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11 Women Body Language You Don’t Known And Meaning



11 Women Body Language You Don’t Known And Meanin

11 Women Body Language You Don’t Known And Meaning

1. Pacifying gestures: while talking to a woman and she is showing some gestures like playing with her hair, jewelries or touching her neck often, this can mean she is stressed or nervous. Some people think it is because she is attracted to them but this assertion is wrong, most women do this because she is distressed, nervous or not comfortable talking with you and you may need to end the conversation to make her feel at ease again.

2. Smiling: a woman smile can be difficult to understand, when a woman is smiling or she keeps a smiling face doesn’t mean she is friendly or happy with what you are saying, a woman smile when she is nervous. Most women smile in an inappropriate time which makes it difficult to understand them. You may need to pay attention to other body languages before you can understand a woman’s smile.

3. Nodding: women nods often, when a woman nods, it doesn’t actually mean she agrees with you, her nod may be to encourage you to speak on, or showing that she’s listening to you. Most men misunderstand a woman’s nod, it doesn’t necessarily mean she agrees with you.

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4. Leaning forward: most women lean forward when they are involved in an intense conversation, they carry their back away from the chair and lean forward when they are really interested in the conversation or they are really into the conversation.

5. Hand gestures: it is common for women to talk with their hands, this happen when they get emotionally invested in a conversation. When a woman express a lot with her hand, it can simply mean she is emotional about the topic of discussion especially when she raise her hands above her shoulder, she is not in control of the situation but if she’s above the situation, she will raise her hand moderately.

6. Handshake: how a woman shakes your hand tells a lot about her, a weak hand shake shows the woman is submissive, shy, intimidated or nervous. While a strong handshake by a woman means she is confident and in position of control or authority.

7. Eye rolling: most women roll their eyes often, this can be a sign of impatience or frustration. When you are talking to a woman and she keeps rolling her eyes without necessarily saying a word, she is stylishly telling you to end the conversation.

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8. Arms Crossing: while talking to a woman and she is folding her arms, or she folded her arms in the midst of the conversation or argument it means, she is feeling defensive or its a situation where she feels threatened, crossing her arms may also means disagreement, not feeling remorseful, bored or tired of the conversation.

9. Tapping with her fingers: when you are talking with a woman and she is tapping the table or any object close to her or she is drumming with her fingers, she may be simply telling you that she is tired of the situation, bored, impatience, or frustrated by the conversation. Also, if the conversation is one sided and she doesn’t want you to continue speaking she can show that attitude.

10. Hand on waist: when a woman is placing her Hans on her waist during a conversation or an argument, she is feeling aggressive, angry or in control of the situation. It may also mean, she is not remorseful and not ready to apologize.

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11. eye blinking: so many people believe when you are talking to a woman and she keeps blinking her eye, it means she is attracted to them, this is actually wrong, when a woman keeps blinking her eye during a conversation it means she is nervous, uncomfortable, anxious or threatened.

12. Lip gestures: women are used to biting their lower lips when they are stressed, worried or anxious. Most men thinks she is attracted to them or desires them. If a woman is attracted to you, she will bite her lips but accompany it with some intense eye contact. Otherwise, she is nervous or stressed.

Women are so difficult to understand but it takes the ones who understand them to enjoy their company, when you understand the woman body gestures, you will be able to relate with them better. 

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