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How To Impress A Lady Even If You Don’t Have Money!




How do I impress a girl if I don’t have money?

Feb 10, 2019 1:33 AM

Your personality will impress your girl.

Women are emotional creatures and although they may at times be attracted to things like wealth, celebrity, or looks, their first concern is to find a man who’s able to provide emotional comfort and security. That man must be worry-free.

Women don’t measure you by how much money you have in your pocket, although they like to brag about it. They measure you by how emotionally stable you are. The more emotional stability you show, the more attractive you will seem.

If you can be or give the impression that you are carefree and confident, you will attract women. That’s a guarantee. Everything else is secondary.

An example of being carefree and confident is to let her know that you’re interested in her (action = confidence), but that you also have other options (carefree). This will give her the impression that she can lose you at any time, which makes you more valuable in her eyes.

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