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Simple tips on how to manage data to avoid wastage







We live in the digital age and everyone wants to enjoy the social media frenzy of data and it is imperative we know how to minimise data consumption to prevent us from running out of data and maybe abusing our network provider.
Using Youtube, one can save up to 60 per cent data when one chooses to watch videos in Standard Quality instead of High Definition. To do this, you will open the YouTube App, tap on the profile icon at the top right corner, Select Settings, click on General, turn on “Limit Mobile Data Usage” and lastly, you will have options for everything from 144P to 480P to choose from. But 480p is a pretty good balance between clarity and data load.
In WhatsApp, you can save your data by unchecking Auto download on your WhatsApp. To do this, you will go to the “Settings” section in your WhatsApp, choose: “Data and Storage Usage,” select Media Auto Download option, select When Using Mobile Data and switch it to “No Media” and you can now enable low data usage for WhatsApp Calls.
In the case of Instagram, pictures and videos we upload and view use up a lot of our data. However, you can manage your data when you open the Instagram App, click top right (Three horizontal lines) and open Instagram options and go to Settings to select Mobile Data Use and tick Use Less Data
In Twitter, You can follow your favourite trends, stream videos and still save data by going to the Twitter profile icon and click on Settings and Privacy and Select Data Usage and  Set Video Autoplay to Never.

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