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These 5 courses can get you a high-paying job

Feb 10, 2019 01:22 AM

If you want to study a course with a good career prospect and high pay, try any of these five.

Studying certain courses can increases your chances or getting employment than others.  (Startuptipsdaily)

Deciding which course to study at tertiary institutions can be a difficult decision to make for admission seekers.

While it advisable you choose a course based on the subject you genuinely like, it is equally important you choose a course with a good career prospect and fantastic pay.

Here are some of the courses that can get you high paying jobs.

1. Economics

Economics graduates are highly sought after because they are like the round peg in the financial industry’s hole. The can work as economists, bankers, financial analysts and statistician.

2. Computer Science

These are the 5 courses to study to get a high-paying job
Computer Science graduates are very getting more recognised in labour markets  (Daily Kos)

As technology continues to advance and affect other industries, the relevance of Computer Science graduates is becoming more and more recognised. The demands for them increase as organizations are always looking for people who can build websites and create a powerful database.

As a Computer Science graduate, you can get a job as a web developer, system administrator or IT consultant.

3. Accounting

A lot of lucrative jobs are available for accounting graduates. They can work as a financial manager, auditor, budget analyst, financial accountants, management accountants and tax accountants. In Nigeria and other parts of the world, thousands of them are employed by KPMG, PwC, Deloitte.

4. Engineering

These are the 5 courses to study to get a high-paying job
An engineering student  (Purposely Awakened)

There is a huge career prospect for engineering graduates. They can work in a variety of jobs such as aerospace, defence, automotive, chemical and construction engineers, or as patent officers and management consultants.

5. Medicine

In Nigeria and many other parts of the world, medicine is one of the most marketable and high paying jobs. Even at the National Youth Service Corps level, medical graduates get a better allowance than other corps members from their places of primary assignments.


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