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Jubilations as First Country Declares Total Victory over COVID-19



  1. Jubilations as First Country Declares Total Victory over COVID-19

The whole world is presently in complete awe of New Zealand who has successfully and technically eliminated the global pandemic coronavirus from the country.

The Pacific nation said a couple of hours ago that the country has recorded a complete victory in its fight against the global contagion with a grand total of zero COVID-19 cases.

With a little dance and glee of excitement and victory, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern celebrated the great achievement of the country.

“We’re very confident that we have completely eliminated transmission of the virus in New Zealand for now.” The Prime Minister said, reiterating that the country no longer need any form of restrictions and social distancing.

As a matter of fact , restaurants have ditched all safe distancing measures and restrictions, while buses are filled with commuters going about their businesses, and offices are now reopened with workers returning to work.

The people of New Zealand are currently in party mood as they received the news with kisses and hugs, as life returns back to normal in the Pacific nation.

What this declaration of victory means to the citizens of the South Pacific nation of 5 million people is that they can visit shopping malls, clubs, cafes, stadiums, night clubs as well as various public or private gatherings without fear of the global pandemic coronavirus.

What New Zealand has done under the leadership of Jacinda Ardern is a no mean feat by any measure. While the rest of the world struggled to contain the elusive global pandemic, the Southern Pacific Nation showed the whole world that COVID-19 can and must be defeated.

As people and countries of the world continue to applaud and commend New Zealand.

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