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20 Ways to Make Yourself Instantly More Attractive



They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there’s truth to these words.
That being said, if you want to be prettier, there are ways to do it, and the good people of Reddit know how.

1. Smell better

Want to look good to the object of your affections? Smell nice. Scent is everything, particularly because it signals compatibility. No, seriously. It’s scientifically proven that the people we think smell good are the most compatible to us .

2.Your mom always warned you about slouching. Turns out she was right. One of the easiest ways to signal your attractiveness is to stand up straight.
3. Have good mental health
When you feel good, you act like it. You open up a space for other people to enter your life. When your mental health is bad, however, you close off. Mental health matters.
4. Have passion
Passion is everything, and other people can see it. When you have passion for the things you do, people will flock to you, hoping that fire can rub off.
5. Confidence is key
Alternatively, lack of confidence is like a wet, smelly blanket. It hangs around you, keeping everyone at bay. When you’re confident, the world opens to you.
6. Learn how to tell stories. Posture is everything Did you know storytellers(Ballotech) is sexy? Learning how to weave a tale can build empathy with others and entice the object of your affections. If you want to entice people, tell them a story.
A good one.
7. Learn to listen
Listening is a lost art. Most people nowadays only listen to a conversation because they’re searching for the moment to interject their opinion. Learn how to listen and empathize with others – it’s an amazingly important skill.
8. Have a sense of humor

It’s difficult to be in a relationship with a stick-in-the-mud who takes offense when none is meant. Learn to laugh at the things that are funny (if they’re offensive and/or meant to make you feel bad, however, that’s not humor, that’s bullying).
9. Be funny
It’s one thing to have a sense of humor, it’s completely another to be funny. Making others laugh goes a long way to making them find you attractive.
10. Fix your teeth

It’s a little thing, but it makes all the difference.
Redditor pimsicalweec– writes,
I got braces when I was 22 and wore them for 2 years. Yes it SUCKED, but the difference it made in my confidence and appearance has carried me really far personally and professionally ever since.
11. Trim your beard

We know men having luxurious beards is a thing now, but there’s a caveat here. You can’t go all Duck Dynasty and expect things to turn out well. Maintenance is key.
12. Shed some of the pounds

That is, if you need to and if it’ll help your confidence. Redditor Zombiehugger89 adds,
Losing weight will also help with making your face look better sometimes too. I lost a bunch of weight recently and I love the look of my jawline. When I was a bit heavier, that jawline didn’t show through.
13. Have a sense of style
Personal style is important – particularly if it flatters you. It’s like a calling card that says “I’m here, I’m fab.” More to the matter…
14. Buy clothes that flatter you
Not every piece of clothing is for everybody. Know the clothes that work best on your body type and go from there.
15. Practice good hygiene
Not to state the obvious, but if your deodorant isn’t doing the job and you haven’t taken a bath in three days, there isn’t a lot for potential significant others to work with. Unless, of course, they’re into that…
16. Be positive

No one likes a Negative Nancy. Not saying you have to look on the bright side all the time, but at least try to keep some sort of sunniness about you.
17. Be polite

One of the easiest ways to turn people off is to be rude and surly. Doesn’t matter how attractive you are, people don’t like being near a rude, grouchy bear.
18. Invest in a good pair of glasses
As in, ones that fit your face.
If your glasses don’t flatter you, they can literally make you look worse.
19. Stop biting your nails

It’s a little thing, but it matters. If your nails are bitten down to the quick and/or unkempt, it can signal anxiety, which keeps others at bay.
20. Wear sunscreen/Work on your skin
Sunscreen can save your life and keep your skin looking youthful for decades. Having good skin goes a long way.
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