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5 things your wife never wants to hear



5 things your wife never wants to hear

Feb 11, 2019 6:16 AM
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Communication is among the most important aspects of a relationship. Lack of communication can hurt your love life.

A man should ensure there is proper communication in your relationship. But there are certain things women never want to hear their men tell them according to Best Online.

Here are five things no wife ever wants to hear.

1.“We need to talk.”

Whenever a man says these words, an alarm bell rings. Women rarely want to get bad news. When a man tells a woman there is a need to talk, she knows there is a problem.

2. “You don’t know how I’m feeling.”

If a man reminds you of his feelings, sometimes, it is indicative of things falling apart.

It is upon the woman to understand how her man feels. Whenever a man starts making such remarks, there are chances all is not well within his heart.

3 “Why don’t you ever…?”

The statement shows regret. The man is wondering why there are some things you never do in the relationship. He is questioning your role as his wife.

A woman who is giving her best never wants to hear such words.

4.“I hate your friends”

Women love their friends dearly. They always do everything within their means to keep them. If you ever say that you do not love her friends then, she won’t be happy. Women believe in the world of friendship.

5. “You never help me”

The statement looks simple but is hard-hitting. Your wife won’t like the fact that the man is complaining that she is not of any help in his life.

Women feel great when you do things that please them. These things they love about you could be the good things you tell them.


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