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Hmm!!! What do Lady/girls like but they will never ask for?



For you to shut up.. Seriously.  

Too many men are under the impression that women want their problems answered – that they need a hero.. But they don’t.

If something is bothering her it doesn’t mean they need you to save them –
to solve their problems for them..  They really just want you to hear them out.

So why won’t women express this desire –
this need for you to listen and be empathetic?

Because it seems DUMB at face value..

“You mean you just want me to listen, but you don’t want any advice?!”

YES, a million times yes, and it’s a perfectly logical feeling.
If you can understand that then you’re miles ahead of other men.

* In relationships your time is more value than your money

* Your outfit more appropriate than your social life

* your background so much needed than your current status.

* Your future more view than your physical appearance..

Am Humble and simple but hate *shit* I'm popularly address as Ballotech due to my optmost ideal and researchs on technology, I graduated from federal poly Ede and represent my able faculty and various research ground.

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