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As greeting is a form of expressing courtesy and moral in the gathering of intellects, I bring to you solidarity greetings of love and humility from the spirit of one struggle, with deep sense of responsibility.

I salute your efforts in nurturing and the upbringing of eloquent, combatant, intelligent, sophisticated and sane individuals, who are doing well, contributing to the enhancement of life in divers forms of live, amidst heterogenous nations, most especially in our great country Nigeria.

Education is a light, which illuminates our minds, empowering us to choosing the right.
Education ignites the hidden treasure in the heart of a child, posing his potentiality to function with an extravagant ability. This same education is what has developed and equipped many students to be courageous and outspoken in any course of life.

It is shameful that management and lecturers who are meant to be educating, building and preparing students for a better tomorrow, have turned out to be adversary to students welfarism in Nigeria campuses. Campus has now turn to dens where students and their leaders are denied freedom of moral activities. Student activists are encouraged to live deadly while alive. Fear of rustication, expulsion, suspension or been framed has house the heart of many comrades who are supposed to agitate for student justice in campus(es), endangering the future of our dear country.

The management who are expected to be a grooming parent to students have dutifully becomes oppressors and intimidators. Nevertheless, no matter what the world turns to be, we shall be faithful to the clarion call of serving humanity. We have chosen this path, nothing shall discourage us.

Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji, the suspended Student Union President of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro had now become a prey to the hands of oppressors. He was alleged to be a member of confraternity, which I strongly believe is a set up to silent the bull.

Before he could attain the position of student leader, there has been set of investigations, screenings and scrutinizations by the management. Why has the management suspended him within few hours of the sad event without proper investigation of the issue?

Recall that Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji stood against the annihilation of the management against students, he also stood in objection to hiking of accommodation fee, and also rejected the quest for increase in school fees of students who has trusted him with the leadership mandate of the union. Should it be a crime to be loyal to the masses of people whom you govern? Is it a crime to showcase the leadership skills taught and built in us by our institutions? Shouldn’t our management be parenting enough to be proud and support our positivity to students unionism? Don’t they want us to prove the essence and transformation of education in our lives?

I believe it’s high time management and lecturers of Nigeria institutions turn a new leaf and stop been oppressors to student populace. *If God is too little for you to fear, then fear Karma.*

I will like to state that the Nigerian students are not delighted with the occurring event of our dear comrades. We totally frown at the unconstitutional attitudes of management to student, most especially to student leaders.

Napoleon Bonaparte said and I quote, _*”The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”*_ A good leader understands that shutting mouth from truth is shutting gate of liberty. Indecent hike in school fees and accommodation fee will only increase poverty in the home of the less privilege. If allowed, many students will drop out from school, it can as well lure so many into crime/illegal activities. Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji has proved to be a good leader, he doesn’t deserves to be punished unjustly.

On this note, I urge all cadre, stakeholders, comrades, activists and students to support the good man, for justice to prevail.

I also charge the management of Federal Polytechnic Ilaro to reckon with the student union leader, liaising with law officials, to get this issue clarified and settled.

I hope one day, Nigeria students at large will be free from oppressions and intimidation.

*Comrade Adeniji Boluwaji Temitope (OBEY)*
*NAPS National Director of Contact & Strategic Planning*
*08069738724 / 07034279649*

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