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Our Teachers, Our light of the world.




The journey of great professors,, Doctors, Engineers, justices, Lawyer, journalist, even politicians, it all started by a teacher. Yes, it is another 5th day of October when the whole word stands to celebrates teacher’s day, “knowledge impactor gods” the one who made us know how to read, and how to write, how to stand and buoyantly in presence of oppressor, the one who make me know my right, the one who liberate from being a slave, the one teach me how stand firmly agitation my right.
The eye opener of all generation, the light of all professions, I enjoined the whole world to celebrates you as it is generally accepted by the world that every 5th of October shall be world teacher’s day.
How miserable the world could be if not for your effort, and being humane to the human society, indeed teachers should be called the light of the world.
Without exaggeration of words, I am indebted to all teachers, which of your efforts will I deny? For detecting the potential in me without destruct my way to greatness, for being a good mentor to me, for making me know the right from wrong, or for not forsaken me when I could not see the real things of life, indeed teachers are the light of world.

Hey, just tell me your position in life, and tell me you didn’t pass through the gate of a teacher, and I will tell you bluntly you are a liar, either one way or the other, a teacher might have impacted on you.
Hence, the power of teacher is inevitable in growing, and developing society. This made me think of 7cs to qualify my teachers, my 7cs could be rational to some great thinker who could see the unseen, but it going to be irrational to other side thinkers who have eyes but cannot see. This is because not everyone that can see, see the right things, and not everyone that hear, hears the positive things, meanwhile not everyone that speaks, speak the real things that people want hear.
Here are my 7cs to describe my teachers.
1. competence
2. Contribution
3. Control
4. Character
5. Confidence
6. Coping
7. Connection.
Competence: teachers are not magician, but they are competent in the field of impacting knowledge, lighting the heart of students to see the right thing. The ability of a teacher to know how handle hindrance situation of students and manage it correct and effectively, to develop skills that will help student utilize his or her initiative and make a responsible choice is called competence of teacher.
Contribution: contributions of teachers to attainment success of all student is inevitable, because they serves as gate keeper, to all successful students, without light there wont be darkness, the reinforcement of teachers to students reciprocate the interchangeability role of students In the society positively.
Control: teachers strength is build on controlling, the ability of teachers to manage stress, developing and understanding the students weakness, and circumstances made teachers stands out, they teaches and realize that students understands their approach, or methodology is worthy of praising teachers for.
Character: teachers characters might be differs, hence, they are all aiming to build a students who is going to take responsibilities, and charged society positively to make responsible choices to the society and to be self-worthy in all areas of life.
Confidence: the nexus between confidence and competence known to be part of teachers effort, students tends to gain confidence by demonstrating and imitating teachers, you see why teachers are the light of the world, I remember vividly my English teacher who taught me phonetic pronunciation, Immitated her and it a great privilege for me to have done that. I say teachers are the light of the world
Coping: no one will ever cope, or adapts to students stress when it comes to stubbornness, yet, teachers will effectively manage the stress, to teaches and Impacts knowledge, I give kudos to all teacher.
Connection: teachers are the best friend to all students, they build relationships with students, just like mother and father. Many students prefer to talk to teachers than parents this is the, ability and competency of teacher to see students doing great even after school. Relationships they say, is a working energy that never tired.
Lets us stand up all to say prayers to our teacher, for removing a blindfolding from our eyes. For giving us confidence to be self worthy, for the good character emulated from the, for their endurance , and coping with our little thinking of age, for having connection that build me to have a brighter future.
May God almighty bless all teachers in the world. Our teachers our light.
Celebration of Teacher’s day 2020.

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