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7 Reasons Many Men Remain Single For Long



I know many ladies will like to read this, but don’t blame men o, life itself is hard.

Well, there are series of reasons some men have refused to leave the single life alone for small boys, i know you know some, here are few of those reasons i can think of as at the time of this post.

1. Financial Ground

It is never easy to rule the home without the cash, despite the hardness many men still think they must store that millions before settling down, however, they are those you will find in bars, hotels and the likes after working hours wasting part of the money they should have kept doing fine boy; with such attitude i just wonder when the millions will complete.

Meanwhile, they have one lady they keep wasting her time, asking her to continue praying for divine favour so that they can take her to the altar.  Some men, no matter how hard they try things still get harder, no stable job or anything, i wouldn’t blame those who fall in this category.

At times we can’t blame these men with the kind attitude our ladies portray this days.

2. Observing The Lady

Some guys don’t actually know what they want, they place lady under observation, if you ask them what’s up they will reply with their usual verbiage, “i am still observing her jare”, this is not because of finance or any other thing, but because they want to explore everything explorable.

After they have done everything they should have done inside marriage while courting they will now look for excuse to discharge the innocent babe… There is God o.

3. Parental Influence

There are many of these guys that will never learn how to take decisions on their own even after 30 years of age, their parent instruct them on everything to do, meanwhile, some of these our parents are selfish, they want to keep having all your resources for themselves thinking you will lose that financial concentration on them to the lady, hence, they will keep condemning all your choices, non will be better till you open ya eyes.

No one is saying you shouldn’t obey some of this kind of parents, but we have to know how to play the game so as to make it all balance, once you decide they will not have option than to follow you, but there will be problem if the cash isn’t going their way, that us where you need to know how to deal with it all.

4. The Big Boy Gang

Those in this category will never marry till very late 30s and early 40s. They want to enjoy the wealth before they decide finally. They are the ones all the big girls around knows, they are those that will be spraying money where they are not needed just to remain relevant in irrelevant places.

The money to wed or to spend when the woman is home isn’t their problem a bit. They usually say it is better to enjoy the wealth before they are caged, meanwhile after they get married they still go back to those things secretly, they are those that must not hear their wife speak with a man let alone hugging the man.

5. They Don’t See Anything Special

This is one reason some men don’t marry till very late. They never see anything special in any woman no matter what she is or how she looks.

You will keep seeing them with different ladies as they get tired of one easily. They are the kind ladies keep following about, yet, nothing good in any of them. At the end they will either be compelled to get married or one be forced on them. At times they will not also have choice than to take the lady to the altar after the lady has mistakenly been put in the family way.

6. Religious Ground

One big reason some men will not get married till their religious leader can’t bear it any more is because of their over belief.

To them, for any lady to appeal to their senses such lady must share same belief with them. Their faith has covered every sense of their reasoning, hence, they expect you to be perfect. They are quick to condemn the cloth, makeup, choice of words and the like to the extent that nothing you do is perfect and inline with religious teaching.

These kind of men understands the Bible than their pastor, they don’t have the time to give room for mistake, their kind can never be God as they are ready to throw anyone in the fire even before they commit sin.

With those attitude they can never get married until they are forced or raped.

7. Village People

Lol, there are many men out there that because of their sin or that of their fore-fathers or even immediate parents they will be cursed.

At times, those village people might have seen that when he gets married his finance will turnaround, they will just change everything for him, people around him will just notice he keeps hating every lady that are supposed to be best for him.

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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