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10 Reasons Why Men Should Actually Marry More Than One Wife



In many different ways, members of our society
continue to weigh in on many social issues,

whether it is about prostitution, gay marriage, capital punishment, unfaithfulness in relationships or some other social issue. In this current article, I wish to look at polygamy – specifically, polygyny
or male polygamy – presenting ten reasons why
everyone should welcome, support and promote it.

First of all, almost all men already like having as many female partners as possible.
They have that natural penchant to be with scores
of women. If we forbid it because of some so-
called Bible teaching, we only create problems,
including unfaithfulness, because men, generally
speaking, will still go out to satisfy that desire to be with many women. Let’s give men the unhindered chance to do what
they enjoy doing – keeping many women as his
partners [at home legitimately].

 Second reason: Polygamy promotes individual rights and freedom. It is obvious that everyone
wants to be free to associate, choose, decide and
so on, and this applies to the practice of polygamy. The decision to practice polygamy should be left
with the individual; it is a personal decision that no
person or institution should interfere with. If a man
wishes to practice polygamy, or if a woman wants
to live in a polygamous marriage, the decision
should be left with the person. No one should deprive that individual of this right. To do
otherwise is to trample upon the right of the
individual to choose what is good for him.

Third, polygamy helps to prevent or minimize adultéry… Since, generally speaking, a man enjoys
having multiple séxual relationships, or since a
man is more likely to cheat on his wife, if a man is
allowed to have as many wives as he wants, he will
have no, or less, need to practice extra-marital séx.
Having only one wife creates a condition for the temptation to cheat to flourish. Polygamy can help
solve this problem.

Fourth, polygamy is part of some culture. By practicing this form of culture, the people feel
proud and dignified. Why should some people feel
that their one-man-one-wife culture should be
more acceptable, or is better, than a one-man-
many-wives culture? Is this not what we call
ethnocentrism? It is this ethnocentric tendency that has caused many unique cultural practices to be destroyed completely. We must not allow this to
happen to polygamy. We must protect our culture.

 Fifth, polygamy was practiced by great men of both the Bible and the Koran.
Abraham had more than one wife. Jacob had more
than one wife. David had more than one wife.
Solomon had more than one wife. Mohamed had
several wives. God did not condemn or punish any
of these men for practicing polygamy. In fact, the Koran puts it clearly – a man is allowed to have up
to four wives. Those who think that polygamy is
wrong because Adam had only one wife don’t
understand that Adam had no choice. If God had
placed several Eves into the Garden of Eden or somewhere near it, forget it, Adam would have
taken them all as wives.

 Sixth, polygamy helps to reduce the number of unmarried women in a society.
In other words, it brings hope to the single women
among us. If polygamy is enthusiastically welcome
and promoted and accepted, the number of married women in our society will be less. We all know what problems most unmarried women
face, don’t we? Polygamy can help solve these
problems. You see what joy and balance polygamy
can bring to a society?

Seventh, polygamy helps men with leadership ability. Most men and women know that women
are one of the most difficult creatures to deal with
in this world. So, for a man to control a home of
three or four wives with different backgrounds
and behavior, for example, is a great leadership
responsibility. And if a man can successfully manage this, then he’s most likely to manage great
institutions or people. If one can understand and
deal with women easily and successfully, then he
has great management and leadership skills.

Eighth, polygamy teaches a man to learn how to be patient. Many of us know that patience is a
great virtue. Most of us also know that women do
all kinds of things that annoy, infuriate or frustrate
men. As mentioned in the previous argument,
women, generally speaking, are troublesome
creatures. If a man who has two or three wives can learn to keep them in his life for years, in spite of
their troublesome nature, then that man has
obtained one of the greatest virtues of life. Do we
need impatient people in our society, or patient

Ninth, polygamy is good in that it proves that men have a humanitarian spirit in them.We all know
that, as experience has shown, it is the man’s
responsibility to provide for the home. So, imagine a man who has four wives, each having three children. If this man can willingly, readily and ably provide food, clothing, shelter and other things for the four women and their children, isn’t he helping
to sustain humanity? Isn’t he a humanitarian? Do
you know what would happen to those women if
they had no one to help them? This is the
humanitarian side of polygamy, and it is another
reason why we should support it and encourage both men and women to welcome and promote it.

Finally, polygamy is an age-old normal human practice. Polygamy has been with us for ages. It
started long before the Flood of Noah came. Some
say that the first man to have ever practiced
polygamy was Lemech, a man who married two
women. It has been practiced since that time. Let’s
not frustrate its continuation. To conclude, there are many good reasons why polygamy is a
fantastic practice, but because of time and space,
only ten reasons have been proffered. Indeed,
supporting polygamy is a sensible thing to do
because men already like having many partners, it
enhances personal freedom, helps to prevent or minimize adultery, is an integral part of some
culture, was practiced by great men of Christianity
and Islam and other religions, helps to decrease
the number of single women in society, helps men
with leadership ability, it indicates that men are
humanitarian, and it is a normal human practice. Go for it, Nigerians! Believe me, my people. We will
never stop following the issues. If you also think it
would benefit society, state why please. If not, also
state why. Thank you

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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