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US election: Trump retracts, says I didn’t concede defeat




President Donald Trump appeared accidentally to admit his election defeat in a tweet on Sunday morning — before reversing course to claim he won , and once again push unsubstantiated claims of mass fraud in the vote.
Trump has refused to concede the November 3 US election to challenger Joe Biden , and repeatedly said he intends to overturn the result through legal cases .
His aides say he is preparing for a second term in office despite the vote count confirming Biden ’ s clear victory .
“ He won because the Election was Rigged , ” Trump tweeted early Sunday.
The phrasing — coming two days after a slip in which he said “ time will tell ” if he remains president — was immediately seized upon as one more step towards admitting defeat .
But the president soon followed up with a sharp U – turn , tweeting “ He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA . I concede NOTHING ! We have a long way to go . ”
Thousands of Trump supporters rallied in Washington on Saturday, backing his claims of fraud, with clashes erupting in the evening with rival protesters .
At least 20 people were arrested , reports said , including four for firearm violations and one for assault on a police officer .
Trump himself made a drive – past of the rally in his armored motorcade , on his way to play golf , smiling through his limousine window to wild cheers and signs saying “ Best prez ever ” and “ Trump 2020 : Keep America Great . ”
– Large pro – Trump rally –
Many of Trump ’ s tweets over the weekend alleging the election was rigged against him have been tagged by Twitter as containing “ disputed” information.
John Bolton , Trump ’ s former national security advisor, told CNN’ s “ State of the Union ” show on Sunday that “ as every day goes by , it ’ s clearer there isn ’ t any evidence ” of fraud .
“ Donald Trump lost … by a free and valid election , ” Bolton said , adding “ I don’ t expect him to go graciously . I do expect him to go . ”
On Saturday, at least 10 , 000 people — few wearing masks — massed in Washington ’ s Freedom Plaza before marching to the Supreme Court in a raucous atmosphere reminiscent of a Trump campaign rally.
After dark , groups of Trump supporters and counter – protesters clashed on the streets, scuffling and throwing punches .
Trump seemed to be following the evening ’ s events , accusing the city ’ s mayor of “ not doing her job ” and calling on the police to “ get going — do your job and don’ t hold back . ”
The latest vote tallies gave the Democrat Biden a clear win in the state – by- state Electoral College that decides the presidency , with 306 votes against Trump ’ s 232. Two hundred and seventy votes are required for election