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#EndSARS: Tubaba, Yul Edochie, others react to lawsuit



#EndSARS- Popular Nigerian celebrities , Tubaba , Yul Edochie, Yemi Alade , Taaooma , who were sued for their involvement in the # EndSARS protest by an activist Kenechukwu Okeke has reacted to the suit .
Yesterday , Okeke sued some Nigerians for their involvement in the # EndSARS protest alleging that his properties were destroyed and the defendants who promoted the # EndSARS protests must be brought to justice .
He filed a criminal complaint before a Chief Magistrate ’ s court in Abuja against 50 persons , including entertainers .
While reacting to the development , Tubaba who is a defendant in the suit spoke through his long time manager, Efe Omorogbe.
He simply told The PUNCH , “ We haven ’ t been served any paper. We don’ t have any comments , I mean , there are procedures for serving people court summons, whether they are civil or criminal cases . I can not respond to something that pops up on social media . Until we ’ re served and even if we are served , we will speak with our lawyers then get their feedbacks so here and now , there ’ s nothing to say because nothing is formal yet . ”
Also , filmmaker and actor , Yul Edochie who is one of the defendants in the lawsuit told The PUNCH that , “ It is unfortunate that while some people will come out peacefully to fight for a better country, other people are working against it . This is unfortunate . We have people who have been confirmed to be sponsoring terrorism in the country and nobody has filed a report against them , even this person has not filed any report against them .
“ Recently , we discovered that some of our leaders hid palliatives that were meant for the people and watched Nigerians die of hunger . This same guy and whoever is sponsoring him didn ’ t file a petition against them but against peaceful Nigerians who want the government to put an end to police brutality and fix the country . It is unfortunate , I wish him the best and good luck . ”
The PUNCH reached out to Yemi Alade through her long – time manager , Taiye Aliyu .
He simply said , “ No comment , God bless you , have a nice day . ”#EndSARS
Also , popular online comedienne Taaooma told The PUNCH that she could not answer questions at the moment . “ Sorry , I can ’ t answer any question right now because I’ m currently busy , ” she said .




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