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FPE Alumni President, Mr. Bashir Shittu Olaleye Okays Easy Way of Collecting Certificates From The Institution; Suggesting The Electronic Means



After a successful completion of our educational courses in school, it must have been established that we have fulfilled the requirements for award of the school’s certificate.

Having received complaints from some graduates of FPE on the unease they encountered while trying to obtain their certificates from school officials in charge, the Federal Polytechnic Ede Alumni Association under the leadership of ever working President, Mr. Bashir Shittu Olaleye has swung into action to ensure that the status quo is adjusted.

Among several complaints, FPE 2016 graduates have encountered certain unease too to obtain their certificates; and the leadership of the alumni association has intervened.

Mr. Bashir Shittu Olaleye is of the opinion that accurate bio-data and records of all students can be found at respective offices of the school. Therefore at the completion of their programs, there should not be any delay in issuance of certificates to graduates.

The president however advises the school authority to adjust the status quo and ensure that graduates receive their certificates, at a stipulated time, for instance, six months or a year after graduation.

And as the world is fast getting globalized and computerized, the president further advises that means of obtaining certificates should be as easy as possible, even if it means going the electronic way.

Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat)
Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity to the President

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