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See 10 Vital Things Men Take Note Of When They Meet Women



things guys notice

Men are very observant, even if it doesn’t seem that way. There are things guys notice about you immediately they meet you that you probably don’t even realise. We’ll let you in on some of these things so you can now have an edge and understand how to make their minds tick.

Here are 10 things guys notice about you on a first introduction

1. Your Mouth

A woman’s mouth is the first thing a guy notices when he meets her, nice lips, clear white teeth and a bright smile are the best social cues.

things guys notice

2. Your Eyes

3. Your Breast

Almost right after he notices your eyes and lips, his eyes will stray to your boobs to check it out.

4. Your Butt

5. Your Legs

While some guys like shaved clean legs, others like a little or a lot of hair. Depending on what their spec is, they’ll notice.

things guys notice

6. Your Dressing

Men almost immediately can tell what a ladies dressing style is immediately they meet her, tomboy, girly or serious.

7. Your Smell

The scent of your cologne tells a lot about you and guys can tell and even memorise your scent the moment they meet you, even subconsciously.

8. Your Hair

Whatever hairstyle you decide to make, guys can generally take note immediately they meet you. And this also says a lot about you.

9. Your Personality

Most guys can tell if you’re friendly or serious, confident or mousy, right from the first interaction. This is why first impressions matter a lot.

things guys notice

10. Your Voice

Husky and sultry bedroom or playful and sassy high pitched voice. Whatever the case, guys notice your voice immediately they meet you and this can draw them in.

Tell us in the comment section the first thing you notice about a guy when you meet him and see these ways to make a first date more exciting.



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