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questions you can ask a lady to know who she really is



5 questions you can ask a lady to know who she really is

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Asking her about the future will reveal the kind of person she may be, depending on the response you receive.

Ladies can be very canny and are sometimes masters of camouflage and deception. Unless you are immensely gifted, it may be problematic to fully understand a lady.

The intellectual pathways of a lady may sometimes seem dully hazy but you will find it extremely hard to understand them. But what really can you do to know who they are?

Well, asking someone a question will in some way reveal their true identity depending on how they react to the question as well as the kind of reaction they give.

But what really are these questions you can ask to have a clue of their personality?

1. What is the thing that happened that made you feel weak?

Here, you will get to know what really upsets her and emotionally unseats her. Her response to this, if at all is genuine, will help you know the kind of person she can turn out to be when upset or when annoyed. If nothing has ever made her feel weak, then, you can also know that she has a very strong personality.

2. Do you have a clue about how you will turn out to be?

This is a yes or no question. However, you may want to hear an explanation about the yes or the no. If she has no clue, it will tell you that this is someone who is just living because they are not dead; they really have no interest in life.

3. What makes you unique from other people?

Here, you get a direct response that will be hinged largely on her personality. If she says there is nothing unique about her, you get to know the kind of person you are interacting with. This is probably someone who doesn’t value anything about herself. If there is anything she picks out,  then, you can as well judge from this.

4. What will make you leave someone you love?

This question calls for a variety of responses and each response will represent a personality at different levels of the society. Will it be because she is way too erratic or will it be because she is just too easily pissed? That will be up to you to judge.

5. Is there anything you question about me?

With this query, you get to know what is being kept in the dark about you. You also get to probably know why it is so.

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