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Dr. Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin Goofed; Setting the Records straight



Dr. Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin Goofed; Setting the Records straight


Our attention has been drawn to one of the inflammatory statements and anti-peace narration of one (Dr.) Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin on one of the public WhatsApp platform that houses the elites in the ancient city of Ile-Ife.


For the avoidance of doubt, (Dr.) Adedoyin is one of the most revered, popular and distinguished son of Ile-Ife. He’s the founder of Oduduwa University Ile-Ife(OUI), The Polytechnic, Ife among others.


It is sardonic that person of such intellectual calibre can join hands in preaching injustice, fanning embers of discord between the two communities(Ile-Ife and Modakeke), at a time when the volatility and hostility in existence ravaging the two communities in recent time had almost exploded to war zones but for the peaceful commitment of our Father, the father of all, HIM. Oba Babatunde Ogunwusi Enitan and Ogunsua of Modakeke, HRH. Oba Moses Oladejo Oyediran.


Also, the insatiable commitment of Peace committee as set up by our proactive governor, His Excellency Gboyega Oyetola for a lasting peaceful coexistence between the two communities can not be overemphasized.



In article/point(5) of what he(Dr. Adedoyin) termed *”Maye’s New Emperical Solution to IFE/MODAKEKE “war”*, the armchair writer listed some items which are nothing but thought provoking, fairness imbalances, historical fictitious/distortion and war exhuming.


The *(b)* of this said article(5) in the preceding paragraph reads; *”The Modakekes as a matter of urgency should stop the “ambition” of acquiring more lands in Ile-Ife as Modakekes”*. It is therefore the responsibility of logic and uprightness to ask Dr. Adedoyin to present to the public where Modakeke has claimed what does not belong to her through land encroachment as levelled against the innocent community.


Also, *5(e)* which reads; *”The Modakekes should not write Modakeke on any Ile-Ife land again”*. This ill-conceived opinionated projection by Dr. Adedoyin is one of the major cause that led to the outbreak of war in the early ’80s and late ’90s between the two communities respectively. Dr. Adedoyin is oblivious of the federal government gazette and recently concluded INEC assessment which further affirms the territorial inheritance of the community by giving out scores of more polling units for her population configuration.


Again, Item 5(C) of Maye’s new empirical solution as highlighted: *”We the Ifes should leave the farms given to the Modakekes by our great father’s, but the Modakekes should respect the agreement to pay ,”isakoles”* was borne out of nothing but mischievous endeavor. Maye should set the record straight and give an insight into his idea of Isakole as used by him. Modakekes will not in any way succumb to an age long practice which was never mandatory on her people but was done as an act of benevolence for the warm acceptance of Modakekes at their first contact with Ife people after which was abolished by the then Oba Adegunle Abewela, the apparent heir to Oba Akinmoyero in the 17th century.


This and many other projections which are obviously borne out of bitterness, hatred and intolerance Dr. Adedoyin has for the people of Modakeke should be thrashed by every peace loving persons in either communities.


Since Dr. Adedoyin had shown his ignorance on the existence of Modakeke and her people, it becomes daunting a responsibility on us to remind Dr. Adedoyin on some historical background of Modakeke.


As Against the popular belief among some indigenes of Ile-Ife, Dr. Adedoyin inclusive, that Modakeke is a visitor on Ife land. This belief is a hallmark of mischievous narration and a deliberate attempt to distort historical facts. Historically, Modakekes are soldier-farmers which origin is traced to Oyo Ile.

Do we need to start bottle-feeding this supposed academia, the relationship between Ifes and the Oyos? When does it become a crime to come back to one’s ancestral home and have a peaceful coexistence with people of same paternal heritage?


Is it not historically correct that Oranmiyan, the founder of Oyo came back home(Ile-Ife) and got enthroned as Ooni after the reign of Obalufon Alayemoore?

If Modakekes are the Oyos, then it’s historically correct that the Ifes should accord her the deserved respect as a true son of the soil not an outsider from Niger republic as popularly preached by people in Dr. Adedoyin’s caucus!.


It is therefore evidently important that the concerned authorities should call Dr. Adedoyin to disembark on his gospel of discord and calumny that may set the peaceful coexistence we now enjoy between the two communities to a state of unrest and disquiet.


If anybody/group of persons or by association sees Modakeke as a threat to his personality, his family or Ile-Ife as a whole, thereby advocating for war or confusion, such a person should seek redress in a competent court of law.


Modakeke is resolute and in total submission to the leadership of Ooni Ogunwusi in preaching peace, unity and harmony among the children of Oduduwa and Yoruba land as an entity.




Oyebanji John

President, Modakeke People’s Front.


Arowosore Olakunle

Secretary, Modakeke People’s Front.