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Don’t know how to make money? Here are our proven ways to make money fast



Many a times we find ourselves in desperate need of quick money. Waiting for that salary or pay day at the end of the month may not be palatable. The remedy for you may simply be finding ways to find money fast. Here, we list all the legal and legitimate ideas on making money fast.

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We have all heard the famous line “life happens”. This means that at some point in most people’s lives there will be a chronic shortage of money and a need to replenish the wallet fast. Here, we have included 40 proven ways of making money fast, not only online but also by moving around a few household items for that extra emergency cash.

How to Make Money

  1. Rent out your parking space – In case you have parking space privileges, you may want to consider renting it out for cash.
  2. Freelance jobs – There are many sites that offer freelance work from home if you have a PC and internet connection.
  3. Network marketing – Find companies that offer fast money either by selling their products and getting commissions or by getting paid for recruiting other members.
  4. Find properties for wealthy investors – Make money by sourcing properties for wealthy investors who have no time.
  5. Get a cash advance from credit card – Consider borrowing some cash from your credit card.
  6. Borrow from family and friends – Try borrowing quick cash from friends and family on a no-refund basis to avoid attracting accruing debts.
  7. Watch and like movies, previews and YouTube videos – You can make money on sites such as Swugbucks for just watching and liking movies and videos.
  8. Download and install apps – Certain sites will pay instantly just for downloading their apps onto your device. For each app on your device, you can earn an extra coin.
  9. Earn money for being healthy – Some sites such as AchieveMint awards points for staying healthy by undertaking health surveys, eating healthy, jogging, etc. these points are redeemable for money on Amazon Gift Cards.
  10. Virtual assistant – You can opt for working for people from home as a virtual assistant on sites like Upwork and Zirtual, which entails conducting basic tasks for them mostly on emails.
  11. Sharing your views – Certain sites like 2020 Panel will pay you for sharing your honest view on everyday services and products.
  12. Changing your Search Engine – Changing your search engine to Bing will cause you to earn an extra coin.

How to Make Money in Kenya

  1. Sell your clothes and shoes – Find second hand cloth selling stores and sell your clothes, which must not be worn out.
  2. Uber driver – With a driving license and adult age, consider taking your car to Uber and be your own boss by getting paid on commission.
  3. Do quick jobs for friends or family – Find quick errands you can run for friends and family like babysitting and deliveries for fast money.
  4. Sell your jewelry – Sell your gold coins and jewelry to pawn shops.
  5. Sell CDs and videos – Collect all the CDs of movies and series you once bought and sell them to local video shops.
  6. Look for lost money – You will be amazed how much money you can collect from your house if you searched for lost coins and cash.
  7. Sell free items on Craigslist – Visit the Craigslist, go to the free items section, find free things within your locality and sell them to people who may need them.
  8. Sell scrap metal – Collect all the wires and metals that fill your space and sell them to scrap metal dealers, who buy them per kilo.
  9. Sell junk from neighborhoods – Drive around neighborhoods and find items discarded as junk like tables and clothes and sell them.
  10. Sell soda bottles – Find used glass bottles of soda and resell them to shops and soda depots.
  11. Sell things on friends’ behalf – Find out what your friends would like to get rid of and make merchandise out of it.
  12. Sell your furniture – Selling used furniture to people or local furniture stores can also be a way of making money fast.
  13. Get salary advances from your boss – Consider asking for lump sum salary advances from your employer, which can be deducted slowly by installments.
  14. Sell your books – You can try looking for local bookstores and book sellers and sell them your school books.
  15. Collect debts – Call people who owe you money and collect. Consider giving debtors a discount or installment payment.
  16. Borrow cash from money lenders – You may want to borrow quick cash from money lenders, who will mostly require a household item in return.

How to Make Money Online

  1. Make matched bets with no risk – Try out the free matched betting opportunities offered by betting sites. It is completely risk-free and legal with no tax implications.
  2. Undertake online surveys – Find a suitable online research company and get paid to answer questions and test products.
  3. Trade online – Find an online trading platform and begin trading in stocks and securities for as little as $200.
  4. Start your own website – Choose an appropriate website creation host and create your own site where you can make money fast from adverts.
  5. Review apps and websites for money – Find online platforms that pay people to review websites
  6. Write and publish eBooks – If you are good at writing, consider writing and publishing kindles books on Amazon Books.
  7. Publish gigs on Fiverr – Sell small services known as ‘gigs’ on Fiverr and make money fast.
  8. Transcription – Make money online by transcribing verbal sessions to written text on the various available transcription platforms.
  9. Sell your education – Find sites like Udemy where you can create your online course and make money when students take up the course.
  10. Sell photos – If you are good at taking photos, you can sell them on sites like Fotolia on various subjects.
  11. Sign up on Academic and Content Writing Sites – If you are a good content writer and researcher, sign up for writing accounts and get paid per page.
  12. YouTube videos – Depending on how viral your videos will be, you can make loads of cash by creating interesting YouTube videos

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