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Solidarity greeting to the greatest Nigerian students!!!

Just like yesterday when the Federal Polytechnic Ede student union executives were elected in Aug. 2019 remains fresh in our memory.

Student union government is widely believed to be an instrument through which the student society is organised in order to maintain law and order as well as advance the necessary social amenities on campus. Their aims should be to promote the social, cultural, intellectual and recreational interests of the students. Also, to promote the good name of the Federal Polytechnic Ede and to cherish, uphold and further the traditions of the institution. And many more.

NAIJASURF could remember during the manifestos when they were contestants, what they assure the students then are what we are currently getting; which they promise to continue the good works.

They might not have done up to the students expectation, at the same time they might have done much more, Just few months after the inauguration of students union executives, led by Comr. Ajibade Quazeem Adekunle (Kazywhite), the union has archived a lots of things in this ongoing administration.


  • War against admission fraud.
  • Extend the summer registration for the convenience of the students .
  • Fight against unnecessary increase and interrogation of school fees.
  • Students Union government made the students union due easy at the students building.

The above is just to mention few, the 2019/20 students union government have been fighting for the Nigeria students courageously which they have greatly contributed to the development and effectiveness of the Federal Polytechnic Ede Unionism.



Comr. Ajibade Quazeem Adekunle (Kazywhite)
Phone: 08106940501

Comr. Ajibade Quazeem Adekunle, popularly, politically, socially and radically addressed as Kazywhite, a vibrant Nigerian youth born in the late 90s and the incumbent President of the Students’ Union Government of his institution.

Born and grown in the lovely city of Osogbo before he proceeded into studying architectural technology in The Federal polytechnics Ede after his SSCE education and presently an HND finalist in the field of study.

More than the fact that he has acted in many capacities right from childhood before he became the SUG President, he still serves in many voluntary organisations as a means of supporting the masses and contributing his own quota to the progress and development of the country.

He propounded the STUDENTOCRACY Agenda and defined it as “The government of the students, by the students and for the students.” as a means of bringing dynamism into student unionism where no oppressor shall stands chance in the students’ leadership else, leave them liberated and let their opinions count.

Being a brilliant and diplomatic fellow, In his few weeks of assumption, kazywhite has contributed immensely to the development and effectiveness of Federal polytechnics Ede Student unionism and always fight tirelessly for the rights of the students.


Lady comr. Ayoola Oluwafikayo I. (Lady Fiks)
Vice President
Phone: 08136828060

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Lady comr. (JC) Oladiti Odunayo S. (Mhiz Sophie)
General Secretary
Phone: 08160838205

Lady comr.(JC) (DB) OLADITI ODUNAYO SOFIYAT, popularly addressed as Mhiz Sophie.

The general secretary, Students Union Government of Federal Polytechnic Ede, Gallant 003.
She is an activist, a disciplinarian, an Advocator that hate cheating, the conviniency and welfarism of the great Nigeria Students as always been her priority, Mhiz Sophie has contributed to the development of Federal Polytechnic Ede unionism, in other not to say much, service to humanity as always been her best work of life.


Comr. Hassan Sheriffdeen Olatayo (Chief)
Public Relation Officer
Phone: 07064361803

Comr. Hassan Sheriffdeen Olatayo popularly, politically and educationally known as Chief. The Student’s Union Public Relation Officer of the great citadel of learning almighty Federal polytechnic Ede, Osun State for 2019/20 session.

He is a native of Awo in Egbedore local  government, Awo. Comr. Chief was born and grown up in Ede. He loves travelling and have been to some state in Nigeria like Kaduna, Abuja, Lagos, Edo, Ondo, Niger, Ibadan etc and even outside country like Republic of benin.

He completed his SSCE in Agbonran School of Science in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria. And later proceded to study Building Technology as a profession in Federal Polytechnic Ede for his National Diploma(ND) and presently in Higher National Diploma(HND), also as the students union Public Relation Officer in the institution.

They said information is wealth. Gallant Comr. Hassan Sheriffdeen Olatayo has contributed to the development of the unionism in Federal Polytechnic Ede, which he always fights for the right of the students.


Comr. Jm Olumide Omodolapo Barakat (Queen’D)
Financial Secretary
Phone: 08032866146


Comr. JM Olumide Omodolapo Barakat, popularly, politically, socially and radically addressed as Queen’D, a vibrant Nigerian youth born in the late 90s and the incumbent Financial Secretary of the Students’ Union Government of the Federal Polytechnic Ede.

Born and grown in the lovely city of Ibadan before she proceeded into studying Accounting in The Federal polytechnics Ede after her SSCE education and presently an HND finalist in the field of study.

She is an activist, a disciplinarian, an Advocator, a role model. The convenience and welfarism of the great Nigeria Students as always been her priority, Queen’D started has a power stakeholder in her ND days and later became welfare director 2 of her Noble department and now the Student Union Government Financial Secretary in her field of study. She has contributed to the development of Federal Polytechnic Ede unionism.

Apakan Vibrancy Apakan Intelligence
You see her you see Vibrancy
She see you, you’re covered.

Service to humanity is her watchword.


Comr Azeez Ismail Ademola (Rosemax)
Social Director
Phone: 07082870962/07038582384

Comr. Azeez Ismail Ademola , popularly , socially and politically address as Rosemax ( most of people use to ask the origin of his nickname) according to the gallant comrade Rosemax, the name was given to him by a friend because people call him ROSY. A very vibrant and corrosive comrade and due to this he’s called Warrior RMX when it comes to struggle and the gallant comrade was born in the early 90s.

Rosemax is the incumbent Social Director of Federal polytechnic Ede Students’ Union Government .
Born and grown up in ondo city before he moved to ile-Ife Osun state , he proceeded to study Estate management and valuation in federal polytechnic Ede after he completed his SSCE .

He’s really chatty and outgoing person by nature which he hate injustice, and he is sociable with good communication skills , the ability to organize and coordinate events paired with key passion in FPE

Also, he loves music and spent much time attending events , galleries , exhibitions and variety of live music.
Being a brilliant and entertaining fellow Rosemax has risen up the downgraded social live of federal polytechnic Ede.


Comr. Taofeeq Ganiyu Adebowale (Ijoba Aluta)
Welfare Director
Phone: 07031030617

Comr. Taofeeq Ganiyu Adebowale political address as ijoba aluta is the current student union WELFARE DIRECTOR in Federal Polytechnic Ede.

Comr. Ijoba aluta is an indigin of Ede which is currently studying Office Technology Management in Federal Polytechnic Ede. The welfarism Of the Nigeria students has been his major concern

He loves politics and have a future political ambition.


Comr. Olanite Oladayo Quadri (Dee Why)
Sports Director
Phone: 08166687717

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Comr. Rasheed Raji Babatunde (Baba Tee)
Phone: 08102406125

Comr. Rasheed Raji Babatunde radically politically known as BABA TEE is the 2019/20 treasurer of students union government, Federal Polytechnic Ede. He was born in early 20s in Ede, Osun state and attended his primary school in federal polytechnic staff school Ede also go further for his senior secondary school in command day secondary school Ede.

Comr. Baba Tee is now an ND2 student in Federal Polytechnic Ede studying mechanical engineering for his ordinary national diploma (OND). The gallant comrade have served at various association and held some posts. He is ready to serve Nigerian Students interest gallantly and courageously.



Lady comr. Bello Ayisat Abidemi (Oyin)
Assistant General Secretary
Phone: 09039753220

Lady comr. (Justice) BELLO AYISAT ABIDEMI popularly, politically, fashionably known as OYIN. The Assistant General secretary of the students union government of Federal Polytechnic  Ede, Osun state 2019/2020.
Lady comr. Oyin is a native of Kogi State, but was born and grown in Oshogbo osun state. She loves cooking, listening to music and loves travelling, she has been to some state like Lagos, Ibadan, ondo and many more in Nigeria.
She completed her SSCE in Aromolaran in Oshogbo, osun state, Nigeria. And proceed for her National Diploma (ND) studying Fashion Design and Textile Technology as profession in Federal Polytechnic Ede.

The vibrant comr. Oyin hate cheating and lies, and the interest of the Nigeria student has always been her first priority and always been fighting from her secondary school days.



Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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