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Nine teenagers killed in Uganda lightning strike



Nine teenagers have died after being struck by lightning in northwestern Uganda , the Red Cross said Friday .
The thunderbolt struck in Arua , a city near the border with South Sudan , late Thursday where a group of 10 teenagers were playing football .
“ Only one child among the 10 playing survived , ” Irene Nakasiita, a spokeswoman for Red Cross Uganda , told AFP , adding the victims were aged between 13 and 15 .
“ Burials by individual families are ongoing .”
It is believed the worst such accident of its kind in Uganda since 2011 , when a lightning strike at a primary school killed at least 18 students and injured dozens more .
Lightning strikes causing injury and fatalities are not unheard of in Uganda but such a high death toll is rare .In February , four endangered mountain gorillas were killed by an apparent lightning strike in Mgahinga National Park in southwest Uganda .
( AFP )

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