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How to share and transfer DATA on Mtn.



Can MTN data be easily shared with your best friend, family member or a second half? It can, and you can enjoy this awesome and useful service in 2018. Let us see how to transfer MB on MTN Nigeria and let your friends use mobile data on the go.
MTN Data Sharing
You can find many different instructions on how to send data on MTN with USSD codes that really do not work in 2018. Instead of trying unknown codes, it is better to visit the official MTN website and see what it truly offers in Nigeria.
According to MTN’s website, its current and new clients can enjoy MTN DataShare feature as a postpaid service. Here are the main features of this option:
Data sharing is available for different types of SIM cards (both Data-only and Voice & Data)
You can set up different usage limits on SIM cards
To add or remove a member from data sharing group can be done through account manager
It is only possible to use data sharing between a group of subscribers with the same single billing
The ‘super user’ is an administrator of the group, and other users who get the shared data are members
It is possible to pay for DataShare at Nigerian banks, MTN connect store and service center
It is impossible to share your MTN data if you are an individual user subscribed to MTN bundle. Such mobile data is not sharable.
However, businesses and companies that choose postpaid MTN DataShare package can share different data between all members with related SIM cards. This data includes:
Access to mobile internet
ATM transactions
POS transactions
Mobile data services
Data transfer
Other services
It is necessary to program all the SIM cards that are a part of DataShare plan. It is possible to either set up usage limitations by user or add limit to the whole group.
The package is mainly designed for organizations and companies that need to provide data to their staff without using any additional USSD codes.
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How to Transfer MB on MTN to MNT Network
Method 1. Sending Data as a Gift
While you cannot share your Data Bundle with family members and friends on MTN in Nigeria, there is a way how to share your mobile date by gifting Data Bundle to a third-party person.
Here is a USSD code you should dial to send a lovely gift to your second half, family member or someone else:
Method 2. Sending Airtime
There is one more way how to share data on MTN with your friend or family member. You can use Share’n’Sell package to send airtime to someone else. Here is what you need to dial:
You’ll need to know the phone number of the recipient of airtime and enter the amount of money (the minimum is 50 Naira and maximum is 5,000 Naira per transaction) you would like to send. Besides, you should get a PIN code (the default one is 0000), but you are able to change it once you send message ‘0000 new-PIN new-PIN’ (without quotation marks, four numbers instead of ‘new-PIN’) to number 777.
P.S. This service would cost you 3-10 Naira per transaction.
It is better to visit MTN’s website once in a while and look for new methods on how to transfer MB on MTN Nigeria. As soon as the network offers a new feature, it will surely mention it on the site.
For now, you can only use business DataShare plan to easily share mobile data between a group of MTN SIMs, send your airtime to others or share Data Bundle as a gift. We hope you find this information useful.

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