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Suicide is a seconds mirage by leo.comr Abdulsalam ibraheem( OLEX)





Leo. (Com)Abdulsalam Ibraheem O
CEO of Olex Crew
Leo (Com) Yusuf Bello Adewale
CEO, Wale Africa Konxept

Suicide is Literally define to be an act of internationally Causing one’s own death. As simple as the definitions is But As Pathetic as End result. Now we need to move forward on why such should be an Options.
Restricting this Pathetic Piece to our Nation Called Nigeria as the Major Concern where Youths have taken Suicide as the only means of getting rid of their problem. It’s on record that cases of Suicide grow more each year in Nigeria ranging from 800,000 people die due to suicide every year according to WHO in which people taking insecticide, jumping into lagoons and other means Even with increase in Remedying attempts by both Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations.
Research on Suicide shows that it occurs throughout the life span & was the second leading cause of death among 15-29years olds globally in years. Over 79% of global Suicides occurred in low-middle towns across the world in years & which shows that, spiritual, medical, attack, worries and depression are all factors responsible For suicide and also People that Experience discrimination, such as refugees and Migrants, prisoners.
Hmmm, the real Masquerade behind the scene sir/ma, Depression is Real. I have said it on Countless number of times that, Nigeria is an intimidate the rich with Power, the average Suffers from the riches while the power ones always think there is no God or not been fair enough. Our own people with disabilities are not meant to enjoy life whereas the able men suffers. What a Nation We live in!!!
Still on Depression!!!!!!!
Aunty/ Brother, you’ve started dating since 10years ago, he is handsome and Beauty, caring, rich, already introduced u to his/her Parent but suddenly decline you for another person. My brother/Sister, u mean she cheated on you after all u’ve done for his/her? What about ur Poor grade, the Failed interview. What about the debt, single mother that needs to pay children school Fees and at the same time been chase away by Landlord. Sir/Ma, do you know there is more to Life? I mean apart from been a sin for someone to take his or her life by himself, suicide cause More harm than been a solution. It Put Family in disarray, Blessing u are meant to be to others gone, so there is tendency of more suicide because they are meant to succeed through u.
Whatever the ugly situation u are, just turn to God. He alone has the solution to Everything u may be going through.
The Next Seconds to ur Suicide is Yours to Make it.
Desist from The Evil
I Olex choose to Live, Choose Life
What of You?

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