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Coronavirus: If You Consume Alcohol or Cigarette, You Need to Worry More Than The Rest of Us




At the last count, the number of those infected by coronavirus was racing towards 400 000 and more than 16500 death had been recorded. this has happened in the space of four to five months.

The disease which started in Wuhan china, at about November has now spread to more than 190 countries, stretching the global healthcare industry to its extreme limit. There is fear and panic across the nations and the global economy has been grounded to a halt in an unprecedented fashion.

Many have described coronavirus as the deadliest disease facing mankind, but that is far from the truth. On the surface, coronavirus looks like one of the worst health based tragedy to ever affect humankind, but in fact, it ranks very low compared to other diseases or causes of deaths.

According to reports, more far more people have been killed in the first two months of 2020 by smoking or alcohol than coronavirus. These two are responsible for over a million deaths in January and February alone. That is a child’s play compared with the less than 2500 that died from coronavirus within the same period.

Yet, the biggest killer of mankind is cancer, which wrecks the most havoc on human body and has destroyed close to 1200 live within same period.

According to University of Hamburg Data Center, here are the number of deaths in the world in the first two months of 2020:

Corona virus: 2,360.

Common cold: 69,602

Malaria : 140,584

suicide: 153,696

Road accidents: 193,479

HIV loss: 240,950

alcohol: 358,471

smoking: 716,498

Cancer: 1,177,141

The Global Statistics on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illicit Drug Use: 2017 Status Report found a quarter of a billion hours of healthy human life are lost each year because of smoking and drinking, ten times more than is lost to illicit drug use.

This has led some experts to believe that the media campaign on coronavirus is induced to top pharmaceutical companies for profit considerations alone. But other experts have refuted such conspiracy theory as baseless, but they have also insisted that it is dangerous to devote all attention to coronavirus at the expense of other diseases and human tragedies that also threatens human existence

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