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7 Realities About Relationships



When we were kids, Romeo and Juliet made
us “think” that all we needed was just LOVE
and then you can get the most beautiful girl
in the world.

Now we know better that there are other
REALITIES attached to the term ” Love &

Sometimes, some folks try to dodge their
“duties” in a relationship/ marriage- this has
only proven fatal as heartbreaks and divorce
has become rampant.

I quickly want to explore some BITTER
TRUTHS about relationships: focusing
mainly on singles.
Some Knowledge To Arm Yourself With
Before Entering The World Of Dating and

1. Go for your Size!
Guys, stop fantacizing yourself with that
wealthy man’s daughter who walks on the
street once a year and even when she does,
her brothers and their big Alsatian dogs are
with them! Stop injuring yourself, Go for
your size! Ekaette, your neighbour, loves
your dearly! Ladies, Prince Charming
doesn’t exist except in Holly hood! Are you
Cinderella? Stop expecting Shell Manager!
That youth Corper today might a future CEO
you’re snubbing! Go for your size! May “Big
eye” not delay your marriage.

2. Some Guys are NOT worth saying YES to!
This does not contradict the point above but
complements it. True, a lady is “due” for
marriage doesn’t make her desperate to
marry just every Tom, Dick and Harry! No!
Some guys are just not ready at all! He
wants to marry and he still carries himself
as a child in dressing and comportment! If
you find such ones around you, blocking
other interested guys from checking you
out, please, ask him what he wants around
you. Let him speak o!

3. Giving is inevitable in every relationship
You would agree with me that ” You can
Give without loving BUT you can’t Love
without giving”
If he loves you, he will give to you, vice
I know a girl who hardly give to others but
not to me- She gives to me!
Love gives! She CAN’T open her mouth and
say she loves you if she doesn’t always want
to give you! Mba! I don’t mean giving her
body oo…

4. It’s advisable to date a “hustling” guy than
an “already made” one.
Most girls today are after the big shots and
all. I’m not condemning that but I think
“Love becomes stronger when it passes
through the flames of suffering together!
Guys, the girl that keeps getting close to you
even in that 10kobo job should be greatly
considered when you hit it tomorrow!
The truth is that: Most “already-made” ones
are taken! They know that the “fun loving”
girls will come and want to start demanding
a solid relationship from them, they will
form nice and cool but a Player Remains A

5. Cheating on your partner shows
irresponsibility and immaturity.
It looks “smart” to be dating 3 guys at same
time all because you think you’re “fair” and
“pretty”- and only one guy can’t just be
enjoying everything! OK!
You lack responsibility so you’re not yet
ready for marriage, maybe till like…Only
immature girls do that though.
The guy who is busy cheating with the
whole world saying “It’s A Man’s World”,
Okay na! When STDs go hold you, she go
leave you and then you go no say “It’s The
Doctor’s World”
I dunno why a guy or a girl who is really
ready for marriage will still be having
anything to do boyfriend/ girlfriend…

6. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Beauty fades, bro. His handsomeness will
disappear when he refuses to yield to one of
your request!
It’s appalling that most good looking girls
spend 18 hours in a day worrying about
their looks, Gush! They make all kinds of
hair! They’re still interested in the “You look
beautiful” FROM their old lovers! How
Guys, don’t go for beauty. Shikena! Some
will quickly say “Character”…It’s not even
just that as that word as being infiltrated
and bastardized! Character has two major
components: Kindness and Patience!

7. Know your place
You’re his No. 1, Know your place! Don’t let
Jealousy thwart what you feel for him.
Office work may demand more, that doesn’t
mean he’s cheating on you…
In some relationships, this is hardly learnt!
You’re not married to him yet, yet you’re
suspecting him like a CID…
You may bash, crucify, throw stones at me
but…I don’t care…
In a Marriage Scenario-
The Man and a woman still have their
places! That doesn’t mean a time won’t
come when the woman will be the “Bread
Winner” but her ability NOT to assume the
position of the “man” in the house will take

UNDERSTANDING not all these
“kparawuru”feminists who a certain man
has put in the house, put ring in her finger
but what did she put on him? NAGGING-
Dragging for “Empty” right as if when the
time really comes to prove a point, she can
stand! SMH!

In conclusion:

The essence of this thread is
to ESPECIALLY inform anyone and everyone
who is thinking about picking up the barton
of dating…These tips can build you a
healthy mindset your guy/ girl would
benefit from.

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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