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How To Dictate If Your Girlfriend Is A Good Girl



If truly you are dating a girl and its obvious and
confirmed that she is your girl friend and loves you
and no other person, there are some things you will
use to know if yes..she is a good girl and will be a
good girl indeed.

If your girl friend is not yet in school, maybe she is a
graduate and has not gotten a job, one thing to use
to know if she is or will be a good girl is whenever
you call her and ask her where she is and she is
always at home so long she doesnt lie to you about it,
then there is possibility that she will be a good girl.
There is 90% possibility of a girl who is always going
out to visit friends not to be a good girl or be
cheating on you because the more she goes out, the
more she gets more chykers and the more she gets
tempted to do what she may not have done if she is
in the house.

The fewer friends a girl keeps, the less she falls into
temptations. A girl who has more plenty of friends is
more vulnerable to temptations and more tendency
of being a bad girl than a girl who has less plenty of
friends. The fewer your friends, the lesser the new
habits or characters you learn from friends. Having
plenty friends will only expose you to a lot of good
and bad things but more of bad things because you
will always try to live upto expectations and stil keep
your friends. When I mean friends here, I mean close
friends and not just casual friends.

I know there are a lot of bad girls that stil find out
time to attend church fellowships, i also know that
attending church fellowships doesnt make someone
a good person but more of the good girls attend
church fellowships while more of the bad girls attend

Virginity is not a sign or a criterion that someone is
or will be a good girl, we all know that. There are
some virgins that are worse that the non-virgins and
there are virgins that would have done worse things
than those who are not virgins have done if they were
not virgins or will still do worse things more than the
non-virgins when they will lose their virginity. But the
truth is…someone who lost her virginity at the age of
16, 17 or 18 willing not by force or by raping is likely
to be a worse girl than someone who is still a virgin at
the age of 20, 21, 22 and so on especially if both are
not born again types. A girl who passes secondary
school level and all the life after secondary school,
passes jamb level, enters university and still keeps
her virginity despite all the temptations and life in the
university and probably graduates as a virgin is likely
to be a good girl.

When your girl friend (truly your girl friend) avoids
sex chats with you or doesn’t like it, its likely to be a
better girl than that your girl friend who so much
loves sex chats.

There are some girls that no matter the kind of love
she has for you, she hardly sends you her Unclad
pictures. Its not that she doesn’t trust you, its just that
she doesn’t like it, it makes her feel she is dirty or a
bad girl and it disgusts her. You cant compare such a
girl with the one that easily sends her Unclad pictures
to her boy friend even when the boy friend doesn’t
even ask all in the name of love.

Whenever you call your girl friend on phone and her
number is always on waiting call or busy, not just for
2 or 3 minutes but mostly 20 minutes, 30 minutes
and this doesn’t happen once in a while but almost all
the time, I think you should be careful with such a
girl. More so, when you check her phone logs, you
will see Jackson2, Don5, Emmy6, Mike PH, Joe Lag,
Sam2, Chike, Smith, Sunday5, etc when she is not
selling male wears, you dont need anybody to tell you
that such girl has gone far from being a good girl. But
whenever you call your girl friend and she answers
immediately, check her phone logs and you see Dad,
Mum, Bro Mike, Sis Jane, Baby (You), Amaka (her god
friend), Bro James, etc, I think its better.

You hardly hear her or you notice that she is among
the flower girls except her sister’s own or cousin’s
own. Unlike some girls that every 2 weeks, she must
attend a weeding or be among the flower girls in
every wedding she attends; its not as if she getting
old but does that because she has so many friends
and sometimes wants to get chykers. Such a girl
shouldn’t be seen as a good girl friend.

There is a girl that if you see the kind of clothes she
puts on, the kind of PHONES she uses which you
know that you or her parents or brothers or sisters
cant just buy for her, the way she tries to get things
which are beyond her reach and the hungry for such
things, you dont need anybody to tell you that such a
girl can go any length to get the money to acquire
such things and such a girl is not among the good
girls. But when your girl friend is contented with the
little she gets from her parents, from you, from the
brothers or sisters, she is OK with that tecno or small
blackberry or iPhone you bought for her and also the
little gifts you buy for her, just know that she is a
good girl.

When you are dating a girl who is not yet in school or
or a girl who is a graduate and she finds it difficult
visiting you regularly, not that she doesn’t love or
miss you or doesn’t want to come see you or that
there is no lie to tell for her to come see you but
because she is not good in telling lies to the parents
or not good in leaving her parents house so easily,
kindly understand that its her nature as a good girl
and nothing else. Unlike that girl you call your girl
friend that has million reasons to lie to her parents to
leave her parents house and can say it whenever she
wants, visits and goes back to her parents house
whenever she wants. Some parents dont even ask
some of their daughters again where are they going,
they may only ask when are you coming back.

There is a girl that whenever she comes visit or to
see you, her phone doesn’t leave her sight, going to
the toilet, bathroom, or even the kitchen, the phone
goes with her. If by mistake you touch the phone, she
will try to delete somethings or be so conscious to
watch what you want to do with the phone. If you
eventually try to go to message inbox or the photos,
she will immediately grab the phone from you. She is
not the type that can forget her phone in your place
or give you her phone for hours, she will just be so
anxious and unrelaxed because you are with her
The good one doesn’t have any problem with you
touching her phone or even going through it,
sometimes she can even leave her phone with you
and come to collect it later because she is sincere
and transparent.
These are some of the qualities I think you can use to
know if your girl friend is a good girl or a bad one.

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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