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ONDO 2020: We won’t impose any candidate in Ondo election ― Secondus




THE National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Uche Secondus Monday assured the governorship aspirants in the October election in Ondo state that the party would not impose any candidate.
Secondus who led party leaders to receive the incumbent deputy governor of the state, Hon Agboola Ajayi, into the party said the party has no favourite candidate.
Ajayi had defected to the opposition party on Sunday after months of irreconcilable differences with his boss, governor Rotimi Akeredolu.
Leaders of the party that accompanied Secondus to receive Ajayi include former Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose, Elder Yemi Akinyomi, Deputy National chairman South, Senator Umaru Tsavri, National Secretary, Col Austin Akobundu Rtd, National Organising Secretary, Abudullahi Hussaini Badira, National Financial Secretary, Hajiya Mariya Waziri, National Women leader and Hon Ude Okoye National Youth leader.
The national chairman of the party said that ” l want to assure you that we are not going to impose any candidate in Ondo state and our coming to the state is not an endorsement to any particular aspirant, it is for the generality of the people. Anyone who wants to aspire can do so and lobby the delegates.
“So, our people in Ondo State through the National Working Committee should be rest assured that we are going to provide transparent, free and fair level playing field in the primaries.
“So that everyone can see in the open and not in the secret and only one person will emerge that day. So it important you team up together and come together.
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“Those that will come to conduct the primaries and all the processes will be men of high calibres, people that cannot be bribed, people that will not be corrupt. We are not like APC. We have intellectuals, we have strong governors who will come to conduct the processes.
“At the end, I will urge you to quickly under the leadership of the chairman to bring everybody together because the mandate is to win the election
“Ondo people have gone through pains, it is time for us to come out of it and we believe if we join hands together, we believe that the entire country will know that PDP has come back.
“We like your courage and commitment and be rest assured that as you have joined the party today, you have equal rights with those who have been there before.
“We don’t discriminate in our party and if it is necessary the process of your waiver, the chairman will bring it forward
“You have the right to vote for any position of your choice and the people have the right also to vote for you, this is a Nigerian party and it does not belong to anybody.
While assuring other governorship aspirants further, the chairman said ” PDP is one family in Ondo State, the Deputy Governor has joined you and he has said that he is not coming to alter any of the rules and he is coming to ask for favour but to join you and participate. If he wins glory be to God. If other people win, we’ll also thank God.
We know that with him and others, joining their faith and joining their hands together we can reclaim Ondo State. This state is now ready to be reclaimed by PDP. People can have fresh air.
“We in the National Working Committee believe that it is with humility that we’ll approach the next election in Edo and in Ondo because there is nothing to talk about in APC. They have failed woefully.
“Let me send these words of warning that it is time for the leadership of APC and President Buhari to show more interest in the economy of our country and concentrate because he was voted to govern and show more interest and commitment to the security of lives and property rather than playing politics of APC, asking the security to win election for them by all means and asking INEC to rig election.
“As we can see and as they can see, the government is drifting, it is sliding. If they can’t see it other people are seeing it. Nigeria is sliding, Buhari needs to arrest it. He needs to stop the killings. People are hungry. If we are not careful, one naria to one dollar will be above N500.
Speaking on the altercation between the deputy governor and the police commissioner on Saturday, Secondus said “What has happened in Ondo State is an eye-opener to all and we want the Commissioner of Police to know that he can’t make a choice to a leader, especially to the Deputy Governor of Ondo State.
“He freely joined APC, he won the ticket with the Governor. He has determined and taken the decision to lead the people. So, you cannot stop him from displaying his right. I believe that the Commissioner should be warned not to interfere in the politics of Ondo State.
“We’ll take the matter up by the grace of God to the national level because if our security agencies and a rank of a Commissioner is now participating in polity then the country is worst of.
Speaking at the ceremony, Ajayi said that the party should not accord him any special treatment and should not bend its constitution to favour him.
Ajayi also said he has not come to the party to alter any of the rules or ask for any favour but to join and participate in the growth of the party.
On his sojourn in APC, he said that ” For too long, I watched like a typical bystander within APC, Ondo State and the administration I am supposed to be part of.
“Therefore my political sojourn in APC had to come to an end because the party has become a poisoned space, it is a house divided against itself and in Ondo State in particular, the party is having breathing difficulties because one man is kneeling on its neck.
“My return to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a homecoming. I have only actually returned to a larger house, which I had helped to build and a place which is not under the chokehold of one man or a clique.
” Today, Monday, June 22, 2020, is an historic day because, with great pleasure and contemplative reaction, I officially return to People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the party where I began my political odyssey, where I am a foundation member and the only truly united and pan-Nigeria political party.
” I have always seen the political party system and positions, as privileged platforms to serve the people and not self, members of one’s family, clan or cronies. I am implacable in my resolve that political power is from God and belongs to the people.
“At the moment in Ondo State, democracy and wide participation by the people have given way to unsolicited and illegitimate outsourcing of power, familitocracy, nepotism, clannishness and primitive accumulation of illegal wealth under state cover.
“On this historic day, without equivocation, I wish to enjoin the people of Sunshine State to embrace the alternative to the present serfdom.
“That alternative is free participation and the availability of dividends of democracy, which the PDP represents and guarantees. PDP is ready to return power to the people of Ondo State with the fear of God

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