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Anxiety as Nigeria recorded 120 cases of COVID-19 in three days



Some Nigerians have expressed worries over the continuous rise in confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the past few days despite a lockdown order by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The confirmation of fifty-one (51) new cases of COVID-19 by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, on Friday announced that the number of cases in Nigeria has hit 493.

Over the past few days, Nigeria has noticeably recorded the highest number of cases.

On Wednesday, NCDC confirmed 34 new cases while on Thursday, a total of 35 cases were confirmed.

Within three days, the number of cases increased to 493.

At the moment, 20 out of 36 states have confirmed cases of Coronavirus as health workers continue to ‘fight’ the spread of the deadly virus.

Bashir Ahmad, who joined some Nigerians seeking God’s help on his Twitter page wrote: “51 new cases, God have mercy on us.”

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Nigerians on Twitter as they expressed concerns over the increasing rate of cases;

@Fagbemi_Michael “NCDC confirmed 51 new cases 32 in Lagos! How come? Are people not staying at home again? Is there no social distance again? When would this come to an end? It seems this is high time we find another way out better than quarantine!

@Debbie_bitro “For a while now, when I see a tweet by NCDC, I have this neutral feeling accepting that there would be newly discovered cases everyday plus newly discharged as well but today, I got the tweet notification and saw 51 new cases in Nigeria and I’m scared. God, please help us.”

@Badnigafela “51 new cases and that’s the one NCDC knows about. Imagine the unconfirmed cases roaming and sharing it about to others like gala and Pepsi. Praying Nigeria doesn’t turn into Italy.”

@Olufemiloye “It appears Nigeria’s testing capacity has significantly improved and the country is testing more people. Very good way to know the true situation of things and promptly provide required health support. We shall overcome.”

@Khalissa “Please God, heal our land, heal the sick, rest the souls of the departed and comfort their families. Help us God almighty.”

@Ibrahim_S_ahmad “The report card from NCDC is quite alarming, 51 new cases and death is now 17… I believe the surge is getting higher due to community and house-house testing of COVID-19 in Lagos. What we need to pray for is more recoveries and less fatalities that’s what gives hope.”

@Taiwotolulope “The lockdown is a disadvantage to a developing country like Nigeria with a very high population density. When you lock down, you give people a passport to roam around within their neighbourhood due to idleness. We need to look at our peculiarities & take proactive measures.”

@Aisha “Until people stop moving around and restrict their movements, such quick escalation of contracting the disease will keep on increasing…It’s like people are deaf to the Stay at Home Social Distancing order.”

@Abubakar Mustapha “This is getting worse day by day. Pray for Nigeria. May God help us to win this battle against COVID-19 Pandemic.”

@Brother Malik “NCDC just dropped scores and it’s 51 cases for today alone. Leave ignorance aside, people are no more believing these numbers. They’d love the government to show them the people tested, even if it’s to blur their faces and the treatment processes. 51 cases a day is not a joke.”

@Banksmide “NCDC just announced 51 new cases, showing that community spread has started and it’s spreading rapidly. Please stay at home guys.”

@FemiAdebulugbe “We now have an issue on our hands. Not too surprised with these increase. This is consistent with the rate of spread we see in other countries. The good news is that the total count as at 17 April is lower than the projected figure of 551 for April 17 based on our model.”

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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