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The Simple Secret To Bill Gates’ Massive Success

“I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot”

Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world.

He has a net worth of over $92 Billion.

He has been married for over 24 years…

He is the father of 3 children.

He is an investor…

He is a philanthropist…

He is a humanitarian…

And he is the principal founder of…

By all accounts, Bill Gates is a success.

His Success Secret

“I spend a lot of time reading.” — Bill Gates

I turns out that the secret to his success is simple.

He reads.

He is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian who plans his schedule down to the minute.

But, he still finds the time to read one book a week.

What Does He Read?

“These days, I also get to visit interesting places, meet with scientists, and watch a lot of lectures online,” Gates explained. “But reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.”

Except for a handful of novels, his focus is on nonfiction books related to one of the many subjects that interests him.

Most of them are related to system transformation, international development, and social change.

Bill Gates Four Reading Rules

To make sure that he is getting the most value from what he is reading, Bill Gates follows four reading rules.

1. He Makes Notes In The Margins

“You know, when you’re reading, you have to be careful that you really are concentrating,” — Bill Gates.

Taking notes helps him understand the perspective of the author, and make sure that he is thinking critically about the topic.

2. He Finishes What He Starts

He tries to avoid starting a book that he doesn’t intend to finish. This helps him to avoid missing out on any key points that the author is trying to make.

3. He Prefers Print Over Digital

“Over time, I will make the switch [from print to digital]. But when I’m just sitting there at night reading, often the paper magazine or the book, I’m used to that.” — Bill Gates

He likes to read the old-fashion way because he makes a lot of notes in the margins. He even takes a canvas tote bag full of books on vacation and stays up late reading them.

4. He Blocks Out At Least An Hour A Day

“This is not the kind of thing you can do five minutes here, 10 minutes there. Magazine articles or short YouTube videos fit into those little slots.” — Bill Gates

He suggests that you set aside at least an hour a day for serious reading. He feels that it takes at least an hour to be able to think about what you are reading instead of simply consuming words.

“This is one of the things I love about reading.” Each book opens up new avenues of knowledge to explore.” — Bill Gates

Successful people become successful by consistently making small changes to their lives.

For Bill Gates, one of those small changes is to be a continuous learner and a voracious reader.

How would your life change if you decided to read one book a week?

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