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FPE Students Union Commends Polytechnic Rector for Development



The Federal Polytechnic Ede Students Union (FPESU) has commended Dr J.T. Adekolawole, the Rector, Federal Polytechnic Ede (FPE) for the administrative and physical development in the school.

The Students Union gave the commendation in a press statement released on Saturday by the Public Relations Officer of FPESU, Comr. Hassan Sheriffdeen Olatayo(CHIEF).

FPESU said that the rector had brought in his vast wealth of experience in the education sector to change, reposition and restore the lost glory of the institution. They described Dr J.T. Adekolawole, the Rector, Federal Polytechnic Ede (FPE) as a true and visionary leader with excellent character which love for the students, members of staff and the progress of the institution has always been his priority.

Read the full statement by the FPESU below:




*ᖴᖇEEᗪOᗰ ᑕᖇEᗯ ’19/20*

*ᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴘʀᴏɢʀᴇssɪᴠᴇ, ᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴄᴀʀɪɴɢ*


_Sat, 12th of September, 2020_



_”Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”_  – William Shakespeare

Federal Polytechnic Ede remains one of the best Polytechnics in West Africa with a lot of brilliant achievements in academics, sport, health and peaceful co-existence among all elements of the institution. It sincerely saddens the heart of the Students’community that the recent constant actions of some elements in the peaceful community is constantly giving the institution more fame and popularity however in a negative way

While the world is still battling with the covid-19 pandemic, the government is putting all hands on deck to ensure that schools are reopened soon for full Academic activities and our dear institution is putting all measures in place for immediate resumption once announced by the Federal government, many online media are been filled with fallacies, propaganda and words of conspiracy being leveled against the best rector so far ever produced by this great institution targeted at dragging his precious name and distinguished personality into mud sponsored by the enemies of progress in the polytechnic community

Dr J. T. Adekolawole is a true and visionary leader whose undying love for the students, members of staff and the progress of the institution has always till today been his priority. His brilliant impacts and contributions have successfully raised the standard of Federal Polytechnic Ede in the eyes of the others. Such amazing leader deserves our support rather than being plagued with the sense of insubordination as some nagative catalytic agents have chosen

It is so appalling to have our dear Rector being constantly alleged of maladministration, mismanagement of fund etc when obviously, he is successfully running an administration of transparency and accountability. It was in lieu of this that Adekolawole had been desolved of all allegations leveled against him yet this unscrupulous elements seem unsatisfied with justice.

As an in-born leader who is always conscious of his immediate environment, ever since he has been in the system even before attaining the post of rectorship, he had contributed immensely his own quota toward the growth of this institution. He has been leading a successful services life filled with no doubt and ever ready to support what will further catapult the status quo of the institution to the optimistic view.

Dr J. T. Adekolawole is a dynamic and innovative leader with excellent character, integrity and dignity home and abroad. During his administration as the rector, several pro-students policies have been made such as cancelation of late registration fee and stabilization of academic calendar among others as against the will of some anti-students agents in the polytechnic community due to their own personal and selfish interest and what they stand to loss in the pro-student policies.

Dr J. T Adekolawole is a vibrant scholar who have obtained many academic, social and behavioral awards of merits from different bodies and communities. He is a diplomatic disciplinarian whose systematic method of obtaining justice is second to none and he has never been an hand to any form misconduct be it from staffs or students.

Few years back, Federal polytechnic Ede was termed as advanced secondary school by neighbouring institutions due to the non-serenity of its environment and scanty massive structures both in South campus and North campus but he facilitated the construction of all road in the campus making every part easily accessible. Rapid development of massive building is as well currently ongoing at the South campus in other to accommodate more students and as well further raise the standard of Federal poly Ede in the midst of higher institutions

Dr J.T. Adekolawole has also successfully facilitated the construction of the south campus road which over the years had always being a night mare for the students, staffs and residents. More than developing the students in another way of constant entrepreneurship training, he as well created many opportunities to boost the generation of internal revenue for the institution.

Dr J.T. Adekolawole is very accessible and will always give you a warm reception no matter your level or rank in the polytechnic community.  He constantly maintains the peaceful co-existence internally and externally just to further sustain the integrity of our dear institution known for peace and tranquility.

Development of sustainable and massive buildings at the South campus, construction of on-campus roads, stable and fast Academic calender, technological advancement, provision of uniform for security personnels, constant renovation of buildings, provision of medical facilities, stabilizing the sport sector, reversal of school fees hike and extension of school fees payment in the students’ interest, immediately response to demands of staffs and students and maintaining a good relationship with the alumni association among others are the achievement of Dr J. T Adekolawole in office.

As we encourage the ever progressive rector and his formidable team who have successfully changed the narrative of the polytechnic positively to do more, we as well use this medium to remind all naysayers that Dr J. T.  Adekolawole has overcome many conspiracies in office and this hard time too shall soon pass and we urge all anti progressive minded fellows of the polytechnic to desist from their constant act of dragging the polytechnic’s name into mud.

The students’ community is very aware that it is not in the interest of unrepentant pessimists in the polytechnic that the rector should be successful in office but our prayer and that of supportive stakeholders shall take the institution to greater height and beyond. More than our prayers, we are fully ready to stand with all optimists who have good intention, envisage a better Federal polytechnic Ede and work towards achieving the knowledge, skills and character for the students.

God bless.


*Comrade Hassan Sheriffdeen Olatayo*


Public Relations Officer


*Mallam (Comrade) Ajibade Quazeem Adekunle*




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