federal poly Ede and represent my able faculty and various research ground.

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Five (5) ways men can escape poverty



Five (5) ways men can escape poverty 1549021435988 trimmed

Five (5) ways men can escape poverty.

1. Get the right woman- forget the slay queens and women with looks but zero brains. Get a woman who will not only support your vision but Will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard not a woman who will just make you hard.he who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtain favour to create wealth.
2. Stop being lady – ” manooh man why art thou lady? You are too lazy for own good .You sleep the whole day and blame the government for your poverty. A little sleep a little slumber, poverty shall overcome you like a political cadre in overall. A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman five organsm but have no energy to start one organisation.
3 . know productive things- If you keep to much juck in your head you get a juck life. I know a lot of men who are so sharp when you talking about girls. About soccer and about street politics, who is Rich who is not ,who has a good house but can’t bring a topic about investment, innovation and business.
4. Get connected to big men who are better than you .Alot of men are failing because they don’t have anyone to who they sit down and listen with obedience. In the old days,old men would sit young men down and show them how to hurt and kill animal. Men of now adays are not mentored and can’t even kill fly.
5. Work stop spending your whole day just praying and fasting yet you know that both the Quran and Bible tells us that God will bless the work of your hand yes yes the blessing finds you on your way doing something stop using prayers as an excuse not to work hard.

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Inspirational Tips

Say Yes to Happiness and No to Depression




Say Yes to Happiness and No to Depression Say Yes to Happiness and No to Depression images 22

Sadness is a normal emotion, and we all feel it at certain times of life. While there are many factors that lead sadness to depression, one of the most sinister is “reward erosion.” If you’ve been depressed, you almost certainly experienced the shoreline of your life shrinking, plunging your life into pits of depression like a house falling into the sea.


Reward Erosion, What’s That???

What are Rewards, Basically? We are hard-wired to seek rewards. Some folks are more motivated to avoid painful things, so the reward can come from reducing painful feelings. Other folks are more motivated to find joy or pleasure in life, so the rewards for them come from moving toward positive feelings.

Sadness Creeps In. When we become depressed, sadness begins to take control of how we think about finding joy or pleasure, and moves us to avoid emotional pain. Our thoughts become less based on reality, and more based on the inside world of our depression. Cognitive-BehavioralPsychologists call these thoughts “cognitive distortions.” The depression whispers to us “That won’t be fun. You’re depressed, and things aren’t fun anymore, and neither are you. People are better off if you just stay home and don’t bring them down.”

Depressive Thoughts Take Control. These ideas become very believable, and as the depression furthers control over us, we stop seeking out others, and limit (or end) activities that used to be fun. The cognitive distortions take control of what we do, and slowly over time, our rewards in life erode—we become controlled by avoiding our predicted disappointment or rejection. Reward erosion takes control, and as it does, life REALLY becomes depression. We experience life as empty and lacking in joy, because now life SEEMS empty and lacks any fun. Life becomes depressing in realty. Even if we have a moment of fun or fulfillment, we don’t pay attention to it—we focus on the pain and depressing ideas.

How to Rebuild a Rewarding Life

Step 1: Find Your Values. We learn from our earliest age to enjoy some things, and not others. These experiences create our historical learning, the stuff in our brain that makes us more likely to eat chocolate ice cream vs. vanilla.  Once we are moving into our pre-teen years, our values form in their basic form—we begin to live life to be happy with ourselves and experience joy. If you’re depressed, the first step usually consists of finding those values again.  Ask yourself “If I could write my obituary, the day before I die, and I wanted to say my life’s goals were fulfilled, what would I say I did in my life?” Your values will show up as you find out what you want others to read about your life.

Step 2: Defining Joy.  Now that you better understand your values, review how you found joy and value in life. What did you do in your life before the depression took hold that made you happy and fulfilled? Make a list of your rewards and a brief plan to do a few. Get ready to rebuild the shoreline of your life.

Step 3: Become a Pleasure Scientist.  This step is more like a country-two-step. First, make a commitment to see how it feels to do some of the things on your list. This commitment will test your resolve, but most folks are able to do a few, or just one, at first. Commit to the experiment. Second, conduct the experiment. You’ll be an experimenter, so don’t try to convince yourself of what the outcome will be of your efforts. Instead, commit to finding out. Keep a log and track what you did, and how much joy it brought.  You have to step out of your mind and begin discovering joy and meaning again.

Step 4: Accept ALL Your Feelings (Even the Bad Ones). You probably feel depressed, and then you suffer from feeling depressed. The key to keeping your life back on track includes changing your lifestyle of avoidance—you want life to be filled with moving toward meaningful pleasure, not moving away from life’s unpleasantries. So this step is learning to sit with your unhappiness when it occurs AND seeing it for what it is: a momentary feeling (not an unending fog). There are a couple of strategies that can help accept your feelings. One, you can think of feelings (all of them) as a river—and you don’t want to be in the water drowning from suffering—you do want to describe unhappiness by sitting on the bank as an observer. Learn to observe your sadness and describe it.  Two, bring your unhappiness along with you when you act on your values—let joy and fulfillment replace unhappiness. Most of the time, unhappiness can’t easily co-exist with happiness. But, even if both feelings are present when you act on your values, the unhappiness will most likely slip away from your attention. You’ll be busy flexibly shifting your focus to joy and fulfillment.

Step 5: Keep Working on the Shoreline. Life really is like a shoreline, with the water (experiences) providing both joy and sadness.  A wise person once said that pleasure can’t be appreciated without times of pain as well. You’ll need to practice and work the steps all the time, the same way you keep a shoreline rebuilt as the waves threaten to erode your foundation. Depression and reward erosion are quiet and a covert threat, so keeping them in check requires a life-long commitment to a life worth living.

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