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How To Detect If Your Boyfriend Is A Good Guy



Some folks may not accept but then…that’s the Truth cheesy.

Below are a few signs your boyfriend is a good guy:

1. He is always calling you.
He calls before you sleep and after you wake. He also
texts you to check up on you. He must be a good guy.

2. He doesn’t request for sex. He is even a virgin.
He is shy. Sex is the last thing on his mind when
you’re together behind closed doors. He doesn’t talk
about it or suggest it. He is not gay, he is good.

3. He is always giving you cash, gifts and Airtime.
Girls sha. This is the most confirmed one to our
ladies. Money, gifts and airtime. The guy spends on
her and take her out on weekends. Isn’t he a good

4. He doesn’t drink or smoke.
He detests orijin or Heineken. He has never drank. He
makes him wanna throw up. Smoking around him
can suffocate him. He is a good guy!

5. He doesn’t club nor party.
Parties and clubs don’t freak him. In fact, he can’t
really dance. He might be stiff but he’s a good guy.

6. He always remember your birthday.
The first person to wake you up on your birthday is
him. He doesn’t forget it. It gives him pleasure.

7. He is a church freak.
He is in the choir and drama at same time. He doesn’t
play with church. Love him more, he’s a good guy.

8. You can guess his location at every point in time.
He is either in the house, work, lecture hall or
You can guess where he is and be right.
He is trustworthy. He is a good guy.

9. He reads a lot.
One big sign of a good guy is not a big TV but a big
book shelf. He reads and hope you do too. He is
good, isn’t he?

10. He is quiet.
He is quiet and hardly talks until been spoken to. He
is wise with words. He isn’t flippant. He is good.

11. He loves children.
He loves children. His sister’s children call him
“Uncle” because he carries them up and buys the
PimPop! He even knows how to bath a baby.

How good can he be?
If he has all or at least half of these, he is a good guy
joor! cheesy…It’s not easy at all.
But with all the talks that girls don’t like good guys,
the guy is surely about to be DUMPED!
Ladies: Is your boyfriend a good guy?
Guys: Rate yourself.
Have fun!

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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