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How to be Productive Everyday



How to be Productive Everyday.

Do you have the problem of not being productive enough every morning? Do you struggle with what tasks to do when you wake up? Are you often found going through each day, not being productive enough and not knowing how to get through the day? Have you been pondering how to get more than 24 hours daily? Then this post is for you.
We live in a time where there is a high presence and domination of motivational speakers who tell us to eat our frogs and be productive everyday of our lives. Sadly, these speakers only encourage us to eat the frog; oftentimes they leave out the mental technicalities on how to be productive every day. They do not tell us how we can do more in 24 hours the way they do. Perhaps because they themselves do not have a routine on productivity, they simply push all the buttons at once and hope one works. However, I have gathered for you, five tips on how to be productive every day.
Productivity for each day does not begin when you get to work. In fact, if you believe your day starts when you get to your office think again. To be productive, you must;
1. Have a planned routine before morning.
Having a productive day doesn’t happen by accident. Just like pregnancy, it is a product of some effort that yields to a production. If you want to have a great day tomorrow, plan for it yesterday. It is important that you make a list of things you need to do the next day, and how you wish to execute them. This will help you manage your time, and execute more tasks instead of rushing into everything at once.
2. Go to bed early, rise to work early.
While this might be an obvious once, a great percentage of us struggle with good sleeping patterns. We are in a generation where people worship insomnia and attempt to beat insomniac records. This is going to reduce your mental capabilities daily. When you get back from work, or when you return from a party during the weekend, make plans for the following day, get a shower, and sleep. Sleeping is a part of productivity. You do more when you sleep more because your brain becomes sharper with good sleep.
3. Eat the big frogs first.
When you make plans for a day, always attempt to do the most difficult, or biggest tasks first. Successfully completing a big task early in the day will pump your productivity adrenaline. Knowing that you have done a task that could be a stumbling block will give you the motivation to handle the smaller ones. Also, our attention span, energy, and mental state reduce as time goes during the day. Using your early mental state to achieve one big task will boost the morale of your activities towards productivity later in the day.
4. Prepare yourself mentally.
This is one of the reasons you need to plan early. Try to imagine what problems you are most likely going to face during the day. Picture how to tackle those problems. Be mentally ready for the tasks before they come. This will make you do better with being productive daily.
5. Watch what you eat and drink a lot of water.
Endeavour to take light food, and drink a lot of water if you plan on doing a lot of mental work. Do not eat too much if you want to do so much. Eating too much kills you mentally and makes you only want to sleep. Drink a lot of water instead. If you can watch what you eat, you can do more daily for yourself.
These five steps will help you on becoming more productive each day. However you must also make conscious mental and physical effort to accommodate the changes these five steps on how to be productive will bring to your activities. As the millenniums would say it, “stay woke!”

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