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Mexico to legalise marijuana for medicinal use



legalise marijuana for medicinal use

Mexico took a step closer to legalising marijuana for recreational and medicinal use on Thursday as the Senate approved a bill aimed at reducing violence linked to drug trafficking .
The legislation still requires approval by the lower house of Congress , the Chamber of Deputies , which has until December 15 to study and debate it .
“ Its objective is to promote peace and security in society, contributing to the reduction of the illegal market for psychoactive cannabis and with it , organised crime , corruption and violence , ” the Senate said in a statement .
The bill was approved by 82 votes in favour , 18 against and seven abstentions.
A landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2015 opened the door to the recreational use of marijuana in Mexico .
But it is still illegal to carry more than five grams ( 0 . 18 ounces ) , which would increase to 28 grams under the proposed law .
Anyone found to be carrying between 28 and 200 grams would be fined , and anyone with more than 200 grams could be criminally prosecuted .
Individuals would be allowed to grow six plants per person at home for their own consumption.